Monthly Archives: May 2012

New theme at Restokin

Hi everyone! We gave a facelift today, with shrinking the banner size and changing up the color scheme. Now that I have several other people writing posts pretty regularly, and we’ll sometimes be posting about things other than druids, we wanted to update the header image to take out information that was starting to […]

MoP pet battle: Moonkin training

Hi everyone, I’m in the middle of crunch time for my dissertation (I’m less than a month from my defense date now!), so I haven’t weighed in on this blog about recent moonkin  issues, including the blue posts about insect swarm and Astral Communion “fast forward” for managing Eclipse. I’d recommend reading Graylo’s recent posts […]

Shadow Priest Mastery: Shadow Orbs Explained

This round of “Voices from the Community” is brought to you by a shadow priest named Snakeneyes. He is in Undying Resolution on Elune (yes, that’s Lissanna’s guild), and he may be joining Restokin more frequently with shadow priest hints and tricks. Understanding the Mastery of Shadow Priests is critical for determining which spells need […]

Diablo 3 Resources for WOW players

So, the EU region is already sinking their teeth into the Diablo 3 content. For US players, we have to wait until later tonight for our Midnight launch (or 3 AM for me as an Eastern Time player). I thought I would take some time today to go over resources that you may want to […]