MOP moonkin rotation video by Cyous

Cyous of Illidan made a video talking about the MOP balance druid rotation, as of build 16004. Note that any changes in builds may have an impact on rotations. Incarnation and Nature’s Vigil are currently coming out highest on testing right now, so that’s what talents the video uses (though Cyous was posting on an 85, Nature’s Vigil would be in a macro with Incarnation since they share the same 3-min cooldown timer).

Macros from the video:

/use Incarnation: Chosen of Elune
/use Nature’s Vigil

/use Celestial Alignment
/use Berserking(Racial) — Troll only
/use 13/14 — Trinket 1/2
/use Moonfire

More info on the rotation seen in the video can be found here.

For people looking at more basic info than what is in the video, Icy Veins has a good starting point. The rotation shown in the video will be higher damage than what Icy Veins talks about, but everyone has to start somewhere! The balance rotation overall is higher DPS at earlier gear levels if you re-cast your DOTs right before an Eclipse state ends, though it feels awkward to do that because you’ll clip the remaining time on the one you just cast at the start of an Eclipse. Especially at lower levels of haste, this can feel pretty awkward and I’m hoping this DOT-clipping problem will be addressed soon, which would require Blizzard to increase the duration of our DOTs so they lasted longer.

Cyous describes changes to a multi-DOT (AOE) rotation here. The multi-DOT strategy is good for when your targets are going to die slowly. If things are going to die relatively fast, Hurricane (or the arcane astral storm equivalent) is coming out okay to use.

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  1. Threa says:

    DoT management is confusing me again.


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