Account security reminders for D3

So, most World of Warcraft players know the importance of account security. The login information for your account is actually worth more money on the black market than your credit card information is.I’m finishing up my dissertation, which is why I haven’t been around much. However, I wanted to get this post out while I had some time tonight since account security is serious business.

There are several really important things you can do to keep your account information safe:

  • Create a unique e-mail address and password combination for your account that you don’t use for anything else. I have one game e-mail address that I use pretty much just for WOW, and the password attached to it is a password I don’t use on any gaming site. It is pretty much impossible for the hackers to get into Blizzard’s database. However, it’s much easier to get into fansite databases and steal information from there. So, have one e-mail address you register to all the fan sites, and then a different one you use for your actual login info. Then, use a totally unique password for the login. For example, when Sony was compromised a while back, they got a ton of information about your accounts, and if you shared your login info between Sony and Blizzard, then they got your login info for WOW from Sony. Since your D3/WOW login is worth more than any other login, make sure that it’s unique so that other people can’t get into it (and whatever you do, make the password to get into that e-mail account different than the one to get into the game, so that if they do get one, they don’t get the other!). If your login is the same as any other login password you use, go change your password right now! It is also pretty easy for you to create a new e-mail account to use as your login account, too.


  • Make sure your antivirus program will actually search for keyloggers & rootkits. A lot of antivirus programs aren’t actually doing a good job of protecting your computer. Blizzard has a list of programs you  can use for helping to keep your computer safe. Even if you have an authenticator, it’s good security practice for all your other accounts (other games, banking, ebay, et cetra) if you have programs that actually do the job of protecting your passwords.  In the list for the Blizzard programs, I especially suggest picking up one of the anti-spyware or anti-rootkit programs listed towards the bottom of their page.
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One comment on “Account security reminders for D3
  1. Jason says:

    One other helpful tip to add: if you use a Gmail account for your login, you can also add the google authenticator to your email account. They have an app for most smart phones as well. It gives just one more layer of protection.

    Eventually we will look back at these days and wonder why all critical services (banks, email, social media, etc.) didn’t require authentication.


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