When do you change mains?

So, my dear blog readers, we need to have a very serious discussion today. See, for the last several weeks, I’ve been unhappy with my druid on the live server. My druid on the live server is raiding as a primary moonkin in 25-man raids where my DPS is pretty low most of the time on all the single-target fights. I don’t have a legendary and I don’t have priority on Dark Intent in our raids, so my DPS is just not really competitive the way I would like it to be. The only other character I have is a level 85 shaman, and elemental isn’t doing so great in my 25-man raids, either, so for now I’m having to stick it out on my druid and I just have anxiety some nights on our 25-man raids or I’m the first to volunteer to sit out on progression nights where I know I’m not going to be able to hit the DPS requirements.

I’m also unhappy with my druid on the beta server. As I’ve talked about before, the talents for moonkin are pretty stale and unhelpful for my PvE raiding, and moonkin have lost a lot of PvE tools. So, moonkin are mostly going to spam 1 button over & over again, and the net result may end up still not being any better than what we have right now on Live.

My main has always been a druid, except for the couple months in Burning Crusade progression raiding where having a resto shaman with chain heal meant that a shaman in blues could out-heal a druid in epics. Even then, my druid was my main and I was just happening to raid on a shaman (while I beta tested my druid in the background to get it in good shape for WOTLK).

However, after many, many years of fighting for moonkin to try and be viable, I’ve come to the realization that if I want to do good DPS, I’m going to need to just re-roll a pure DPS class.

So, here is Miniliss, the level 61 mage:

At this point, I’m seriously considering making Miniliss into my raiding main in MoP, and running as a mage (haven’t decided which spec yet). Arcane mages have had a mechanics overhaul for MOP that will potentially make their rotation a lot more fun compared to wrath/starfire spam for moonkin druids. I’m considering leaving Lissanna as my forum posting character, and I’ll likely level my druid up to 90, but for the first time in the history of the game, I’m considering changing mains.

I probably won’t make a final decision until MoP actually goes live.

For my readers, though, I wanted to ask:

  • Have you ever changed mains in previous expansions? If so, what did you change to & why did you change?
  • Are you thinking of changing mains for MoP? If so, what class are you looking forward to playing in MoP?

It’s something I’ve never really done before. Lissanna (the NE druid) was my very first character I ever created on the very first day I started playing this game at the beginning of Vanilla WOW, and I’ve never changed mains before. I’m rapidly hitting the point, however, where I just don’t think I can keep doing the same thing over & over, fighting for a class that is always going to be an expansion behind the rest in terms of development and never ends up being right.

Also, if I do change mains, I’ll probably have to broaden the scope of my blog from being really druid-centric to including more classes. Starting a new blog seems like too much of a pain, and I’m likely to always play my druid even if it’s not my main for raiding. I definitely still have a lot to think about, but every day, my mage becomes more and more tempting.

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  1. Achloryn says:

    I have changed mains… several times, and I plan on doing so for MoP. (As you know, I play a bear currently on live). The only toons i’ve “seriously” raided on besides the druid are a DK and a hunter. I switched from the hunter to the druid in later wrath as I was switching guilds and I realized that I really enjoyed the hell out of tanking. I switched to my DK briefly in t11, but to be perfectly honest I don’t remember what the rationale behind it was… and I switched back to the druid before Firelands came out.

    For mists, most likely I will be switching to a monk. I don’t like what’s becoming of the Guardian spec. I don’t care much for the splitting of Guardian and Feral (as much as I understand WHY Blizzard did it, I feel like it was a defining part of the spec). I haven’t really felt any sort of “active mitigation” with bears the way Blizzard says they’re intending, other than a REALLY overpowered heal every 5-6 seconds because my rage is unlimited in dungeons. I understand it’ll probably change but still between now and launch, the monk is FAR more interesting to me as a whole.

  2. Elunamakata says:

    But…but I NEED you! I went from healing on my priest in the end of BC (non raiding!) to raiding on her in Wrath, then swapping to the pally because we didn’t have one. I re-rolled this druid over on terokkar to play with Jenn and others from our friends list and when we formed Angry Gingers (formerlly cake eaters) we had two healing apps. A priest and a pally. I went druid….and I haven’t looked back.

    I just accepted about a month ago, that Eluna is now my main and that I’ll never be Kcihc or Caressea (the priest) in more than just fun runs anymore. However, I can’t perform well as dps on her. For me, its a mental thing, on druid = must! watch! health! So I now use kcihc if I want to dps on current stuff, and Eluna otherwise.

    I’m not a great hunter either, but I can fake it better than I can boomkin!

    Ultimately you have to do what is fun and exciting for *YOU*!

    • Lissanna says:

      I’ll still know everything about druids even if I switch. I’m still part druid… I’m just really, really just bored with my druid. I’m not even sure that it’s a problem with the class. I think it really might just be me.

  3. Bennet says:

    I’ve changed mains four times over the five years I’ve been playing – from warlock to hunter to druid to priest. Each time except the last it was to fill some role gap in our tiny raiding guild : CC during the halcyon days of chain trapping, a little boost to heals for Moroes in Kara. The last change, I admit, was sulking over the loss of permanent tree form. With my lovely guild’s support it was painless every time.

    Maybe you’ll fall in love with a panda monk! 🙂

  4. Askevar says:

    I changed mains during the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King. In Vanilla/BC I was a warlock though I didn’t raid during Vanilla at all. I didn’t actually anticipate changing mains until I realized just how dissatisfied I was with the changes to the warlock class in Wrath. I suffered for a couple of months before finally making the decision and swapping to the death knight as I had quickly leveled mine to 80 and was really enjoying her. Additionally, my husband couldn’t keep a steady offtank for our ten man raid, so I ended up trying that and loving it.

    I was tempted to swap pre-Cata hitting to either a pally tank or a disc priest, but I didn’t care to swap after the expansion hit and I played the classes. The changes to the pally alt in fact drove me out of tanking on that alt almost entirely [she’s main spec holy now].

    I don’t anticipate changing in MoP to be honest. But I’ll have to see how things shake out 🙂

    If I could advise anything, don’t get your heart set that you absolutely WILL be changing. I always have my raiders telling me “I’m going to swap to ‘x’ class absolutely positively” and more often than not, they don’t swap or do and are miserable.

    The way you’re approaching it is just right. “I’m considering swapping mains”. A new expansion is the perfect time to swap.

    Because the reality is, the beta is far from set in stone. 🙂

    As for your blog, I would keep it and just let it evolve with you. My blog evolved to include some SWTOR as I play that on the side a little, despite WoW being my primary game.

  5. Newsom says:

    I changed main back in early WotLK (around the time Ulduar came out). I started out as an elemental shaman and fell in love with raiding at the end of Burning Crusade. With Lich King however, elemental had huge problems with scaling which made itself appearant by the second tier, and I felt pretty gimped. I started leveling a protection paladin and it was just so much more fun to tank than to DPS. Not sure if it was purely a class thing or just a role that fit better for me, but I’ve stuck with my paladin tank ever since.

    Now I’m probably rerolling warrior for MoP (still tanking), mostly because we it makes more sense set up wise in our little 10 man guild. Not sure how I feel about it, but I’ll be fine as long as I get to tank with a shield.

    I think you have to make sure you play something you really enjoy at the end of the day. If I were you I’d try out different classes once level 90 premades are available and see what is the most fun.

  6. Opalbreeze says:

    If Moonkins don’t get a nice fix in MoP, I’ll change my main to whatever is OP. I am honestly tired of being that far behind in PvE and PvP. I’m considering a Monk (new class, it IS going to be OP) or a warlock (too big of an overhaul, will be OP as well).

    Doing your rotation as right as humanly possible and barely staying above the tanks in single target Dps SUCKS. I’ve had my share on that.

  7. Tuethis says:

    I have been a resto druid for most of the time I played this game, I loved every minute of it. But being honest I think that druid development in MoP is crap with a few fun glyphs thrown in. I raid, that’s why I play and I dont think I am going to keep tuethis as my main raiding toon in MoP. As much as I hate to hop on the FotM, the Mistweaver spec is really fun! I didn’t know how much I hated harmony/LB juggling until I got on the monk and didn’t have to do it. I hope they fix the sorry direction of druid dev, if they don’t, Ill have plenty of fun raiding as a mistweaver.

