When do you change mains?

So, my dear blog readers, we need to have a very serious discussion today. See, for the last several weeks, I’ve been unhappy with my druid on the live server. My druid on the live server is raiding as a primary moonkin in 25-man raids where my DPS is pretty low most of the time on all the single-target fights. I don’t have a legendary and I don’t have priority on Dark Intent in our raids, so my DPS is just not really competitive the way I would like it to be. The only other character I have is a level 85 shaman, and elemental isn’t doing so great in my 25-man raids, either, so for now I’m having to stick it out on my druid and I just have anxiety some nights on our 25-man raids or I’m the first to volunteer to sit out on progression nights where I know I’m not going to be able to hit the DPS requirements.

I’m also unhappy with my druid on the beta server. As I’ve talked about before, the talents for moonkin are pretty stale and unhelpful for my PvE raiding, and moonkin have lost a lot of PvE tools. So, moonkin are mostly going to spam 1 button over & over again, and the net result may end up still not being any better than what we have right now on Live.

My main has always been a druid, except for the couple months in Burning Crusade progression raiding where having a resto shaman with chain heal meant that a shaman in blues could out-heal a druid in epics. Even then, my druid was my main and I was just happening to raid on a shaman (while I beta tested my druid in the background to get it in good shape for WOTLK).

However, after many, many years of fighting for moonkin to try and be viable, I’ve come to the realization that if I want to do good DPS, I’m going to need to just re-roll a pure DPS class.

So, here is Miniliss, the level 61 mage:

At this point, I’m seriously considering making Miniliss into my raiding main in MoP, and running as a mage (haven’t decided which spec yet). Arcane mages have had a mechanics overhaul for MOP that will potentially make their rotation a lot more fun compared to wrath/starfire spam for moonkin druids. I’m considering leaving Lissanna as my forum posting character, and I’ll likely level my druid up to 90, but for the first time in the history of the game, I’m considering changing mains.

I probably won’t make a final decision until MoP actually goes live.

For my readers, though, I wanted to ask:

  • Have you ever changed mains in previous expansions? If so, what did you change to & why did you change?
  • Are you thinking of changing mains for MoP? If so, what class are you looking forward to playing in MoP?

It’s something I’ve never really done before. Lissanna (the NE druid) was my very first character I ever created on the very first day I started playing this game at the beginning of Vanilla WOW, and I’ve never changed mains before. I’m rapidly hitting the point, however, where I just don’t think I can keep doing the same thing over & over, fighting for a class that is always going to be an expansion behind the rest in terms of development and never ends up being right.

Also, if I do change mains, I’ll probably have to broaden the scope of my blog from being really druid-centric to including more classes. Starting a new blog seems like too much of a pain, and I’m likely to always play my druid even if it’s not my main for raiding. I definitely still have a lot to think about, but every day, my mage becomes more and more tempting.

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  1. Snuffey says:

    I think it is pretty evident you need a break. You seem to be pretty angry about where blizzard at this point is taking druids into MOP. Trust me at 1st symbiosis seemed like a cool idea now i pretty much hate the idea. I would much rather be brought into a raid because of what i bring to it than what I give to another class. Also I don’t like the 90 talent tier at all I find it, well bleh is the only description that encompasses my feelings on it. If something is causing you anxiety then don’t do it. There is nothing wrong with being Lissanna the mage for a while or permanently, then you can make a magekin blog :D. The mage I am leveling is fire and that is a lot of fun. I guess I much rather have happy Lissanna the mage than mad lissanna the druid. I promise I will come read your blog whether mage or druid.

  2. Kendro says:

    I’ve kept my druid my main since ’04. On several occasions I’ve toyed and even seriously considered switching mains to my warlock that I’ve had since early ’05. Spending all of those years on my druid though, it’s kinda hard to just leave it behind. I know and do perform far better on my warlock who is undergeared in comparison to my druid on single target fights. On multitarget fights, it really depends on how awake I am, and how well I can game eclipse, but in those times I can either blow anything out of the water, or perform slightly better than the rest. With my warlock if I’m on top of everything, I can perform slightly better than the rest even though they’ll be outgearing me severely.

    I hate doing trash with my warlock because of the absurd ramp up times. I love doing trash with my druid because of solar cleave. I’ve loved solar cleave ever since I started toying with it in Cata beta.

    I love flight form. After having it for what, six years now, I really hate having to actually ‘cast’ a mount. I often level alts solely through dungeons for that very reason.

