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When do you change mains?

So, my dear blog readers, we need to have a very serious discussion today. See, for the last several weeks, I’ve been unhappy with my druid on the live server. My druid on the live server is raiding as a primary moonkin in 25-man raids where my DPS is pretty low most of the time on all the single-target fights. I don’t have a legendary and I don’t have priority on Dark Intent in our raids, so my DPS is just not really competitive the way I would like it to be. The only other character I have is a level 85 shaman, and elemental isn’t doing so great in my 25-man raids, either, so for now I’m having to stick it out on my druid and I just have anxiety some nights on our 25-man raids or I’m the first to volunteer to sit out on progression nights where I know I’m not going to be able to hit the DPS requirements.

I’m also unhappy with my druid on the beta server. As I’ve talked about before, the talents for moonkin are pretty stale and unhelpful for my PvE raiding, and moonkin have lost a lot of PvE tools. So, moonkin are mostly going to spam 1 button over & over again, and the net result may end up still not being any better than what we have right now on Live.

My main has always been a druid, except for the couple months in Burning Crusade progression raiding where having a resto shaman with chain heal meant that a shaman in blues could out-heal a druid in epics. Even then, my druid was my main and I was just happening to raid on a shaman (while I beta tested my druid in the background to get it in good shape for WOTLK).

However, after many, many years of fighting for moonkin to try and be viable, I’ve come to the realization that if I want to do good DPS, I’m going to need to just re-roll a pure DPS class.

So, here is Miniliss, the level 61 mage:

At this point, I’m seriously considering making Miniliss into my raiding main in MoP, and running as a mage (haven’t decided which spec yet). Arcane mages have had a mechanics overhaul for MOP that will potentially make their rotation a lot more fun compared to wrath/starfire spam for moonkin druids. I’m considering leaving Lissanna as my forum posting character, and I’ll likely level my druid up to 90, but for the first time in the history of the game, I’m considering changing mains.

I probably won’t make a final decision until MoP actually goes live.

For my readers, though, I wanted to ask:

  • Have you ever changed mains in previous expansions? If so, what did you change to & why did you change?
  • Are you thinking of changing mains for MoP? If so, what class are you looking forward to playing in MoP?

It’s something I’ve never really done before. Lissanna (the NE druid) was my very first character I ever created on the very first day I started playing this game at the beginning of Vanilla WOW, and I’ve never changed mains before. I’m rapidly hitting the point, however, where I just don’t think I can keep doing the same thing over & over, fighting for a class that is always going to be an expansion behind the rest in terms of development and never ends up being right.

Also, if I do change mains, I’ll probably have to broaden the scope of my blog from being really druid-centric to including more classes. Starting a new blog seems like too much of a pain, and I’m likely to always play my druid even if it’s not my main for raiding. I definitely still have a lot to think about, but every day, my mage becomes more and more tempting.

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Congrats Garnaph!

So, Garnaph,  one of my blog writers, has been MIA for a while. I wanted to let everyone know one of the reasons he hasn’t been around much lately. His wife had a baby last weekend! Their family is doing well and I hear that Garnaph is already back to playing video games. I’m pretty sure that Garnaph will teach little baby Zoe how to farm gold for him in no time. Congrats!

Garnaph's little girl Zoe!

In somewhat related, but also unrelated, news… my sister ALSO had a baby over the weekend (a day or so after Garnaph). So, I’m also an aunt now. My niece is named Cadence.

Lissanna's niece Cadence

Congrats everyone!

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