15 Minutes of Fame and some druid news

Hi everyone! I have a few things to cover today.

First, I was featured on WOW Insider’s 15 minutes of fame blog series. You should read the article about my experiences with WOW, my real life research, and more!

There are a couple of other things for druids I’d like to cover, as well, since I haven’t said a lot about druids lately.

  • Team Waffle Cast episode from Friday wasn’t recorded live, but you can catch the recorded episode here!
  • In addition, with 5.1 out now, there weren’t really major changes for resto or moonkin druids, except for swapping around a couple of symbiosis abilities. I have heard from various restoration druids that there are still some weaknesses in druid healing, especially in the case of dealing with burst damage. Posts about restoration healing problems, especially in 25-man progression raiding, have recently come from Beruthiel (Falling leaves and wings), my guildie Juvenate (WTS Heals), and Alison Roberts (WoW Insider). All of these druid bloggers are essentially saying the same thing: Blizzard didn’t solve resto druid healing problems in terms of how we scale from 10-man to 25-man and handle incoming burst raid AOE damage.

Fortunately for Juvenate, we’ll likely keep him around in raids, especially since we can lite his tree form on fire with our campfires. 🙂

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10 comments on “15 Minutes of Fame and some druid news
  1. Rohan says:

    First link is incorrect. It’s pointing to a discussion on resto druid performance instead of the 15 minutes of fame article.

  2. Nica says:

    I was already supposed to stop by earlier to say this, but anyway, congratulations for the WoW Insider mention!

  3. Gray says:

    Once you have your two piece and about 10k spirit, easily doable with just a few heroic modes down, the gap in tools shrinks to almost nothing as rejuv spam becomes acceptable with regen. Granted I’m running with 2 spirit proc/use trinkets (revered ancestors and DMF,) but even when reforged down to ~8.8k spirit (reforged for Garajal, didn’t reforge for Elegon) I put up a solid ranking.

  4. Halcaeon says:

    Gratzies on the article, Lissanna! It’s very well deseved, and I’m glad you got an even wider forum to discuss your IRL work.

  5. Jonathan says:

    I dropped Orca for Treant just for the burning tree animation. I never much cared about treant form (I’m actually for having caster form in use), but hey, burning tree.


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