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Resto druid preview for MOP: What changed?

Resto druids: What changed in MOP?

Gearing changes: For patch 5.0, the biggest change is that you are going to need to reforge back into a heavy-spirit gearing. Intellect no longer provides you any increase to your mana pool size, and we lost the talents that gave us mana regen from intellect. If you are having any problems at all, go get more spirit.

 New abilities:

  • Ironbark: A damage reduction ability you can put on other people. This is your new tank damage reduction cooldown.
  • Wild mushrooms & Wild mushroom bloom: Your mushrooms now heal instead of doing damage. This is a situational spell, since they don’t hit very hard. Only use wild mushrooms when nothing else is going on, and pre-place them (if the damage already happened, then you are better off just casting rejuv than trying to set up shrooms and bloom them). You want to set up shrooms on stack points if you have time prior to burst AOE phases. You can also stack them up before a pull (on things like heroic ultraxion).

 Other spell changes:

  • Lifebloom: The duration of lifebloom is longer now (15 sec). The duration is still refreshed with direct heals. You can only have it on one target at a time, but for raiding when glyphed (glyph of lifebloom), your 3 stack of LB will swap to another person. For PvP purposes, a different glyph (Glyph of blooming) will shorten the duration and give you a bigger bloom.
  • Swiftmend: Now that the old talents are out, Efflorescence is now permanently attached to Swiftmend.
  • Mastery: We have the same Harmony mastery, but it now lasts long enough (20 seconds) that your swiftmend casts alone will keep it up, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the harmony timer anymore. If your harmony up-time is low, then you probably need to cast more swiftmend.
  • Rebirth: Now reses people with 60% health without a glyph, so the glyph isn’t mandatory.
  • Nature’s Cure: They re-named Remove Corruption for resto druids. Nature’s Cure removes curse, poison, and magic effects (all cleanses now have an 8 second cooldown)

Tree form changes: The tree form cooldown is now part of the incarnation talent, which is the best talent on that tier for resto (because this doubles as both a healing increase talent and a mana conservation talent). In addition, one of our new minor glyphs gives us back a cosmetic perma-tree form with the original tree graphic. It doesn’t provide any benefits other than changing how you look.

 Overall healing style in 5.0: You won’t need to refresh lifebloom as much, and you won’t have to manage harmony quite as closely. This frees up some time for doing other things. Set up shrooms on stack points prior to a known burst AOE phase. You will need to reforge into more spirit on your gear or you will go out of mana quickly.

Lists of glyphs and talents will be available in my upcoming complete resto druid guide which I’ll release closer to the 5.0 release date. The Icy veins website has a pretty basic intro to MOP level 90 for all the classes.

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Stag party – New dance for MOP travel form

I had to wait for the video from last night’s beta testing to show up on WOWinsider before I could post. It looks like Stag form (the new travel form for druids in MOP) got new animations.

In  beta, your stag form can now:

  • /Dance
  • /Cower
  • /Sleep
  • /Sit
  • /mountspecial

Here’s the video Matticus took of our stag dance party from beta last night.

Two of the other stag form animations (sit and sleep) along with having both horde & alliance color variations are also in Solar Bloom’s video here.

We also have a video by Poneria also from last night’s stag dance testing.

Happy dancing!

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MOP Druid leveling guide preview: Talents

With the new talent system being released with the 5.0 MOP pre-patch, I have started working on the newest version of my leveling guide. With the talent changes, I am doing one talent section that covers info for all four specs, since there is a lot of info that would have been redundant if I did one for each of the four specs. Since I spent all day working on the guide, I thought I’d release the talent section early. Please note that it’s subject to change if Blizzard changes talents. Also, keep in mind that the leveling guide is targeting people level 1 to 89, and when you hit 90, you should be looking at end-game guides for talent advice. I’ll have end-game talent suggestions for moonkin & resto druids closer to MOP’s patch day.

