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Today, we’ll take  a break from our beta posting to talk about something completely different.

First order of business: The changing face of Restokin. As I’ve been alluding to in my posts here and on twitter, there are some changes coming to Restokin. I’ve decided (for the sake of my sanity) to branch out into other classes more often, and to be slightly less druid-focused. Druids have always had the best blogging community. So, when we leave to go and try to find information on other classes. I’ve found the solution, which is to bring other classes here. I have a few guest posters lined up (including a shadow priest, a mage, and a shaman). As we transition into MoP, I’m hoping to build the blog up as something where we have posts on an assortment of different healing and caster DPS topics. So, you’ll get a mix of news for your druid and your other assortment of healers & casters here.

The bloggers of Undying Resolution: So, in thinking about branching out to other classes, I wanted to spend some time today talking about how awesome my guild is. I’m in Undying Resolution on Elune (US), as many of you know. Since I have been the guild’s primary recruiter, I have found a handful of bloggers, and we’ve cultivated a blogger-friendly environment in our guild, and we list all our blogs on our guild’s website. We now have (as far as I know) 10 other bloggers in our 25-man raiding guild, excluding me. Now, some of the blogs are bigger than others, and some don’t get a lot of posts. However, in honor of the newbie blogger initiative, I wanted to take some time to show you what my guild has been up to.

  • Ponerya of Fel Concentration and WoWinsider: Ponerya has been blogging about Warlocks on Fel Concentration since 2009.  Recently, our resident warlock expert has picked up a job as the defense against the dark arts teacher (ie. warlock Blood Pact writer) at WoW Insider! Her witty and insightful posts are helpful for anyone looking to play a warlock.
  • Juvenate of WTS Heals: Juvenate originally started blogging about priests, but when he switched to playing his druid full-time for Undying Resolution, WTS Heals turned into a resto druid blog. Since we blog about similar things, I’m sure you guys have seen Juv’s posts pop up on my blogroll.
  • Elemaster’s WoW Shamans: A new blog coming onto the scene is Elemaster’s WoW Shamans blog. Just like the name says, he blogs about the shaman class. He has only been blogging for 3 months, so he’s still working on growing the site.  He writes about mostly elemental shaman, but will also sometimes post about enhancement and resto. He has been playing the game since Vanilla, so he has a good depth of knowledge about the shaman class.
  • Effreati’s RP: We originally recruited Effy from a Role Playing server, where she had been blogging about Role Playing on Effreati’s RP. Effy raids as a restoration shaman in our guild, so you may also be able to find some resto shaman info on her site if you look hard enough. Currently, she’s writing a story that includes some of the members of our guild as characters, which is pretty awesome.
  • Aesadonna’s Derp KnOOb: Aesa, one of our death knight DPS raiders, has a DK blog (Called Derp Knoob) where she writes about death knights, transmoging, and about her process of dragging UR back to ICC to complete her ICC legendary. It’s low on theorycrafting, but high on fun!
  • Djent’s Fun Killing Time: Djent, one of our newer members, has recently started up a rogue blog called Fun Killing Time. It looks like he’s trying to build the site into a good resource for rogues, and has been recently blogging about rogue MOP beta changes.
  • Malchome’s Mind on Gaming: My husband has a blog where he blogs about a pretty random assortment of WOW-related things. Malchome’s Mind on Gaming has been up and running for about the same time as my blog, where he blogs about WoW’s game design in general (leveling, crafting, raiding, class design, etc).
  • Amowrath of The Light’s Wrath: Amowrath, a Holy Paladin in my guild got bit by the blogging bug, and started a blog about holy paladins called The Light’s Wrath. It looks like he hasn’t posted much recently, but maybe some MOP inspiration will bring him back to the blog.
  • Maerdred of Treebound: In retirement from raiding right now right now, Maerdred (one of our resto druids) had a long-standing blog about his druid called Treebound. He still sometimes posts, but has mostly been afflicted with some disease called “real life”.
  • Opalbreeze of Fake game Design: Opalbreeze, a moonkin in UR, has a new blog called Fake Game Design. He writes mostly about druids on the blog, and has been posting a flurry of feedback about MoP.

So, that’s the current set of blogs we have in my guild. If I missed anyone, let me know and I’ll add you to our list. The list of UR bloggers grows bigger and bigger all the time! I have a guest post lined up for this site where one of our shadow priests will be writing about his experiences here on Restokin. My guild does our best to be supportive of new bloggers, so it is a lot of fun to play in an environment full of creativity and awesome people! I love my guild!

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6 comments on “The bloggers of Undying Resolution
  1. Night says:

    My main is a restocat and I also play a hunter much of the time. All I can say is the hunter and Druid communities are wonderfully served by the many excellent blogs and resources available to them. As I have had more time at end of expac I have been playing alts more…. Enhancement, arms, even discopriest…not so much. Any new shaman info is greatly appreciated. Maybe I just don’t know where to look :). Thanks for the links

  2. Ares says:

    I have been looking for some good mage and monk blogs, but I never know where to look. The only regular mage blog I have found is Lhivera’s Library. Any suggestions for either of those?

    • Lissanna says:

      for mages, there are also Manalicious & Apple Cider Mage in my blogroll now. 🙂

      • Ares says:

        Ah, fantastic. Your blogroll is how i kept up with all the other druid blogs. Tyvm!

        • Lissanna says:

          I haven’t figured out how to make a feed-reading blogroll for the non-druid blogs to be separate from the druid ones. Once I get that figured out, and add other class blogs, I think that will be good. 🙂

  3. Elunamakata says:

    I’ve added every one of you to my blogroll for now, after doing some reading at each blog, there is some great information there. I was already following Juvenate after a few retweets on twitter. Thanks for sharing Lissanna!


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