Wash all the yak (mounts)!

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled druid-related posts to talk about something completely different.

While leveling, my absolute favorite quest was “At the Yak Wash”.

The premise of this yak wash quest is that the yaks go in dirty:

And comes out clean! That’s right, they change colors!

The sad part of this quest, however, was that once you finished it, the quest wasn’t repeatable. While you could buy yak mounts from the vendor (either a gray one or a blonde one), it wasn’t quite the same as the magical color-changing yaks from the quest.

In the recent patch notes, however, was a line that said this:

The Yak Wash will now make all but the filthiest Yaks sparkling clean.

So, I decided to take my dirty yak mount back to the wash:

And my yak mount changed colors! It washed my yak mount! It’s a temporary effect (when you dismount & re-mount, they revert back to their original colors), but it makes me really happy to see the attention to detail. So, what is your favorite part of Mists of Pandaria?

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2 comments on “Wash all the yak (mounts)!
  1. Zie says:

    haha, when i first came up to this building i thought it was some sort of crazy shrine or something. Then the questing part came, and wow, it really was an amazing quest. Im glad blizzard puts these types of quests in every now and then.

  2. Discotheque says:

    mine is nearly the same! I’m an alchemist and the desecrated oil that alchemists can make turns you from color into black and white. at first I was thinking, “Really? that’s all it does?” but after a few seconds more of thinking about it i thought it was really cool! hahaha. there are so many cool things you could do with screen shots and such on different bosses with your guild….i’m excited to use them! cheers!


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