  8. Shantaram says:

    I have changed once, from Warlock to Druid, at the time WotLK hit. It was a sad moment for me, not unlike what you are experiencing now. Locks went from easy to max gameplay-wise (which allowed me to pay more attention to what the raid was doing) to super complex in all specs, and melee was so strong in pvp I felt like a second category citizen. I’ve spent the last two xpacs tanking and never looked back, but now I’m also considering switching to Death Knight.

    The core of the matter is that there are still some mechanics that are incredibly strong in this game, and have little to do with numbers. Things like stealth, self-healing, high armor, and ease of gameplay are often overlooked, but imho they contribute a lot to the inner strength of a class.

    At the moment, Death Knights have a complex but rewarding gameplay as tanks, and enjoy an easy-to-play pvp spec (frost). They have immense self-heals that allow for those cool solo raids on rainy afternoons, and basically feel as powerful as Druids felt during pretty much the whole of WotLK. At least in my eyes.

    Back on topic, it is a sad thing to shelf a main character. But if most of what you do in this game is high end raiding, then it’s the lay of the land, so to speak. To go from Druid to Mage you will enjoy the level of comfort teleport brings to the class, but you will probably come to realize that mages can’t do much when they don’t have a big friend taking the blows for them.

  9. Oestrus says:

    I changed mains for Cataclysm. I had played a moonkin/resto druid for three years or so and I didn’t like the changes that were coming for resto druids in this expansion and I felt like I didn’t have anything new or positive to contribute to discussions about the class anymore.

    When I first started playing WoW I was an Alliance healing priest, so I felt like it would be kind of neat to go full circle and pick up something that I had played once before and that I enjoyed. I really liked the upcoming changes to priests. I loved the idea of Chakra. I have always been a big fan of the Lightwell. Some notable bloggers that wrote about priests had quit the game. It all just felt like a good time to make such a change.

    I don’t plan on changing mains for MoP, but if God forbid priests did go in a direction I didn’t care for I would probably be a resto shaman. I have so much on that toon. Every time I play her I get the pull to hand in my papers and reroll. It’s very tempting!

    In any event, I wish you well with whatever you decide. You have certainly been a trailblazer, with regards to druids, and I would like to think you would be just as helpful and knowledgeable with any class or spec that you decided to pick up.

    We’ll be watching!

  10. Savagemoon says:


    like you, I’m on the beta forums a lot posting a lot of stuff. And I’m considering changing mains too. I’ve been playing since vanilla, but my story is a bit different – on the vanilla open beta, I was a druid but people kept telling me druids were underpowered, so I rolled a hunter when I got the retail WoW. My druid was actually my first alt and I made it my main because I could heal really well in a feral spec if I used resto gear. I used to collect rogue off pieces for exploring the world or doing silly stuff like tanking dire maul east.

    I played on BC, though my guid didn’t get very far. We’d get players, teach them how to play, gear them in karazhan and then they’d leave us for a late tier 5, early tier 6 guild. I was feral back then and got so jaded with the people playing the game that I quit when the wrath patch hit and didn’t return until the ToC patch. And, even then, I changed servers to avoid the rotten community of warsong alliance – US. I loved dual spec and had a feral cat and a bear cat spec, but I found tanking to be really boring, swipe swipe swipe swipe. So I made a DK for tanking, it was actually more interesting than I though. I converted my druid tank talent spec into a balance druid spec and I liked playing cataclysm a lot.

    In cata, I didn’t feel the hybrid tax. As a boomkin, I felt like I could do well enough in my 10 man normal mode guild. I’m considering changing classes too, I have a mage that I leveld to be a pvp alt and then got too lazy to do it and a lock in another realm in which I seldom play with an old time friend – either one of those could end up being my new main.
    Like you, I’m really unhappy at blizzard’s direction with druids in general. Cataclysm was the first time we were viable on the roles we chose to perform, it was the first time a moonkin was supposed to be equal in DPS to a mage/ warlock/ hunter and MoP just feels like a step backwards with all the utility crap going on. I don’t want off role crap, but blizz seems intent on enforcing it. Maybe it’s time to change into a class incapable of being off role.

    I’m angry at symbiosis because it’s just a re-use of other classes’ abilities from a few expansions ago and I’m angry at blizzard for giving shamans Ysera’s essence of dreams (the green crystal on ultraxion). Did Malfurion spend ten thousand years in the Dream for a shaman to learn its essence for Ascendance? I think our characters in game are meant to make us have fun. If I suddenly notice that playing a druid is making me unhappy, then I’ll just play some other class. I really shouldn’t be angry at a video game, in my case I need to figure out if I hate the class or the game itself. Maybe you’re burned out too.


  11. Night says:

    My druid was my first character ever. I almost switched mains at beginning of Cata as I had an excessively difficult time in the beginning heroics (mana/aoe dmg/lack of any tools to recover from problems etc). Druid is still my main and I was hoping the re-design in Cata would bring me back in love, but its looking like the hunter is gonna be the main in Mists (maybe the enhancer if I need a hybrid). So far I am so disappointed in the druid design, from symbiosis to healing shrooms, to active mastery…. I guess i’m just not good enough…

  12. Ambermist says:

    Liss, I could’ve written this post, minus the mage part.

    Exactly the same thing: I’ve been druid since I started playing. I’ve been moonkin since the beginning of Wrath. No legendary, no Dark Intent, I can’t even bum a Focus Magic. I hate feeling like I’m bringing up the rear all the time. I’m REALLY GLAD you posted this, because I was beginning to think I was just flat failing.

    I’ve considered changing mains, but I’ve never done it either, and I can’t imagine raiding on a different class. Who knows, maybe I’ll go healing. Now that my beta’s not crashing every 10 minutes, I might play both a little and see.

    But anyway, know you’re not alone. I’m feeling it, too. Also, the mage is cute. 😉

    • Lissanna says:

      running with the baby moonkin pet makes my mage feel like a druid just a little bit. Druids are in a really awkward place right now, and beta is a good way to try out other classes (because you can reroll template characters at 85).

  13. Foofy says:

    As you already know, I am changing to Mistweaver this Xpac. Druids have just died for me. There is no challenge. As soon as they put in the slider bar back at the end of wrath I put away my dps gloves and went healing. Then as time went on through Cata, they made druid healing easier and easier.

    I am enjoying the mistweaver spec because I have to focus on two sources (chi&mana) not just one. It feels like several classes put together. This however will be my first time changing mains as well. I have been playing Foofy since Vanilla. She was my first and I even did the same as you in BC, creating another toon to help the guild but still calling her my main.

    It sorta feels like you are losing a family member. A character you have seen day in and day out. Something that you actually took pride in working with (theorycrafting and being known throughout the druid world by that name).

    So, I end with the statement that I’m glad I’m not the only one looking at druids and just finally throwing in the towel. I haves something new that has caught my interest and has kept me logging on beta everyday more than I do live.

  14. Sabthalion says:

    I never changed my main class since vanilla and I’m very very sad to be forced to consider it for MoP.
    I’ll wait the closure of the beta, when they have finalized the class, if it will be like it is right now (essentially a broken class on which they don’t want to do real work), I’ll change in something more functional probably a mage or a warlock, because I’m really tired to play a class without consideration.
    With the news of Pandaria I was happy because with more work on each specs, I thought that they will add some basic mechanic that all dps have (execution phase, burst dps cd, defensive cd, movement mechanic, effective interrupt and so on), but the couple thing they have added are logical broken (do you want a burst dps cd? Pump out Celestial Alignment with 20sec duration + xx% damage, in line with a Arcane Power for example, choosing Incarnation as burst dps cd that is functional half of the time is simply a dumb choice, as if they have not even the idea of how the class work). As if the couple of (in)utility that they have added are enough to close the big holes of the class…bah…
    The funny thing that probably you don’t know is that they have introduced the client in my language (italian), that is kind of good mostly, but they have done a couple of very terrible indefensible unacceptable choices for the translation so basically they have achieved to totally ruin the trolls as race (my favorite and current race). Maybe it is only another way to push me to reroll 😀

  15. Akthalion says:

    I’ve only played Moonkin since BC, but got burnout having the LK patch for such a long time. I was initially excited to return to MoP with all the improvements to the talent tree philosophy, however Blizz is not measuring up to their promises.

    Its kinda worrisome having so many members of the druid community expressing similar concerns, and having no response from Blizz in actions nor words.

