Druid 5.0.4 Mists of Pandaria resources

Happy patch day Tuesday! Here are a list of some of the resources here at Restokin and other places to get you set up for Mists of Pandaria.

Restoration druid resources

Balance druid 5.0 resources

Feral druid 5.0 resources

Guardian (Bear tank) 5.0 resources

Resources for other classes

  • Icy Veins has guides for most classes. Though, blogs specific to certain classes are more likely to have more complete information about things like rotations (and some guides may be better than others).
  • A list of other class guides are available at cannot be tamed (I don’t want to just copy & paste that list)
  • MageLhivera’s compendium. Use the menus on the lower left side of the screen to navigate between pages. Covers all mage specs (and not listed in the above list).
  • Frost mages are viable for PvE now. MMO melting pot has a quick frost mage starter guide.
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5 comments on “Druid 5.0.4 Mists of Pandaria resources
  1. Aramis says:

    So, Liss, now that we are about to head into the first chapter of the MoP experience, what is your overall projection for the Resto spec?

    I ask this because in beta testing, I just didn’t feel much for a spec I’ve loved for years and have weathered through all changes, good and bad. Now, healing appears to not be as punishing as cata launch healing was with regards to lower end gear. But I can’t shake the feeling something is missing. We are getting most of what we had been wanting for years (tank cool down, longer timers, better AOE healing tools) and I still feel like something is off. Is it just me?

    I love the changes for Balance and definitely will delve more into it (especially since we can now do it without that hideous moonkin form….just my opinion lol).

    • Lissanna says:

      Resto druids should be “fine”. Plenty of people still seem happy with resto druids playstyle, since it is largely similar to that of Cataclysm. Mana constraints really just mean that spirit needs to be better prioritized in gearing and trying to incorporate more mama-efficent spells (nourish) into healing again. I think that druids overall are interesting & fun and have better tools than we’ve had ever before.

      I honestly have burned out on my druid overall pretty badly. I think it’s just a problem of having played the same class for the entirety of WOW from the first month that the game originally launched (almost EIGHT years of the same main, with the exception of raiding on a shaman for a couple months in TBC while I was still beta testing moonkin mechanics for WotLK). When the big expansion hits in September, I’m taking a break from my druid and going mage for raiding just because I really just personally need something new & exciting to explore so that I can keep my interest in the game overall alive. It’s possible that you could be experiencing similar burnout.

      • Aramis says:

        Indeed. I think it is burnout.

        So in the wake of the Hurricane here in New Orleans, playing this game off the generator on my laptop, I didn’t do much other than spend the whole day with my army of alts I’ve leveled over the years that are currently 85 (and mostly just profession/bank storage toons). I played around with talents and specs on various classes; mage, lock, dk, priest, etc.

        Of all the classes…I really liked the Mage talents and glyph choices, so If that’s what you’re going with, I think you’ll have fun.

        I’m a great healer, and an at-par DPSer, so I think if I were to switch classes, I’d most likely delve into my 2nd in Command, my Disc/Shadow priest. However, I did RAF myself an account and level the necessary toons to make a level 80 Mistweaver Monk, which is also a playstyle I happen to like. So who knows, I might be a Monk!

        But I guess that’s what’s neat about this game….all the exploration we get to do at the start of an expac. Slates are wiped clean and we have a chance to start again fresh. My druid is my achievement whore so I’ll never fully retire him (gonna keep up on his reputations and professions if anything).

        • Lissanna says:

          I definitely think I’m a better healer than DPS, but at the moment, my guild already has two resto druids and I really don’t want to play my shaman healer. So, the mage is going to be a nice break.

          The great thing about MOP is that account-wide achievements mean that the bulk of things you earned on your druid transfer to your next character. My druid has 9425 achievement points & so my newer mage also now has 9425 achievement points and what looks like the complete list of feats of strength listed in-game that my druid achieved years before I even started the mage.

  2. MaGGot says:

    All players are going thru that “What the Hell is this..?” type feeling. Everyone has to relearn abilities, rotation, limits ect… If you need a break, level a twink.. the 20-24 bracket is happening right now. Pull out all your dusty Heirlooms, throw them on a new toon. Level em to 24 and meet on the Battle-ground.. fast Qs, less then 5 min. Busy… The 20s will give you heat, but it is war, not a tea party… You will have fun. MaGGot


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