Stag party – New dance for MOP travel form

I had to wait for the video from last night’s beta testing to show up on WOWinsider before I could post. It looks like Stag form (the new travel form for druids in MOP) got new animations.

In  beta, your stag form can now:

  • /Dance
  • /Cower
  • /Sleep
  • /Sit
  • /mountspecial

Here’s the video Matticus took of our stag dance party from beta last night.

Two of the other stag form animations (sit and sleep) along with having both horde & alliance color variations are also in Solar Bloom’s video here.

We also have a video by Poneria also from last night’s stag dance testing.

Happy dancing!

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3 comments on “Stag party – New dance for MOP travel form
  1. Matticus says:

    How… staggering.

  2. Buttonsmarie says:

    Upon the patch dropping today I had great enjoyment galloping around in new stag form, though currently leaving off purchasing the glyph for turning it into a mount form due to the slightly insane prices in the AH. Also I would just like to thank you for your helpful resto 5.0 guide, well detailed and informative.


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