    I’ve been playing Beta, and the rotation is just so boring, Most of the talent tree is just abilities we used to have baseline at one point in time, things like Mas Entanglement, Ward, Roar, Bash, Disentanglement, are the most uninspired mechanics Ive seen. Oh and Incarnation is just a mastery trinket. They wanted to make talents fun and make you feel powerful and unique, but so far they have failed.

    I would give it time till Beta is over to make a decision, but as the game is now Ill probably wont be returning in MoP.

    • Lissanna says:

      Mists of Pandaria as an expansion is tons of fun. It’s just that I’m starting to have druid burnout. The game should be worth coming back to play.

      • Akthalion says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s tons of content in MoP.

        The problem is that most of the new content is not for me. I only have the druid, and I don’t want to invest from scratch on a new toon after all the time I invested on the druid to throw it away.

        Raids and BGs was what I liked to do with my druid, so having a boring toolkit for the druid would lessen greatly my experience in those 2 scenarios.

  16. Burgitte says:

    I was healing my priest from Vanilla through BC and most of Wrath up until ICC when I changed guilds and they needed a resto druid. Up to that point my tree was something fun for me to go into alt runs with. I love healing on them both, but I am honestly trying to decide which way I am going to swing for MoP. Time will only tell.

  17. El says:

    To be perfectly honest, I will likely change games before I change my main. In the last several years I have played, I have put an enormous amount of time, energy, and effort into learning my druid, being the best at it that I can possibly be, and earning achievements, mounts, pets, titles, and a reputation on my server. If I am forced, by poor class design, to make a change like that – having to start all of that over again, I see no reason to invest the same time into another main that might have the same thing happen in the next expansion. There are other viable options for gaming, and if I have to start over, it will be on one of those.

    • Lissanna says:

      People will still be playing druids in MoP. Druids as a class have survived worse things than this expansion, so if you really want to be a druid, you can be. The nice thing about non-combat pets going account-wide is that fewer of those efforts get left behind when you change characters now.

  18. Svartalf says:

    My druid was also the first character I rolled, way back in Vanilla. Once I got to level 50 or so, I went resto (I usually used a mixed resto/feral build, so I could actually do the role switching I thought druids were meant to do). Since then, I’ve gone all feral, all resto, all moonkin, every possible combination that was useful for one raid or another. But my druids always been my main. There’s always been at least one spec that was competitive in PvE.

    Honestly, I’m not sure MoP will keep druids competitive in PvE. For some reason, druids seem to get last minute scraps of developer attention; not enough time to even analyze the problems of a spec, much less think about how to fix them. MoP druid development has seemed to be an occasional hour of hacking partially thought out changes into the same basic druid spec and throwing it over the wall to see what happens.

    I’d go into detail, but its all too depressing (if you’re interested in playing a druid, that is). Especially since feedback to Blizzard just bounces off, creating no impression at all.

    My current plan is to decide what to do at the end of beta. If none of the druid specs are at least average, I might change my main to my priest. Or maybe its time to move to another mmo.

  19. Kat says:

    Every patch I look eagerly to druid changes to be disappointed by cosmetic changes. I am seriously considering changing to a Holy Pally or Mistweaver. It just seems like the dev’s aren’t listening to Moonkins or resto druids problems and suggestions. I love playing my druid but since the start of Cata things have been taken away from us like Lifebloom on multiple targets and nothing interesting is introduced for Mop. None of the talents we choose really has any effect on healing or Moonkin dps except for maybe one talents.

    Healing and dpsing on pallys and monks you can really feel the difference that druids talents and spells are lacking. I really hate to change mains but I think I probably will by the time Mop goes live if druids stay the same.

  20. Amorgan says:

    I started with a hunter a few months before BC dropped and raided with him until Tier 4 when my Druid became my main. Since then he has been a tank (BC), Healer (Wrath), and now a Boomkin.

    Much like some of the other folks who recently posted, I am waiting to see what the end of beta brings. I still like the class since we are the only ones who can fill any role but my decision to switch mains will depend if any of the 4 trees are truly viable.

    It will also depend on what the account-wide achieves bring regarding the mounts and pets I have on my main now.

  21. Mightywing says:

    I hear a lot of moonkin blues going on in here. So my story, my druid was my first toon all the way back at the beginning of WoW. Been a balance druid since before moonkin was even a talent. I have raided every tier as moonkin, even when it was said that it could not be done. I have watched our little red-headed spec come out from under the bed and stand beside all the heavy hitters, always in their shadows as our dps has never been on par.

    I have had thoughts of changing mains a few times over the years, the thing that has kept me on my druid is the Night Elf and particularly the druid lore. Kind of a dumb reason I suppose but my jump ship feelings have never lasted beyond a few weeks.

    My Cata was like yours, no uber buffs, no legendary staff. Luckily my guild only does 10 man, with limited success on heroics. I realized in Wrath that I’m not the hardcore raider with dreams of 25 Heroic clears that I once was, I don’t want to raid 4 nights a week. This realization has helped soften the blow of sub awesome moonkin damage.

    My MoP plans, to endure. A moonkin in the shadows, my silent vigil continues to see our spec at the proper place a top the pack, eating cookies and maybe some waffles and pie.

  22. Mushan says:


    I played a feral druid almost exclusively, for raiding and PvP, in Wrath, which was my first raiding expansion. I really enjoyed mastering that. However, I started to become disenchanted with it around the time of 4.0.1, and became almost completely so (regarding any melee classes in PvE) when Cata dropped. I was having loads of fun playing my new hunter, and so he became my PvE main throughout Cataclysm. He will likely remain so in MoP.

    Eventually I ventured back in to raiding with the druid, albeit as balance. But I, too, find that I struggle to come close to matching the single-target dps numbers that my hunter got – with relatively similar gear – as balance. I’ve heard and seen druids do very well, but with higher gear, which I don’t have. So while I’ll probably still alt-raid with my boomkin, I’ve fallen in love with my hunter and enjoy it very much.

    But yes, I have changed, and while it disappoints me a smidge that I did so, I’m so happy playing my hunter that it really doesn’t bother me.

    So, my take? Go for it. You are certainly not alone in facing / having faced this decision – have a great time mage-ing it up! But whatever you decide to do, I hope it gives you the combination of lots of enjoyment and raiding success.

  23. Rades says:

    I have changed mains once, right at Patch 4.0. I switched from a Hunter to a Frost Death Knight, because a) I was disgusted at the change to Focus, and how it felt, and the overall mechanic (even if I agreed with the reason behind it, I still hated it), and b) because Blizzard made Frost DKs dual-wield DPS, something I’d wanted to try on my DK for ages.

    I think it really needs to be a fundamental class change that makes someone want to change mains, like in my case. We all know abilities are changed, and that classes get nerfed/buffed in waves. It’s just a way of life. But when you feel personally betrayed (as silly as it sounds), and there’s another class that is catching your eye, for whatever reason, I think it’s much better to switch mains than continue to play the old main and get bitter about it.

    Besides, it’s not like a main change is permanent, especially in a new expac. 🙂

  24. Raevyn says:

    I have changed mains precisely once, when my guild started doing 10m heroics in DS. My druid was, like you, my very first character from opening day in Vanilla. And it nearly broke my heart to let her go. I made the move to pally heals and it has helped tremendously. Many fight mechanics just seemed to favor the paladin healing style and cripple the druid style.

    From FL onward I had felt less and less useful as a healer. I didn’t bring as much to the table, all the spamming in the world of Rejuv and WG wasn’t keeping people alive, and I was getting frustrated and burned out in the game. I regret that I didn’t feel like my druid could perform adequately, but I’m not sad to be playing a pally. I enjoy my pally now and she’s going to be my main going into MoP. The new druid talents and abilities don’t excite me. The ones for paladins do. If you’re looking for advice, play the thing that you enjoy, whether that enjoyment comes from the mechanics of moonkin or being a greater asset to your raid. Good luck :).


  25. hercdeisel says:

    Thanks for posting this, I’ve been having a lot of similar thoughts. Even though I haven’t experienced disappointing performance (no consistent DI, no Legendary, 10H 8/8) and even not minding the single target weakness too much since it really only hurt on one fight, I’m still struggling with whether I want a class switch. Our resource has basically become mooted. We have 3.5 buttons. That’s it. Total. And no interesting resource.

