Video game research!

Our crowdfunding for science campaign has now ended! Thank you everyone!

There was a great TED talk in November about the importance of making better educational video games. Video game researcher, Daphne Bavelier, from the University of Geneva, talked about research on how playing video games can change cognitive abilities and brain development (for the better!). Dr. Bavelier’s scientific work has been a hugely inspirational to me. I was able to attend a talk she gave at Penn State in 2010 about her video game research. The end of the video is particularly inspiring where she talks about the need for gamers and scientists to come together to improve the quality of games with educational goals. My goal as both a gamer and a scientist is to make educational interventions that tap into the motivational aspects of being fun! In honor of my last day of crowdfunding for my very own new video game research project, I thought I would share my inspiration with all of you:

We will soon be returning to our regularly scheduled WOW-related posting. Starting next week, I hope to have more WOW-related content to share with all of you about mages and druids. Thank you all for supporting me and my research!

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