Resto druid preview for MOP: What changed?

Resto druids: What changed in MOP?

Gearing changes: For patch 5.0, the biggest change is that you are going to need to reforge back into a heavy-spirit gearing. Intellect no longer provides you any increase to your mana pool size, and we lost the talents that gave us mana regen from intellect. If you are having any problems at all, go get more spirit.

 New abilities:

  • Ironbark: A damage reduction ability you can put on other people. This is your new tank damage reduction cooldown.
  • Wild mushrooms & Wild mushroom bloom: Your mushrooms now heal instead of doing damage. This is a situational spell, since they don’t hit very hard. Only use wild mushrooms when nothing else is going on, and pre-place them (if the damage already happened, then you are better off just casting rejuv than trying to set up shrooms and bloom them). You want to set up shrooms on stack points if you have time prior to burst AOE phases. You can also stack them up before a pull (on things like heroic ultraxion).

 Other spell changes:

  • Lifebloom: The duration of lifebloom is longer now (15 sec). The duration is still refreshed with direct heals. You can only have it on one target at a time, but for raiding when glyphed (glyph of lifebloom), your 3 stack of LB will swap to another person. For PvP purposes, a different glyph (Glyph of blooming) will shorten the duration and give you a bigger bloom.
  • Swiftmend: Now that the old talents are out, Efflorescence is now permanently attached to Swiftmend.
  • Mastery: We have the same Harmony mastery, but it now lasts long enough (20 seconds) that your swiftmend casts alone will keep it up, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the harmony timer anymore. If your harmony up-time is low, then you probably need to cast more swiftmend.
  • Rebirth: Now reses people with 60% health without a glyph, so the glyph isn’t mandatory.
  • Nature’s Cure: They re-named Remove Corruption for resto druids. Nature’s Cure removes curse, poison, and magic effects (all cleanses now have an 8 second cooldown)

Tree form changes: The tree form cooldown is now part of the incarnation talent, which is the best talent on that tier for resto (because this doubles as both a healing increase talent and a mana conservation talent). In addition, one of our new minor glyphs gives us back a cosmetic perma-tree form with the original tree graphic. It doesn’t provide any benefits other than changing how you look.

 Overall healing style in 5.0: You won’t need to refresh lifebloom as much, and you won’t have to manage harmony quite as closely. This frees up some time for doing other things. Set up shrooms on stack points prior to a known burst AOE phase. You will need to reforge into more spirit on your gear or you will go out of mana quickly.

Lists of glyphs and talents will be available in my upcoming complete resto druid guide which I’ll release closer to the 5.0 release date. The Icy veins website has a pretty basic intro to MOP level 90 for all the classes.

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4 comments on “Resto druid preview for MOP: What changed?
  1. Elunamakata says:

    Great info here! Thanks Liss!

  2. Silvetica says:

    are you sure incarnation is the best talent? soul of the forest looks very strong. 30-40% boost to either wild growth or lifebloom. (also very fast direct heal/cyclone casts for the pvp crowd). i suspect the healing treants will be competitive too.
    Personally i will take a lot of persuading that a huge buff to my aoe healing or single target healing that i can switch every 15 seconds is a smaller healing increase than a 3 min cd.
    i will ofc take incarnation for fights that have burst healing requirements.
    i am not saying you are wrong btw but i would see it as a huge failure by blizz if this tier or the final talent tier (when we hit lvl 90) has a “best” talent.

    • Lissanna says:

      I have a whole larger guide that talks about how different talents work at different gear levels. We’re having to move from what gives the best HPS to what gives the best mana conservation at the start of an expansion. SOTF may be great at higher raid tiers when you can afford to give up your mana conservation talents, but not for starting out. The AI on treants makes them riskier because you have no control over their healing and they tend to be buggier, but as treants cost zero mana, they’re actually better than either in situations where you really want mana-free healing. Incarnation gives you the most reliable mana-conservation healing increase tool. It doesn’t matter if SOTF can give you more WG ticks if you run OOM half way through a fight.

  3. Silvetica says:

    actually that was what i was thinking. i was hoping the treants behave by the time it goes life and i can use them as a mana free healing tool in early tiers switched in with incarnation and then in the later tiers switch SoTF with incarnation on a fight by fight basis. If that works how it looks to be designed i will consider blizz to have done a good job with the tier choices.
    I also hope the final tier talents offer similar real choice. the increased complexity and the way the talents completely alter your healing style look to be really good. genuine choice with different talents being better based on gear and also the fight you are doing is the real move away from the cookie cutter which blizz say they are aiming for. If they achieve that aim AND make our healing more complex/fun i will be one happy druid.
    i will look for your guide now :).


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