    The way I see it, you can be like a survival hunter and have 3.5 core buttons (explosive, cobra, arcane), or fewer (arcane mage), but have an interesting resource (despite what others say, I find focus fun); or you can have a complex button pressing system (affliction locks) and less thought about resources (mana leads little attention right now), or you can have a highly reactive spec spec that responds to procs and is more gcd capped.

    Right now we’re none of those. Not even close. We’re not a real spec, whether they can make our numbers work on not. I loved the druid class and had come to really love the moonkin spec.

  26. Tailswish says:

    I’ve changed mains once before, from my mage to my druid, mostly because in tanking, I had my chance to get into one of the few good raiding guilds on my server.

    I’m very tempted to go monk, but there are some things they need to fix about monk tanking (Achloryn summed it up very well earlier in the week). And I’d likely need to stay tank for my raid group. In fact, if they fix monks, I think the deciding factor will be whether or not everyone’s willing to wait for me to level my monk.

    But yes, in general, if you’re going to change mains, a new expansion is the time to do it. Even with all the tools now available for gearing up, there’ll always be an awkward gear gap to get over otherwise.

  27. The Gecko says:

    Mage here! Tried to main-change to a shadowpriest at the start of the Burning Crusade, partly because we sometimes had a shortage of replenishment when it was new, and partly because of melting faces.

    It was fun enough for a while, but ultimately I went back to mage, because I missed all the things that make mages unique. Blink, (tele)port(als), cookies, dismounting+instapolymorphing people in midair and then floating to the ground safely while they plummeted to their inevitable messy demise. Also, mages are basically magical ninjas. Blink… invisibility. Yep.

    The problem was that the new class didn’t feel suited to me. If a situation came up, I’d be reaching for iceblock, blink, the general mage arsenal of Cool and Fun Things(tm). Sure, shadowpriests have their own set of cool things, but I’d keep wanting to go back to the mage bag of tricks. Maybe you’ll find that you’re the same way with your forms and… druid… things. It’s different when you’re just playing an alt for fun, too; deciding to really and truly switch is more permanent, so I think you start to miss things about your old class. On an alt, you’re kind of just screwing around – I find that I don’t miss my main as much, because hey, you’re just alting it up for a bit before going back, right?

    If I had to suggest anything, it would be to max out your little mage and at least try out some raiding beforehand (casual, farm content, whatever). Sure, your numbers will probably be terrible on account of being in crap gear, but you should get an idea of how the class will play. Another thought might be to just decide to not play your druid main at all for one or two weeks as a trial run.

    • Lissanna says:

      I’m actually planning to spend some time beta testing mages on the beta server before I decide whether to switch or not in MoP. It’s really too late to switch for dragonsoul, since my druid is far too geared for my mage to catch up with due to my time constraints on playing.

  28. Ben says:

    It’s too bad you can’t get a spot as a healer : I’m still enjoying druid healing (though looking forward to MOP quality of life improvements…) but I think everyone is dragging after so many months of the same content and MOP still so far away…

    One main change before: when I was a noob to endgame raiding, at the start of WOTLK, I was playing a mage. I heard about the upcoming dual spec, and my raid group was failing on KT because healers couldn’t heal iceblocks quick enough! I thought to myself, healing can’t be that hard, hmm I’ve got this druid sitting around, he’d be awesome w/ dual spec, I should level him up! A few weeks later I was healing KT myself, and not a SINGLE person died to ice blocks… except for myself since I still relied on the other healers for that >_< I still have that attitude: I trust very few people to do a good job with healing.

    For MOP, I'm still waiting to see how the monk healing feels towards the end of the beta, since it's still pretty out of whack. If I like it enough I'm going to swap to monk as my main.

  29. Zy says:

    Let’s see:
    Bears are getting the general tank redesign but no new tools or flavor.
    Kitties and Boomkins are both taking big steps backwards.
    Trees, well, meh.

    As far as talents go, we get a former cornerstone of our class as a ‘choice’ at level 90, our level 90 talent lets us swap abilities with other classes (and is going to be impossible to balance), trees are getting a copy of a clunky boomkin talent that was controversial all of Cataclysm, trees are finally getting a tank cooldown in the form of Ironbark but it’s only a copy of Barkskin while Monks get a cool new ability that works with periodic healing and let’s not get started on the whole “we want you to shapeshift more” nevermind when you are in an alternate form you can’t be doing your primary job ESPECIALLY since they are making so many core abilities spec specific so you aren’t going to be able to fulfill alternate rolls anyway. . .

    I’m not saying any of the above is specifically bad (except maybe the shapeshifting more) but it sure seems like we’re not getting much that is fresh or interesting. Everything is copying something, copies of old spells, copies of other classes spells, ect.

    I think the final straw for many folks is we’ve had at least two builds now with no significant improvements and almost no feedback at all, no indication that they are working on druids or looking at the many concerns that have been clearly elaborated. Other classes are in bad spots (no argument there) but they are getting attention. People are losing hope.

    Having said all that, I changed mains once at the beginning of Cataclysm. I went from my shaman to my druid because secretly I wanted to play my druid thru much of Wrath and BC anyway and I didn’t see any of my biggest issues with the shaman class getting fixed in Cata (no personal cooldowns, AoE healing range issues, lack of raid cooldowns and at the beginning there was the huge discrepancy in mana regen AND throughput). A new Xpac, moving across the country (three timezones) and changing guilds gave me the opportunity to switch but once was enough, I’m not going to change classes again. I have all four healers at 85 so I know exactly what they are all like and I have zero desire to play anything but my tree. If my druid isn’t fun to play then I will probably just leave the game.

  30. Mike says:

    I know where you are comming from, been there myself at the end of Wrath.
    Played a shadowpriest since the age of dawn and was shocking mad at Blizz for all he reasons you are also 😉

    SP was underpowered, you had to do your stinking best to be mediocre and the changes in Cata where too overwhelming for somebody that played a toon for so long.

    Re-rolled to my 1st love, a Hunter… only to find out that halfway the expansion Hunters where mediocre too (big thanks to some legendaries).

    Conclusion: the grass is always greener at your neighbours lawn 😉

    But if you are sick and tired of Druids then you know it’s time, time to reeeee-roooooolllll

  31. Jen says:

    I started out (in TBC) as a fury warrior and I changed to resto druid during Wrath (in Ulduar), after a very brief stint as a mage. Like you, I wanted to try an pure DPS class… turns out, I sucked at it and I didn’t enjoy it at all. The druid was just an experiment, but it turned out I was meant to be a tree 😛 I don’t plan on changing my main for MoP. Healing is the only thing I really enjoy doing, and I love druid healing the most among the 4 classes. I’ll try a monk healer, but I doubt it will be more fun.

    • Jen says:

      And my boyfriend’s a hardcore moonkin fan, he’s been one since TBC and will be one for MoP.

  32. Caldarp says:

    Well ..i’m (still) in love with my moonkin.

    I started to play back in the BC and was sold the moment i saw a high lvl moonkiin pop their treants. I respecced into Balance the moment i hit lvl 40 and have played it since.
    BC wasnt very friendly for moonkins as pure dps , but it was somewhat unique.
    In WOTLK i finally felt beeing competative as a dps class, having a real chance of topping the meters.
    Cata changed plastyle for Moonkins as we became a multidot class. I felt that our DPS went downhill, but we somehow managed to keep our stand in multidot fights. However, i did perform my 1st minor change: from Nelf to Worgen (for the 1% critbonus).

    I’ve heard about moonkins beeing a terrible DPS class in MOP. My hopes are still set on changes from Blizzard. If i’m no viable choice for raids anymore i’m parking my druid…and my account!
    I’m in a laid back raiding team and we raid only 2 nights each week which i enjoy very much and i accept the slow progression that comes with it. It’s a clear choice because i want to limit the time i spend online. Beeing forced to keep a complete set of characters geared and available when i’m forced to make changes by Blizzard just doen’t match my commitment to this game.

    I hope to be playing in MOP.

    • Lissanna says:

      Moonkin are kindof mediocre for dragonsoul. However, I’d expect moonkin’s actual damage output (if you never use the HOTW or DOC talents) to be competitive with other classes. Mages manage to be fine with arcane’s one button spam to victory, as long as that one button is powerful enough. My problem with moonkin is about being boring & awkward, but not really about being viable. Making wrath/starfire do enough damage to keep us competitive should be possible.