    I do have to agree that so far in MoP, the things the druid class gets is fairly lackluster. If I do go into healing in MoP, it will most likely be with a mistweaver, not my resto druid. The reason being is that although I love to heal as resto in raids, in 5 mans it is duller than hell. At the start of Cataclysm healing 5 mans was starting to get interesting, but then the 5 mans got nerfed, people got gear, and all fun was lost. At least with the mistweaver I’ll be able to toss out incidental heals while actually doing something, rather than casting slow wraths and tossing out wg on cooldown.

  3. Kalrell says:


    Firstly a bit of background, i started wow in 05 and made my druid my first character and eventually (after trying everything to like lvl10) my main. After the Burning Crusade long period of being a second class Tank/Dps and not enjoying leveling after a few days in wrath. I swapped myself to the deathknight.

    Although I found myself in the same place as you at the start of cataclysm. Seeing all the horrific changes to the class in the beta and dreading Runic Empowerment and the loss of several talent abilities. I felt like i had to reroll almost in protest, despite still enjoying aspects of the class.
    Eventually on Cata launch after debating every class in the game, I decided I would go back to my Hand of A’dal druid.

    Although when I got into the first Blackrock Descent run, I realized I had made a big mistake. I recognized I missed loads of utility I took for granted as deathknight, the free interupt, the ranged silence, the aoe snares. I then stuck it out as druid until i found myself guildless when 4.2 dropped and happily swapped back to the deathknight until now.

    Seeing lack of changes and fixes in the MoP beta I’m feeling the same again. Things aren’t changing or being fixed, or being fixed incorrectly (in my eyes) and bring out the same doubt about whether its worth continuing to deathknight.

    On one side, I feel i might end up regretting a reroll again. On the other side rerolling to a pure dps might be much better, or even just rerolling to a flavor of the week class (monk or warlock, big changes classes) might end up better.

    But at the end of the day at the moment I do feel that even if i do reroll to get away from the bad changes, I kinda know I will probably miss the aspects I enjoy once I get further into raiding and such like before.

    I’m not sure if I’ll end up rerolling or not at this point, but here’s my ramble on the subject.


  4. Threa says:

    Lis, this is the first time since i began playing Moonkin in 2006 that I have given serious and honest consideration in changing mains come MoP. You have fought for the spec for years and though it has come a very long way, it is filled with so many setbacks and issues that Blizzard has never really fixed. They have had several expansions to evolve the spec but still it remains underpowered and inconsistent.

    I may be switching to a Mistweaver Monk come the expansion simply because it is fun and I truly believe Blizzard will not neglect the class/spec as much as they have Moonkins. I may just quit all together despite my annual pass commitment. Things have reached a point where there is no excuse for the current state of Moonkin on both live and on beta. This isn’t me jumping on the bandwagon, this is a dedicated Moonkin player that, like you Lis, has finally had enough.

    I truly wish you the best and hope that above all else, you find immense enjoyment and passion for the Mage class. Good luck!

  5. Zylok says:

    I have changed mains 4 times. I started as a rogue in vanilla, got bored of being melee so i changed to a hunter. Then in TBC we were short on healers, so i made a resto shamy for Sunwell (chain heal spam FTW), then when Wrath came, our resto druid changed to a priest and i took his place.

    I always loved having alts, and shaman/druid had been my most cherished ones (hybrids are more interesting than pure classes for me).

    My only advice is never forget this is a game, so if something is not fun enough, just find something else to play. Maybe you have used your druid too much, so bench her, level your mage and dont touch a druid again until MoP starts. If the druid doesn’t feel fun and missed after some months without playing one, just change to something else.

    • Lissanna says:

      I have to keep raiding on my druid until MoP comes out because I don’t have another suitable raiding character that would be viable at this point for Dragonsoul.

      • Zylok says:

        Liss, if you are playing for obligation (to your raiding group, guild, friends, etc.) you’ll keep getting burned on your druid. My recommendation is talk to your guildies and let them find a replacement so you can stop playing the druid. Its the only way to get a fresh start for MoP.

  6. Anni says:

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I’ve changed my main 3 times. I started playing NElf Priest (I was shadow and got yelled at alot cause it wasn’t a good spec at the time and I didn’t heal in battlegrounds, I melt faces :p) in 2006, then I switched to a UD Warlock (loved the shadowy evil theme and ofcourse Drakedog) and raided with her the whole classic era. When TBC hit, I went BElf Paladin (wanted to be a healer) who I played ’til ZA, I then realised I didn’t like Paladin style and went back to Priest, rolled BElf Priest.

    I played my priest now for a very long time, almost 5years and as sad as I am, I don’t like playing her anymore :( All the changes…. I’m not feeling the class anymore. All I know is I wanna heal and I’m good at it. So my options for MoP are Monk, Shaman, Druid. Time will tell as I have no idea what I’d like to play. Good thing I can try them in beta (cheeky I know).

