MoP news: mounting in moonkin form

Right now on beta, Moonkin form can mount! We’ve known all of beta that mounting in the astral glyph form has been working. However, moonkin was bugged until this latest patch where you had to shift out of moonkin form to be able to get on a mount. Sunfyre noticed today that we were able to mount in moonkin form (something people have been wanting for a long, long time). I’m fairly sure that the ability to mount from moonkin form will go live, since astral form would be overpowered if it could mount and moonkin couldn’t. Here are a few shots of me in the MoP beta. Please let us keep this!

This took a while to figure out since we were bugged and had no mounts at all in  the latest beta build due to the new UI feature not working all that well.

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4 comments on “MoP news: mounting in moonkin form
  1. Kalrell says:

    Mounted moonkin?! Blasphemy!! 😀

  2. jalindrine says:

    Ack! There was a cutscene in Cat where Jal was on a giant wolf, and he was stuck in moonkin form. Looked WAAAAY too big, and bobbed like a fishing, um, bobber as the wolf ran. I’ve probably got a picture somewhere…

    How are they going to address size? It’s a big guy in a little coat situation!

  3. Chiraa says:

    If you want another awesome photo of moonkin mounting in THIS expansion (at least for giggles) head to HoO and Earthrager Ptah. You can’t mount the camels there!. It is definately screenshot worthy, especially as a tauren. The Camels don’t scale last time I did this (did they ever?) and a tauren moonkin on a camel almost drags its feet in the sand. Still quite awesome. 😉

  4. Berdache says:

    At last … this is very nice to see. Finally we wont look like circus performers standing on the back of mounts where we are allowed to mount them)

    (and try mounting the camels in HoR in bear form for true sillyness)


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