  33. Nikata says:

    I’ve played WoW since the start and I’ve always had loooots of alts, even before I had my first 60 I already had 3 other chars…

    The char that became my first main was a rogue and I really loved her, but mostly because she was in a great guild with great people and I knew what to do with her. Then when BC came out I started to get kinda bored with her, having an easy rotation…spamming my nr 4 button for sinister strike…so about mid BC I switched to a warlock! Being an affliction lock meant having loots of things to track and a lot more buttons to use. I’ve been a warlock all the way up to the start of Ulduar.

    At that time my guild was desperately looking for a moonkin, after 2 of our regular druids had just quit playing. So I got my druid geared up for that and was asked to come raid with her. She has been my main ever since, moonkin at first, then MT and now for the last 2 years I’ve been healing. I’ve got every class there is, 5 are 85 and the rest are 80+, but I still prefer my druid the most.

    Part of this could be explained by really enjoying being a healer, every fight is different and you never know who will be hit by something (aside from tanks) so you always need to stay focused. Its not possible to spam a button, unless you don’t want to do much healing of course.

    The other part could be explained with really liking the way druids heal. I’ve had a disc priest, holy priest, resto shaman and holy pally, most during several expansions, and I find way druids heal so much more fun then all those.

    I don’t think I will be switching mains, even with feeling less useful as a healer atm, I still love my druid. Sure I will be leveling a Mistweaver, but from what I’ve done on beta with my monk so far, I’ll stay druid!


  34. Faelys says:

    I don’t know how to count the number of times I switched main, so I’ll go with a longer version. Please note though that I have never raided (except for a few Raid Finder instances to see what it looks like, and weekly PUG in Tol Barad, but none of this is “real” raiding).

    I started with a druid with my boyfriend, and stopped playing the character altogether right before wotlk due to an extremely painful breakup. I went on with a priest, then went back to druid starting wotlk (levelling a new worgen), then faction-changed my very first druid (enough time had passed and faction-change made it unrecognizable), and recently I resurrected my priest, currently playing it as much as my (faction-changed) druid.

    So all these main changes but one are caused by people to play with (or to never interact with). Having to guild, and very little online friends to play with, I go as far as switching main or server to not play solo.

    The only exception is the bringing back of my priest. I have no idea what is going there, I just happen to enjoy playing discipline priest exactly as much as restoration druid (both in PvE and “easy” PvE with PvP build), and both of them only slightly more than (pvp) feral.

    I feel the main drawback with my dual-main approach is that I’m constantly missing the utility from the main I’m not currently playing 😉

  35. Katarnas says:

    I changed mains once, back when ICC came out. My first character was a human fury warrior that later became prot as we looked at raiding. However we ended up with a lack of healers so I went back to Kat (who had languished at 48 for 6 months) and started healing on her. After my first dungeon as healer I was blown away with the role and have stuck to it ever since.

    It is very unlikely I would switch classes in MoP, I know I will be picking up a healer/tank monk but I doubt it will replace Kat. Even with the changes to druids and the seeming indifference of the developers to our needs, I just love the class too much to drop it. However, that is an advantage of being a casual normal raider over a more serious hardmode raider – I don’t feel pressured to main-swap in order to not hold back progression, we can stick with what we like and we will get there eventually (or not as it may be 🙂 )

    Each to their own though, you must do what feels right for you and what makes the game enjoyable for you.


    • Jen says:

      You weren’t talking to me or my guild, but I feel this compulsion to reply… I’m playing a druid in a fairly “hardcore” guild (realm #2 or #3, last time I checked, heroic Madness down and all) and I’ve never felt pressured into swapping toons. Progressions raiding doesn’t mean mix-maxing to such extremes… unless you’re Ensidia, I guess 😛

      • Lissanna says:

        I haven’t been pressured by my guild to change for MoP. I would just rather play my mini-mage on the live servers than actually play my moonkin in MoP beta. I log into MoP beta for a couple of quests and then go back to my mage.

        • Jen says:

          I was referring to this bit in Katarnas’ comment, not to your situation: “However, that is an advantage of being a casual normal raider over a more serious hardmode raider – I don’t feel pressured to main-swap in order to not hold back progression, we can stick with what we like and we will get there eventually (or not as it may be 🙂 )”

          I can fully understand you wanting to switch mains – what’s the point of WoW if you’re not having fun!

  36. Ohken says:

    I feel you. Resto and Moonkin in Mists look the same in Mists.

    To defend Mists for a moment, though, I do think both of those specs are getting a little better. For example:

    1. The extra shape changing in the last tier of talents is probably useless for heroic raiding, but it will be quite fun for any other kind of content.

    2. Moonkin having fewer dots means we will not suck so much on single target fights. It’s been discouraging, and I look forward to the change.

    These small improvements aside, it sounds like caster druids in Mists will play exactly like they play right now. I’ve done that for two tiers and am ready for something new.

  37. Felade says:

    I think some classes and specs just got the short end of the straw when Blizz started handing out “unique mechanics”. Now, Blizz has set those mechanics in stone, and they are not really likely to throw them out -they’d rather change them. If you fundamentally don’t like the mechanic though, you’re out of luck because in all likelihood it isn’t going away.

    For Balance, that would be Eclipse.

    I think the balance issues are due to DI, and overly favoring single target DPS (So you see multidotting classes and specs doing a lot worse than other specs), the melee buffs, and the ridiculousness that is Gurth’alak. Also, Balance’s set bonuses in t13 are *horrible*. Perhaps the balance of Balance will be fixed in MoP, but Eclipse will still be there in some form, making movement a nightmare and punishing you harshly for bad RNG.

    I’d switch to a pure, but I like being able to switch to healing once in awhile. The pures aren’t doing so well in terms of design either. Rogues are okay but I haven’t looked at them closely in awhile, Warlocks are a mess on beta, and you will hate your life Lissanna the day that Fire becomes the best spec in MoP and you have to deal with Hot Streak/Combustion RNG. Hunters look to be doing pretty well, but then, we can’t all be Hunters.

    DS was honestly the worst tier in terms of balance in a long time. There were problems for melee in t11 and t12, yes, but as long as it wasn’t a multidot fight that was mostly because they were harder to heal. The DS buffs were overboard, and DTR just made things worse (if you didn’t have it). It can only get better in MoP.

    • Felade says:

      As far as changing mains, I like my Shadow Priest. I would like to go pure, but I feel like none of the options are very good except for Hunter, and I think we have enough of those going into MoP. I could go healer main, but I don’t really like how Priests heal all that much anymore.

      Honestly, very few classes look very good in beta. It feels like Blizz is making things more awkward and breaking things that work just for the sake of change alone.

  38. Jonathan says:

    I don’t know that I’ll ever really “change mains.” I’ve only been around since “BC” (And by BC, I mean I started playing like a month before the Zombie Infestation event, it feels like I haven’t been playing very long, but it’s been like 3 1/2 years apparently). My main is still the literal very first character I ever rolled and the likelihood of that ever changing is slim. I’m a bit of a lore nerd and Druids have always been the most interesting class to me in that respect and the fact it’s the only true all-encompassing hybrid class in the game, the fact that a complete change of pace is always just a respec away has always kept the class fresh for me.

    I’ve had large lumps of time where I spent a big chunk of time playing other toons. Not being a raider, I spent a ton of time leveling a Priest at the tail end of WotLK once I’d done everything I could in dungeon finder and BG’s/Wintergrasp (God, I miss WG, I never liked TB nearly as much), then I grinded the hell out of a Pally right before Cataclysm dropped (As soon as the content patch allowing cow Paladins came out) and I’ve worked on him, a Shammy and a Warlock intermittently for big chunks towards the end of patches.

    I’ll probably never change mains because of the aforementioned versatility of Druids. I’ve loved all of the specs at various points and I enjoy PVP as well, so I tend to manage to find something to do as there’s typically going to be at least one viable spec for PVE or PVP when you’ve got four different playstyles. If I’m feeling burned out on something, I just switch it up and keep on plugging in a new role.

    I have to imagine that if I’d started as anything other than Druid, I’d have considered changing mains once or twice. That said, there’s just too much to do as a Druid for me to consider any kind of full time switch to something else.

  39. Evlyxx says:

    While I have a max level character of each class, I don’t ever forsee changing mains. I did this in TBC to another priest who was Shadow specced becuase I refused to change profession to tailoring and back then we didn’t have dual spec capability.

    Even though that was a while ago and pre-achievements, I do regret not taking my main of 7 years, Evlyxx through that content as a raiding main and will not make the same mistake again.