    I think it’s ok to switch mains and you should never feel bad about it, classes evolve and we change aswell,
    so we may not like things we did few years ago :) I wish you good luck with your mage and may you never run out of mana! <3

  7. Drusylla says:

    I change mains like they are shoes. Since I started towards the end of Vanilla, I have been everyting except a warrior, DK and rogue. The most fun that I have had on a toon, and the one I consider the closest thing to a main that I have is my Warlock, especially when she was gnome (horde now for some reason). I am a bit bummed that they seem to be the FOTM class for the beginning of Mists. I’ve always liked being the only one in the guild or on the raid team, alone among the sea of mages. Stupid mages…(though I raided Firelands and the DS on one until my guild decided that they would rather play with Glow Sticks in space). .

    When I get bored with DPS (which seems to be fairly often), I usually switch over to a healer, usually my priest because I like the shiny holy spells and all the buttons I can push. I’ve run a resto druid a few times, ICC and Firelands, and always loved the volume of healing that I could do, but always felt like, compared to a priest, I was lacking some pretty important tools.

    Right now, I am torn on what to play in Mists. The forced break I took when the guild when to SWTOR has re-ignited my passion to play the game, and a wish to get back into serious raiding business. It looks like a long beta haul to try and decide before all the guilds are done recruiting for the expac.

  8. Asrah says:

    I think one cannot really change main character if he/she really can identify oneself with a character. I’ve been a druid for about 6 years now. I tried different classes, some of them can fit me a bit, but for example I just cannot bear playing a dk because its about death. Being a druid in the game is a perfect match with my irl personality. I like green color and nature itself. I get angry if I see someone being ignorant and wastes resources or treat animals or plants badly. You could say its a game, but when I play, I play it as myself. Something like if I would have super powers I would be like my character. I know most of the players have no peronalities in the game and just switch between using holy powers and shadow magic like there were no differences between these. Or maybe a better example if you play as you were a killing machine death knight then switch to a druid and play it with the same personality, not caring about lore at all.
    If you are not like that and think you can identify your character with your real personality, you will probalty stuck with it. Even if you switch, that new one will never take the place of that one. If you played a character for more than a simple rotation and toolkit, you will always feel like that one is the closest to you, others are just to have fun with something more useful in a raid or just to experience something new.

    I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. It was kind of hard to put into words how do I see the connection between characters and players.

  9. Foo says:

    I change toons when I need a different role.

    If I need to tank; I use my DK.
    If I need to heal; I use my priest.
    If I need to deal damage; I fail.

  10. Quota says:

    I’ve only swapped mains once so far. I started WoW in late Vanilla on my warrior, at the start of BC on a high pop server with everyone and their mother trying to quest in the same place at the same time I opted to roll a druid instead of fight the madness. I did level my warrior to 70 first and raided as our off tank for most of Kara but I kept leveling up that druid and fell in love with moonkin. Shortly after my druid hit 70 and got some gear I made the swap from my warrior to my druid and have been a happy moonkin raider ever since.

    I’m also a lover of alts and my favorite since the end of BC/early Wrath has been my shammy. Now as Cata is ending I’m feeling kinda burnt out on my druid and WoW in general just waiting for MoP to come. Right now it’s truly a toss up for MoP on if my druid or shammy will be my main. Which will I enjoy more, boomkin or resto/ele? What is my guild going to need more, caster or healer? I haven’t really been following MoP beta very closely but what I hear about the shammy changes sounds awesome so I may very well end up raiding in MoP with my shammy and doing alt raids with my druid. Time will tell, but for your own sanity you have to make changes that will keep you happy playing this game or just quit all together.

  11. Melyanna says:

    Hi Lissanna,

    I’m in a similar position where I’m considering a fresh start for the new expansion. It’s really hard to let go of a character that was the very first – which is what Melyanna is to me. For me, the prospect of account-wide achievements seems to have made it a little easier. I am very tempted to go main on my shaman from here on out but the idea of treating her like a main – as in regrinding reps etc is just too overwhelming for me. Having achievements across is a small difference but it goes a long way.

    At the end of the day, play what is fun for you. I’ve been pretty disappointed with Blizzard’s take on druids this expansion and for the future, and I think it’s good to know when to call it quits and walk away XD
    Also, gnomes are adorable – I hope you find your mage fun! Good luck! <3

  12. Shred says:


    I changed mains 3 times since vanilla. I actually played 4+ years as a mage in progression raiding guilds, and had a ton of fun especially during the early phases of arcane spec viability in TBC that ended up changing how people thought of raiding mages.