Druid Leveling Talents in Mists of Pandaria (patch 5.0):

There is a new talent system which has a set of talents that is shared across all four druid specializations. Choosing your specialization now gives you a bunch of abilities as you level up. Then, you get to choose 6 additional abilities from the talent set. Here, I will briefly explain the sets of options you have and how useful they are to each spec for leveling (your max-level choices may be different). The purpose of these talents is to allow for choice, so I will spend more time explaining what they do than telling you which one to choose.

Level 15: All specializations choose either feline swiftness or wild charge.

  • Feline Swiftness: Increases your movement speed by 15% at all times. This is pretty useful for all four specializations.
  • Displacer beast: Teleports you 20 yards away and shifts you into cat form. This talent isn’t useful for anyone because it is too easy to break you out of stealth. Bad for all specs.
  • Wild charge: Gives you a different movement teleport effect depending on your specialization. In caster form, you teleport to the location of your targeted ally.  Moonkin bound backwards 20 yards. Travel form leaps forward 20 yards. Swim form goes faster. Cats jump behind your targeted enemy. Bears charge at their enemy and imobilize them for 4 seconds. Good for everyone except resto druids for leveling.

Level 30:  Resto: choose Nature’s Swiftness or Cenarion Ward. All other specs: Choose nature’s swiftness or Renewal.

  • Nature’s Swiftness: makes your next healing spell, roots, rebirth, or cyclone instant-cast and usable in all forms. This is useful for all specializations.
  • Renewal: Instant cast that heals yourself for 30% of your health. Useful for DPS and tank druids for keeping yourself alive. Less helpful for resto druids where the other options can be used on either yourself or others.
  • Cenarion Ward: A buff you put on your target that will apply a HOT to tick down after they get hit. This could be useful for resto druids, but I’d recommend other specs to pick up one of the more burst heals. In addition, this may not heal very much at lower levels, so one of the other talents could be a better healing talent for leveling.

Level 45: Overall, I prefer typhoon. However, for leveling, your choice of crowd control here doesn’t matter much.

  • Faerie Swarm: Your faerie fire spell slows your target’s movement speed. Situationally useful.
  • Mass Entanglement: Will root multiple targets in place for a short time. Situationally useful.
  • Typhoon: Knocks back your target and dazes (slows) them for a short period of time. Situationally useful.

Level 60: Varies by spec (see below). All of these are designed to help your main role, so any choice ends up being potentially helpful for leveling. Each talent does something different for each specialization.

  • Soul of the forest: Gives balance more solar or lunar energy when you exit Eclipse (good option because it gets you back into an Eclipse faster). Gives feral more energy when you use finishing moves (not as helpful for leveling if things die fast). For Guardian, mangle generates more rage (helpful for leveling as a tank). For resto, using swiftmend makes your next cast spell faster (not as helpful for leveling as resto). The nice part of this is that your bonus is passive so you don’t have to remember to cast it.
  • Incarnation: For balance, increases your damage while Eclipse is active (probably better for grouping than solo). For feral, this gives you a couple different bonuses (probably better for grouping or max level than solo leveling). Guardian: Reduces the cooldown on abilities (good for leveling in instances). Resto: increases your healing done and gives you several nice bonuses (good for leveling in instances).
  • Force of Nature: Summons treants to fight for you. For balance, treants cast wrath & roots (helpful for leveling). For feral, treants do melee damage and can stun the target (helpful for leveling). For guardian, treants taunt (not as helpful for leveling). Resto treants cast Healing Touch (helpful for leveling).

Level 75: Another crowd control tier where it doesn’t matter what talent you choose.

  • Disorienting roar: Disorients all enemies within 10 yards (your targets won’t attack for the duration of the effect, but any damage you do will break the disorient).
  • Ursol’s Vortex: Will slow the movement speed of enemies in the vortex.
  • Mighty bash: A 5 second stun that requires being in melee range.

Level 90: See end-game guides for recommendations once they’ve been released. Heart of the wild‘s passive bonuses are useful for everyone (though the “utility” benefit is less useful), so you can start out with Heart of the Wild and choose your talent based on the end-game content you want to do. The other two talents are more situational.

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