  40. Dechion says:

    My first serious character back in Vanillia was a hunter, he made it as far as BWL back then. In TBC I stuck with him as my main, though I did roll a Priest healer who ended up doing most of my raiding, as thats what the guild needed.

    In Wrath the Hunter kept his title of “main”, though the Priest, and later Resto Druid saw a lot of play time.

    When Cata came out I tried my Hunter, the massive changes to the class simply turned me off. He is retired now. Then I tried my Druid, never could get the hang of the healing changes, hated not having tree form, retired him.

    In Cata I tried changing mains to Resto Shaman (tons of fun) and Prot Pally (asesomely fun to play, but i’ll never pug with him again).

    As of now I am leveling a Holy / Shadow Priest towards MoP, and waiting to see what the future holds.

  41. Flock says:

    I agree with a lot of the reasons for being unhappy/considering switching and the sentiment different people have shared (Ambermist, Savage, Foofy). Lackluster symbiosis, love for lore, night elves, class, history, etc. I also agree with Ben that some of it is probably content dragging on, at least for me.

    I leveled exclusively as boomkin (and loved it, although it wasn’t always easy), but raided in wrath and Cata predominately as resto. In wrath I switched to boom as frequently as possible, but sometime in FL I realized I wasn’t really enjoying druid healing or boomkin anymore. It felt like I was going through the motions.

    The guild I was healing & raiding in fell apart in December, I went back to an old guild and after a few weeks, I didn’t really feel like forcing myself to put the effort into a playstyle I wasn’t enjoying anymore. So I began leveling even more alts, and pretty much stopped playing that druid. I’d level a new alt to 85, gear it up, and then just sort of switch around for a little while until I began to feel an urge for something more again, and go level a new one. I think what I was (am?) doing is looking for a new toon I feel that attachment to, but I don’t think I’ve found it yet.

    My friend’s guild needed a DPS for H DS, so I got in that on my mage (who was my second toon to max level back in Wrath, but I hadn’t really done anything with her since the guild fell apart) and have been enjoying it a lot. I think the upcoming changes to mages look great, and I’m excited for them, however I’m pretty much only on my mage to raid so I don’t really think of her as a true main. No urge to do achievements or anything.

    But I had a mini mental crisis the other day, trying to decide what toon to give a mount to, when I realized that I wasn’t really thinking of Flock as my main anymore. Before that moment it was never a question – all mounts, pets, achievements went to Flock. But in that moment, I thought about giving the mount to other toons, and realized I wasn’t really sure if I mentally had a main anymore. I think I feel as if Flock’s sort of an old friend I’ll always care for but don’t know what to do with. I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me since I only log on him to search for the TLPD or do random mount/achievement runs, but it did upset me a little. Part of me wants to put in a lot of effort and time to try and get that “magic” back, but part of me thinks it isn’t worth it and doesn’t know how to, at this point in the expansion. And the beta hasn’t helped, I definitely don’t like new moonkin.

    So I guess I’m in the same boat, but I’ve unknowingly begun the mental transition to a new main. I’m not giving up hope for my poor druid though. Not yet…

  42. Flock says:

    Oh, and I think the decline in my interest started with the removal of tree form, and I’m excited we’re getting perma tree form back but I’m not sure it will reignite the spark. Might be too late.

  43. I’m thinking about changing mains as well, but because I’m sick of night elves and mistweaver healing looks fun as well. I’m really bad at leveling though, so I will definitely level my ne druid up to 90 and play on her some simply because it will take me forever to level a pandaren up… A race change might also be the answer, since I am fine with druid healing still and mostly just think the pandas are cute.

  44. Bill says:

    I dual-main raided in vanilla with a pally (holy) and a rogue. (I raided 40 hrs/wk back then, plus time for mats gathering and such.) I was unsubbed for all of BC and most of Wrath. I switched to a new worgen druid (balance) once Cata came out. I finally got her raid-ready (LFR) in time for Dragon Soul. (It took me so long because I’m much more casual now.)

    For MoP, I’m thinking of going back to my pally, who still sits at 72. In a way it’s for RP reasons, but also I just miss him. We’ll see, though. Pallies were a completely different class in vanilla. I was one of the few people that understood Blizz’s design intention of making them a support class, and I enjoyed that play style. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hack it (or enjoy it) now that each spec is “pure.”

  45. Shaloxeroligon says:

    Hey Liss.

    I think I’m feeling the same way as you. I’ve played a druid for pretty much all of my WoW life, and I’ve basically only used one character the whole time I’ve played: my NE druid. Frankly, I’m in the mood for something new. I’m resto, and I’m getting a bit tired of having to juggle the uptime 3 HoTs and Harmony just to stay viable. I want something that doesn’t require me to keep fanning the flames to stop it from dying. And the fact that my heals are entirely curative (rather than preventative) really is bumming me out. Further, the fact that we got zero new spells in Cata made things even harder.

    So, what I’m gonna do is roll a Monk. I’ve been playing around as a Mistweaver in the beta, and it’s been loads of fun. Granted, the leveling could use work, but the end-game looks sweet. I just like the way it feels. And the thought of being a tea-drinking panda named Chuangtzu is pretty exciting. Now, I’m not gonna give up on my druid; it sounds like they’re adding some cool things this time around. However, I may consider switching my main to a monk, because it might provide the play style that I truly enjoy.

  46. malchome says:

    The funny part of this to me is that she is married to a player that “changes mains” every couple of months as I am an alt-o-holic.

    TBC – Druid for T4 and T5 also used a Mage in T4
    Wrath – Raided with Priest and Mage in ToC and ICC
    Cata – Raid T11 with Shaman and Warrior, T12 with Shaman before giving up on content developers actually making good content.

  47. Kinzlayer says:

    To date, I have not changed my main but I have change faction and gender (lol), which did pain me at the time. My warlock up until MoP goes live is my main however with all the changes that have taken place for the class, I feel the warlock have lost their identity and doesn’t motivated me to play at all. Also from what I have seen with the monk class, I’m very excited and invigorate me once again in a particular class, which is the greatest thing one can hope for.

    The resource system for the monks really excites me. Monks plays like rogues, which unlike warriors does not suffer from the feast or famine issue with their resources, and yet they play like dks with the more complex ability to weave various skills with their two resources.

  48. Snuffey says:

    Well you seem to be stuck on moonkin while I have tried it I have always found their rotation to be boring. Have you ever considered maybe kitty or “guardian” as your spec in MOP or are you tied to being a range class? Personally druid will always be my main in wow but I play other classes as well. I heal on my druid on 1 raid and dps and tank on my DK in another raid. I have every class at max except my pally 83 and mage 62. I also think that though I may depending on what my guild needs swap out to another class druid will always be my main (I hope that does not happen). Really at the end of the day this is a game and setting aside the dps concerns you have what do you have more fun playing your druid or your mage? What do you think about when your not playing what class makes your more excited when you click on the wow shortcut on your desk top? I know it’s kind of scary changing your main for some peeps (me included) you get really invested in that character.

    My love for druids comes more than from it being my 1st character. The lore the mechanics the fact that you shapeshift into different forms. I remember leveling in BC and coming across NE druids and waving and helping out and being helped out by them even doing some party quests together even if we couldn’t communicate. They were not rare occurrences except on every other class I played. To me there is something special about the druid beyond the mechanics of the various specs that I just don’t feel with the other classes. If you don’t feel that way then by all means main swap. But regardless of whether I raid or not on my druid he is my WOW identity and for that reason alone will always be my main. Sorry but now I got to log on to beta pop old tree form type /dance and play Chubby Checker the twist.

    • Lissanna says:

      I’d rather give up my identity and persona as a druid than have to play a support role that I’m unhappy with. My main problem with druids are symbiosis and our talents that are the same regardless of what spec I play. So, changing specs isn’t an option.

      To me, changing from a druid to another class is kindof like deciding to lop off an arm and just be one-armed for the rest of my life. If my arm is so bad that I need to cut it off, there’s a problem.

      My desire to switch classes is partly about my own burnout and partly just about the class not making me want to log in and play the game.

