I’m level 90, now what?

So, the questing experience was pretty nice, except for the last few bars trying to hit 90 this weekend. However, once I hit 90, I was totally overwhelmed with all the things I needed to do! So, today, as I went on my journey of discovery, anguish, and frustration… I took notes! Now, I’m sharing these notes with you.

Here’s the general plan of what to do when you hit 90:

But I need to raid sooner than I can rep grind:

The reputation grinds are great for long-term gains, but not so great in their rewards over the short-term (if you need to be raid ready by the end of this week). So, if you really need to quickly get caught up with your raiding guild, then I would recommend not spending time on the reputation grinds. Instead, get your ilevel boosted high enough through PvP gear you can buy on the AH and whatever quest items you can to start running the heroics ASAP. NOTE: The JP vendors now no longer require reputation grinds first, so you can buy JP ilevel 450 gear now! If you are running by yourself, then you can do quests (daily quests or dread wastes for items) while you wait in queue.


If you are in a raiding guild that is planning on starting either this week or next week, your window for being raid-ready is pretty small, unless you were able to take time off work/school/responsibilities to get ahead at the launch of Mists. I was so overwhelmed that I had a total emotional breakdown this afternoon because I just didn’t feel like I could do all the daily quests, run instances, and make sure I was geared up in a reasonable amount of time. Since there is an overwhelming amount of things you can do when you first hit level 90, if you plan on raiding, it helps to have a clear plan for what your priorities are once you ding 90! While the race to 90 is important, it is equally important to know what to do once you ding!


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10 comments on “I’m level 90, now what?
  1. Dak says:

    I was overwhelmed too. > heroic dungeons > klaxxi (already friendly with them anyways) > golden lotus > everything else.

    Too many dailies!

  2. Dak says:

    I was overwhelmed too. In the end I wasted some time with the cloud serpents because I made a conscious choice to experience the content fresh without spoilers, and I had utterly no clue where to go and what to do next. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work too well when you want to start raiding asap, and thinking about it now I regret not taking a breather and looking up what I needed to do to get ready quickly.

    Tonight though I think I’m gonna do world raid boss > heroic dungeons > klaxxi (already friendly with them anyways) > golden lotus > everything else.

    Too many dailies!

  3. Ann says:

    Thanks for the helpful post! I felt overwhelmed myself and this post was a lifesaver.

  4. Aramis says:

    Well, I did it.

    I benched my Druid. And leveled a monk to 90 instead.

    As far as healing goes, I LOVE it. It’s very different, and during pulls or boss fights, there’s really no dead time. What I love most so far is I feel like I have more choice. Do I pure heal everyone? Do I damage/heal people? It’s pretty interesting.

    The only painful things I gave up with my druid was the faction reputations, profession recipes learned, and all the fun archeology toys. But since I know the druid isn’t benched forever, I’m not too sad about it. I really did need a break.

    I did however take a week off from work to get started on everything. The daily quests for each faction are relatively quick, so even though there are a lot, they go by pretty quickly. So much so, that I normally in about an hour to an hour and a half, I can have Anglers, Cloud Serpent, Tillers, and Golden Lotus quests done (and search for roughly 3-6 onyx eggs). The only that can slow you down is the Anglers quests because if they give you a quest where you have to get 5-7 fish by actual fishing, the drop rates are pretty dismal (even with fishing bonuses). I’m taking my time with Klaxxi reputation. What I love is the rep grind through questing. I thought tabard grinds had a good niche in Wrath, but for some reason was completely annoyed by them in Cata. I’m glad the only tabard grind there is, so far at least, is Pandaren faction rep. Since I’ve been running heroics on my monk to get geared, I’m very close to being done with that already.

    Have fun!

  5. Jonathan says:

    I’m angry, Blizzard. So, so angry.

    Who’s jerkface idea was it to release what most people are calling “OMG BEST XPAC EVA” right before I have houseguests and my brother’s wedding to attend to?

    Here I am, working on best man speech stuff and bachelor party prep and entertaining out of towners while all the cool kids get to run through reportedly gorgeous zones and ookin’ dailies.

    What’s more, why did they have to make pet battles so much fun? With what little time I’ve had to actually play, I’m stagnating at level 86 because of this overwhelming compulsion to “catch ’em all.”

    This is just awful.

    • Lissanna says:

      Well, the good news is that we’re stuck for this expansion for like 2 years, so while it feels overwhelming now, I’m sure we’ll all be bored again soon enough. 😉

  6. NBills says:

    My apologies for bringing up something that isn’t strongly related to this post, but because I use your site for resto Druid-y stuff to help prepare me for raids/dungeons, I wanted to mention somebody’s youtube channel that I recently stumbled across.

    The guy goes by “Big Nash Gaming”, and towards the end of Cata he started generating tons of top-notch content specifically for resto druids (from a practical, yet still hardcore, perspective).The main reason I feel so compelled to bring him up here is because I know this site is a major resource for Druid information, and since he was and still is just getting his channel off of the ground, I was hoping he could get some love from here. For whatever little it’s worth, as a semi-casual raider who has dabbled with both uber casual and hardcore raid guilds, I have learned a lot from both here and his videos (which both go beyond your average guide), and I really hope other Druids support this man so that he can keep generating content to help others the way he’s helped me.

    Anyow, as an FYI I am not affiliated with him or his channel in any way – I simply enjoy the videos and wanted to pass the word to my Druid brethren. Thanks!

  7. Nurowyn says:

    Something to keep in mind at 89, actually: go to Dread Wastes ASAP: the xp is better, and the quest rewards are better/higher ilevel.

    Once I dinged 90, I was really overwhelmed, too! After trying for a day to do everything, I decided for my sanity to limit myself. Even after grinding most of my heroics, I couldn’t face 2+ hours of dailies still limit them to Klaxxi and Golden Lotus and just a Tillers token (yes, extra farm slots would be super nice, but if you have alts you can just park them by the farm for now).

    I will point out if you can find a group for a world boss and haven’t done one, that’s an excellent way to go as well.

  8. Snuffey says:

    LOL yeah I was so focused to getting to 90 that when I hit it I was pretty overwhelmed myself. Fortunately my guild is more casual so I can take my time though we do plan on raiding next week if only to see the raids and try out some new recruits.

  9. gorrie says:

    I got 30% to go on my monk. Benched the druid and shaman healers.
    I hate to quest and takes forever at past 85. My friend and I have been lvling mostly together it takes her half the time it takes me. She finished the 12 quests we left in steppes in an hour that took me most of the day.and joined me in dread wastes and we redid all the quests for that i did alrdy.
    Did I mention I hate questing.


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