    I switched to Druid simply because I felt the mage was only giving me 1 out of 4 ways to play the game, while druids could arguably do everything. Ive played a resto / bear ever since and absolutely loved the versatility of the class and the unique healing style.

    Recently though Ive left my druid for similar reasons you give, and have actually left pve altogether for a variety of reasons to PVP on my new main : my hunter! A new class coupled with a focus on PVP has made this game seem as new and exciting as it did 6, 7 years ago!

    The point is, this is a game. Play it. I feel a twinge of sadness when I see my druid all geared out and waiting on the character screen, but I know I can come back to her when I grow frustrated with Childrens Week PVP battlegrounds…

  13. Jork says:

    I have played my Druid as my main for each x-pac, but I work on a different alt as my secondary toon. My “main alt” has been a hunter, mage, and in MOP it is going to be a priest. Though to be honest I don’t play moonkin or pve resto anymore. I am guardian / pvp resto all the way now and I love it.

    • Jork says:

      As for mages. I like frost all the way. I raid in MOP as frost and I’m happy not topping the charts. Arcane is my next favorite. I am just unhappy with the RNG of fire.

  14. Clawesome says:

    You like to dps but you also like to heal.

    Give priesting a shot – you have two heal specs to choose from and one very compelling damage spec.

    I’ve switched mains many times, it isn’t too bad – especially between expansions. Gear is easy to get, even mid expansion and once you know game mechanics, class mechanics are easy to get up to speed on.

    From the tone of your recent posts it is apparent you’re very frustrated with where druids are going (or not going). Give another class a shot while you still find WoW engaging. :)

    • tkc says:

      We have quite few switch hitters in my guild.
      A resto-shammy with an enhancement spec. A shadow/holy priest. A ret/holy pally. A boomkin with a resto spec. My priest is disc with a shadow off spec but I almost never dps.

  15. tkc says:

    I’ve changed mains twice. In vanilla and TBC my main was a hunter. I was pretty good at it and he was usually in the top three for dps in raids. Back in the day hunters could chain pot and it wasn’t unusual for me to burn through a stack of mana potions in raid. This got expensive. So I rolled a druid and leveled him up with alch/herb. I tanked with my druid when I felt like it but mostly I just farmed up mats for potions for the raid.
    Then one day I got a tell from the raid leader, “Have you ever healed with that druid?” The answer was no. But after much back and forth my druid switched to healing and started raiding with the guild’s alt run. The first night it rained resto-druid leather (I got 8 pieces of gear). The guild I was in had plenty of dps but was usually short on healers. So when it came to raid time I always asked, “Do you want dps or heals?” The answer was almost always heals. Eventually my druid became my main.
    Wrath came along and I healed the entirety of it. Along the way I got tired of pestering my guild mates to DE all the junk I didn’t need. So I rolled a priest, a chick toon, to be a banker/AH/DE mule. Shadow was fun to play and my priest pretty much stuck to running instances in my spare time. This also kept me in a steady supply of enchanting mats.
    I get a tell one day from a guild mate that a friend in another guild was looking for dps for their guild’s alt run. As simple as that my priest got into a raid group. Sure enough, they had an easy time finding dps but not so much on the healing front. So I learned the disc priest trade. It didn’t take long for me to have two geared healers. I could raid whenever I wanted to.
    Then Cata came out and things went south. I did not like what happened with the restoration druid spec at all. I was struggling terribly with it. I’d go to do heroics and I’d constantly get Stonecore. I’d spend two or three hours a night wiping in that place and get nothing for it. I didn’t like my class anymore. I didn’t like the gear grind. I wasn’t getting anywhere. I grew frustrated and took a break.
    Four months later… I get back on, pick up the priest in a shadow spec, and leveled to 85. Sure enough, I get a tell from a player in my old raid group. They need a healer. Some gear got thrown together and my priest was back in her disc spec and there she stayed. My priest was declared my main and that is the way it was… my bank alt became my main.
    Till a second raid group formed. They needed a healer to sub in so the druid got dusted off and I started raiding with him again. It was supposed to be temporary. There were two other players with healers on the way. None of it panned out and my substitute druid was there all the time. Being a sub, I didn’t roll on gear. A few months of this and it was decided that I should roll on gear because I was there all the time anyway. So I pretty much have two mains and they are both healers. Go figure.
    Looking forward to Mists there is a very good chance that the resto-druid will make the trip to 90 first and thus become my main again. That said, the disc priest will be right behind him. AND I want a healing monk AND I have a resto-shammy on the move at level 77. So for Mists I’m looking at having four healers. How messed up is that?

  16. Hasteur says:

    FYI: This post was featured on Group Quest 67 slated to come out Wednesday or Thursday.

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