  49. Thursday says:

    Heya Lis….since you asked, thought I’d add to the plethora of posts. I decided to give up my druid once my guild started DS progression…I did not feel at all competitive wit other healers and not being able to perform well despite doing my best drives me bonkers. So I went to my resto shaman, and for MoP I think it’s probably where I’ll stay, depending on how healing monks look. I’ve switched mains only a very few times. My hunter was my very first toon, and I lvoed her dearly, right up until Wrath when the need for aggressive and skillfull CC died. I guess I’d caution you in moving to a pure DPS class in that watching CD timers and procs as a DPS was a lot less fun for me than managing a raid. As a DPS I DPs I often only feel responsible for numbers and mechanics. A healer is responible for his mates, and that’s not something I think I’ll ever be able to give up again. Best of luck with the switch!

  50. Shakk says:

    🙁 Even though you are prominent member of the community, and have high traffic from druids seeking advice I would have to agree that if you are burnt out on a druid, take a break and place something new. When it comes down to it at the end of the day you are playing to enjoy yourself and fulfill a role in whatever activity you are doing. I have always played a healer, and through the years I have transitioned from character to character to maximize my raid, however the druid healing model has always really drawn me to it. If it makes you ahppy playing a mage, do it but don’t neglect the druid theory crafting with me 😀

    • Lissanna says:

      You can keep writing about druid things here even if I switch. It just means I’ll rely on you more for writing resto druid stuff. 🙂

  51. Snuffey says:

    I think it is pretty evident you need a break. You seem to be pretty angry about where blizzard at this point is taking druids into MOP. Trust me at 1st symbiosis seemed like a cool idea now i pretty much hate the idea. I would much rather be brought into a raid because of what i bring to it than what I give to another class. Also I don’t like the 90 talent tier at all I find it, well bleh is the only description that encompasses my feelings on it. If something is causing you anxiety then don’t do it. There is nothing wrong with being Lissanna the mage for a while or permanently, then you can make a magekin blog :D. The mage I am leveling is fire and that is a lot of fun. I guess I much rather have happy Lissanna the mage than mad lissanna the druid. I promise I will come read your blog whether mage or druid.

  52. Kendro says:

    I’ve kept my druid my main since ’04. On several occasions I’ve toyed and even seriously considered switching mains to my warlock that I’ve had since early ’05. Spending all of those years on my druid though, it’s kinda hard to just leave it behind. I know and do perform far better on my warlock who is undergeared in comparison to my druid on single target fights. On multitarget fights, it really depends on how awake I am, and how well I can game eclipse, but in those times I can either blow anything out of the water, or perform slightly better than the rest. With my warlock if I’m on top of everything, I can perform slightly better than the rest even though they’ll be outgearing me severely.

    I hate doing trash with my warlock because of the absurd ramp up times. I love doing trash with my druid because of solar cleave. I’ve loved solar cleave ever since I started toying with it in Cata beta.

    I love flight form. After having it for what, six years now, I really hate having to actually ‘cast’ a mount. I often level alts solely through dungeons for that very reason.

    I do have to agree that so far in MoP, the things the druid class gets is fairly lackluster. If I do go into healing in MoP, it will most likely be with a mistweaver, not my resto druid. The reason being is that although I love to heal as resto in raids, in 5 mans it is duller than hell. At the start of Cataclysm healing 5 mans was starting to get interesting, but then the 5 mans got nerfed, people got gear, and all fun was lost. At least with the mistweaver I’ll be able to toss out incidental heals while actually doing something, rather than casting slow wraths and tossing out wg on cooldown.

  53. Kalrell says:


    Firstly a bit of background, i started wow in 05 and made my druid my first character and eventually (after trying everything to like lvl10) my main. After the Burning Crusade long period of being a second class Tank/Dps and not enjoying leveling after a few days in wrath. I swapped myself to the deathknight.

    Although I found myself in the same place as you at the start of cataclysm. Seeing all the horrific changes to the class in the beta and dreading Runic Empowerment and the loss of several talent abilities. I felt like i had to reroll almost in protest, despite still enjoying aspects of the class.
    Eventually on Cata launch after debating every class in the game, I decided I would go back to my Hand of A’dal druid.

    Although when I got into the first Blackrock Descent run, I realized I had made a big mistake. I recognized I missed loads of utility I took for granted as deathknight, the free interupt, the ranged silence, the aoe snares. I then stuck it out as druid until i found myself guildless when 4.2 dropped and happily swapped back to the deathknight until now.

    Seeing lack of changes and fixes in the MoP beta I’m feeling the same again. Things aren’t changing or being fixed, or being fixed incorrectly (in my eyes) and bring out the same doubt about whether its worth continuing to deathknight.

    On one side, I feel i might end up regretting a reroll again. On the other side rerolling to a pure dps might be much better, or even just rerolling to a flavor of the week class (monk or warlock, big changes classes) might end up better.

    But at the end of the day at the moment I do feel that even if i do reroll to get away from the bad changes, I kinda know I will probably miss the aspects I enjoy once I get further into raiding and such like before.

    I’m not sure if I’ll end up rerolling or not at this point, but here’s my ramble on the subject.


  54. Threa says:

    Lis, this is the first time since i began playing Moonkin in 2006 that I have given serious and honest consideration in changing mains come MoP. You have fought for the spec for years and though it has come a very long way, it is filled with so many setbacks and issues that Blizzard has never really fixed. They have had several expansions to evolve the spec but still it remains underpowered and inconsistent.

    I may be switching to a Mistweaver Monk come the expansion simply because it is fun and I truly believe Blizzard will not neglect the class/spec as much as they have Moonkins. I may just quit all together despite my annual pass commitment. Things have reached a point where there is no excuse for the current state of Moonkin on both live and on beta. This isn’t me jumping on the bandwagon, this is a dedicated Moonkin player that, like you Lis, has finally had enough.

    I truly wish you the best and hope that above all else, you find immense enjoyment and passion for the Mage class. Good luck!

  55. Zylok says:

    I have changed mains 4 times. I started as a rogue in vanilla, got bored of being melee so i changed to a hunter. Then in TBC we were short on healers, so i made a resto shamy for Sunwell (chain heal spam FTW), then when Wrath came, our resto druid changed to a priest and i took his place.

    I always loved having alts, and shaman/druid had been my most cherished ones (hybrids are more interesting than pure classes for me).

    My only advice is never forget this is a game, so if something is not fun enough, just find something else to play. Maybe you have used your druid too much, so bench her, level your mage and dont touch a druid again until MoP starts. If the druid doesn’t feel fun and missed after some months without playing one, just change to something else.

    • Lissanna says:

      I have to keep raiding on my druid until MoP comes out because I don’t have another suitable raiding character that would be viable at this point for Dragonsoul.

      • Zylok says:

        Liss, if you are playing for obligation (to your raiding group, guild, friends, etc.) you’ll keep getting burned on your druid. My recommendation is talk to your guildies and let them find a replacement so you can stop playing the druid. Its the only way to get a fresh start for MoP.

  56. Anni says:

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I’ve changed my main 3 times. I started playing NElf Priest (I was shadow and got yelled at alot cause it wasn’t a good spec at the time and I didn’t heal in battlegrounds, I melt faces :p) in 2006, then I switched to a UD Warlock (loved the shadowy evil theme and ofcourse Drakedog) and raided with her the whole classic era. When TBC hit, I went BElf Paladin (wanted to be a healer) who I played ’til ZA, I then realised I didn’t like Paladin style and went back to Priest, rolled BElf Priest.

    I played my priest now for a very long time, almost 5years and as sad as I am, I don’t like playing her anymore 🙁 All the changes…. I’m not feeling the class anymore. All I know is I wanna heal and I’m good at it. So my options for MoP are Monk, Shaman, Druid. Time will tell as I have no idea what I’d like to play. Good thing I can try them in beta (cheeky I know).

    I think it’s ok to switch mains and you should never feel bad about it, classes evolve and we change aswell,
    so we may not like things we did few years ago 🙂 I wish you good luck with your mage and may you never run out of mana! <3

  57. Drusylla says:

    I change mains like they are shoes. Since I started towards the end of Vanilla, I have been everyting except a warrior, DK and rogue. The most fun that I have had on a toon, and the one I consider the closest thing to a main that I have is my Warlock, especially when she was gnome (horde now for some reason). I am a bit bummed that they seem to be the FOTM class for the beginning of Mists. I’ve always liked being the only one in the guild or on the raid team, alone among the sea of mages. Stupid mages…(though I raided Firelands and the DS on one until my guild decided that they would rather play with Glow Sticks in space). .

    When I get bored with DPS (which seems to be fairly often), I usually switch over to a healer, usually my priest because I like the shiny holy spells and all the buttons I can push. I’ve run a resto druid a few times, ICC and Firelands, and always loved the volume of healing that I could do, but always felt like, compared to a priest, I was lacking some pretty important tools.

    Right now, I am torn on what to play in Mists. The forced break I took when the guild when to SWTOR has re-ignited my passion to play the game, and a wish to get back into serious raiding business. It looks like a long beta haul to try and decide before all the guilds are done recruiting for the expac.

  58. Asrah says:

    I think one cannot really change main character if he/she really can identify oneself with a character. I’ve been a druid for about 6 years now. I tried different classes, some of them can fit me a bit, but for example I just cannot bear playing a dk because its about death. Being a druid in the game is a perfect match with my irl personality. I like green color and nature itself. I get angry if I see someone being ignorant and wastes resources or treat animals or plants badly. You could say its a game, but when I play, I play it as myself. Something like if I would have super powers I would be like my character. I know most of the players have no peronalities in the game and just switch between using holy powers and shadow magic like there were no differences between these. Or maybe a better example if you play as you were a killing machine death knight then switch to a druid and play it with the same personality, not caring about lore at all.
    If you are not like that and think you can identify your character with your real personality, you will probalty stuck with it. Even if you switch, that new one will never take the place of that one. If you played a character for more than a simple rotation and toolkit, you will always feel like that one is the closest to you, others are just to have fun with something more useful in a raid or just to experience something new.

    I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. It was kind of hard to put into words how do I see the connection between characters and players.

  59. Foo says:

    I change toons when I need a different role.

    If I need to tank; I use my DK.
    If I need to heal; I use my priest.
    If I need to deal damage; I fail.

  60. Quota says:

    I’ve only swapped mains once so far. I started WoW in late Vanilla on my warrior, at the start of BC on a high pop server with everyone and their mother trying to quest in the same place at the same time I opted to roll a druid instead of fight the madness. I did level my warrior to 70 first and raided as our off tank for most of Kara but I kept leveling up that druid and fell in love with moonkin. Shortly after my druid hit 70 and got some gear I made the swap from my warrior to my druid and have been a happy moonkin raider ever since.

    I’m also a lover of alts and my favorite since the end of BC/early Wrath has been my shammy. Now as Cata is ending I’m feeling kinda burnt out on my druid and WoW in general just waiting for MoP to come. Right now it’s truly a toss up for MoP on if my druid or shammy will be my main. Which will I enjoy more, boomkin or resto/ele? What is my guild going to need more, caster or healer? I haven’t really been following MoP beta very closely but what I hear about the shammy changes sounds awesome so I may very well end up raiding in MoP with my shammy and doing alt raids with my druid. Time will tell, but for your own sanity you have to make changes that will keep you happy playing this game or just quit all together.

  61. Melyanna says:

    Hi Lissanna,

    I’m in a similar position where I’m considering a fresh start for the new expansion. It’s really hard to let go of a character that was the very first – which is what Melyanna is to me. For me, the prospect of account-wide achievements seems to have made it a little easier. I am very tempted to go main on my shaman from here on out but the idea of treating her like a main – as in regrinding reps etc is just too overwhelming for me. Having achievements across is a small difference but it goes a long way.

    At the end of the day, play what is fun for you. I’ve been pretty disappointed with Blizzard’s take on druids this expansion and for the future, and I think it’s good to know when to call it quits and walk away XD
    Also, gnomes are adorable – I hope you find your mage fun! Good luck! <3

  62. Shred says:


    I changed mains 3 times since vanilla. I actually played 4+ years as a mage in progression raiding guilds, and had a ton of fun especially during the early phases of arcane spec viability in TBC that ended up changing how people thought of raiding mages.

    I switched to Druid simply because I felt the mage was only giving me 1 out of 4 ways to play the game, while druids could arguably do everything. Ive played a resto / bear ever since and absolutely loved the versatility of the class and the unique healing style.

    Recently though Ive left my druid for similar reasons you give, and have actually left pve altogether for a variety of reasons to PVP on my new main : my hunter! A new class coupled with a focus on PVP has made this game seem as new and exciting as it did 6, 7 years ago!

    The point is, this is a game. Play it. I feel a twinge of sadness when I see my druid all geared out and waiting on the character screen, but I know I can come back to her when I grow frustrated with Childrens Week PVP battlegrounds…

  63. Jork says:

    I have played my Druid as my main for each x-pac, but I work on a different alt as my secondary toon. My “main alt” has been a hunter, mage, and in MOP it is going to be a priest. Though to be honest I don’t play moonkin or pve resto anymore. I am guardian / pvp resto all the way now and I love it.

    • Jork says:

      As for mages. I like frost all the way. I raid in MOP as frost and I’m happy not topping the charts. Arcane is my next favorite. I am just unhappy with the RNG of fire.

  64. Clawesome says:

    You like to dps but you also like to heal.

    Give priesting a shot – you have two heal specs to choose from and one very compelling damage spec.

    I’ve switched mains many times, it isn’t too bad – especially between expansions. Gear is easy to get, even mid expansion and once you know game mechanics, class mechanics are easy to get up to speed on.

    From the tone of your recent posts it is apparent you’re very frustrated with where druids are going (or not going). Give another class a shot while you still find WoW engaging. 🙂

    • tkc says:

      We have quite few switch hitters in my guild.
      A resto-shammy with an enhancement spec. A shadow/holy priest. A ret/holy pally. A boomkin with a resto spec. My priest is disc with a shadow off spec but I almost never dps.

  65. tkc says:

    I’ve changed mains twice. In vanilla and TBC my main was a hunter. I was pretty good at it and he was usually in the top three for dps in raids. Back in the day hunters could chain pot and it wasn’t unusual for me to burn through a stack of mana potions in raid. This got expensive. So I rolled a druid and leveled him up with alch/herb. I tanked with my druid when I felt like it but mostly I just farmed up mats for potions for the raid.
    Then one day I got a tell from the raid leader, “Have you ever healed with that druid?” The answer was no. But after much back and forth my druid switched to healing and started raiding with the guild’s alt run. The first night it rained resto-druid leather (I got 8 pieces of gear). The guild I was in had plenty of dps but was usually short on healers. So when it came to raid time I always asked, “Do you want dps or heals?” The answer was almost always heals. Eventually my druid became my main.
    Wrath came along and I healed the entirety of it. Along the way I got tired of pestering my guild mates to DE all the junk I didn’t need. So I rolled a priest, a chick toon, to be a banker/AH/DE mule. Shadow was fun to play and my priest pretty much stuck to running instances in my spare time. This also kept me in a steady supply of enchanting mats.
    I get a tell one day from a guild mate that a friend in another guild was looking for dps for their guild’s alt run. As simple as that my priest got into a raid group. Sure enough, they had an easy time finding dps but not so much on the healing front. So I learned the disc priest trade. It didn’t take long for me to have two geared healers. I could raid whenever I wanted to.
    Then Cata came out and things went south. I did not like what happened with the restoration druid spec at all. I was struggling terribly with it. I’d go to do heroics and I’d constantly get Stonecore. I’d spend two or three hours a night wiping in that place and get nothing for it. I didn’t like my class anymore. I didn’t like the gear grind. I wasn’t getting anywhere. I grew frustrated and took a break.
    Four months later… I get back on, pick up the priest in a shadow spec, and leveled to 85. Sure enough, I get a tell from a player in my old raid group. They need a healer. Some gear got thrown together and my priest was back in her disc spec and there she stayed. My priest was declared my main and that is the way it was… my bank alt became my main.
    Till a second raid group formed. They needed a healer to sub in so the druid got dusted off and I started raiding with him again. It was supposed to be temporary. There were two other players with healers on the way. None of it panned out and my substitute druid was there all the time. Being a sub, I didn’t roll on gear. A few months of this and it was decided that I should roll on gear because I was there all the time anyway. So I pretty much have two mains and they are both healers. Go figure.
    Looking forward to Mists there is a very good chance that the resto-druid will make the trip to 90 first and thus become my main again. That said, the disc priest will be right behind him. AND I want a healing monk AND I have a resto-shammy on the move at level 77. So for Mists I’m looking at having four healers. How messed up is that?

  66. Hasteur says:

    FYI: This post was featured on Group Quest 67 slated to come out Wednesday or Thursday.


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