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A quick update about me: I have been traveling the last week for work. I attended a work-related conference for the Society for Research in Child Development this last week in Seattle, Washington. At the conference, I presented some preliminary results from the Autism face processing study that was included as part of the research I described in my crowdfunding campaign last fall. The data I presented was some of the functional MRI brain data from the baseline (before the intervention) time point of the intervention study, since we are still working on completing the follow-up assessments from the intervention this month, with lots of other exciting research things happening this Summer/Fall. However, this means I may be a little slow in posting blog content until the semester ends in a few weeks. Sorry for falling behind in my blog posting! I will try to get a post up actually related to druids “soon”.

Looking for guest bloggers! Are you a druid that enjoys writing about WOW? Well, I’m opening back up my “voices from the community” series to guest bloggers this summer. If you have an idea for a World of Warcraft Druid-related post that you would like to write and have posted on Restokin, feel free to send me an e-mail: lissanna70 at gmail.com. Please tell me about yourself (info such as how long you have been playing, an armory link, links to any previous blogs/youtube/etc if you have them), and what druid-related post ideas you are interested in possibly writing.

Resto Roundtable at the Team Waffle Podcast: The Team Waffle Podcast recently had a resto druid roundtable. The lineup included Jarre, Hamlet, Sodah, Jasyla, and of course Arielle as the host/moderator.

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4 comments on “A quick note
  1. Beyotamer says:

    I thought healing shrooms were doing fairly well in fights where we get to stack up, but ToT has not been friendly to that sort of encounter and my healing numbers are way off as a result. But the tranquility and ironbark changes should be nice – having bark and natures swiftness on the same CD should help smooth out single target blitzes. But so much of ToT has been hard on any area-based healing spells that I find myself resorting to rejuve spamming, which is unsatisfying.

    • Lissanna says:

      I think increasing the radius of the ground-targeted heals is part of what Blizzard is doing in TOT to address the range issues of some of the AOEs with how much they make people spread out. Not that any of the changes are really permanent fixes. It’s something hard-coded into the difference between druid and other healing classes that permanently makes druids feel like the odd-one-out, even if they look similar to other classes on healing meter sites.

      • Beyotamer says:

        So it’s interesting – shrooms have to be tricky to balance. I was running MSV LFR last night and because I know the fights and where people stack, I was setting them up. And because it’s MSV and everybody overgears it, I was overhealing a huge amount. My shrooms were getting to 100% in record time, I think I managed to cast it fully empowered three times per phase on Feng, for example.

        And they do a good chunk of healing when they’re fully empowered, so I would wait for the quake and pop the shrooms and cackle as the meters filled up.

        Unfortunately, they’re much less impressive during ToT runs. I know some of it is the LFR chaos, but even when I place them, they might get fully powered once or twice in a fight because the healing team is never quite managing to get to the point where we’re overhealing. I haven’t been too disappointed with druid healing performance in LFR generally because I know where we fit in the healing team and don’t worry too much about the numbers. Some of the more recent changes sound like they’re trying to help with how quickly they empower and how much more healing they’ll do which will help. But rolling through MSV is going to be hilarious after 5.3 drops.

  2. Zy says:

    Oh look, they are buffing mushrooms again. It’s only kind of a buff though because they are making the mushrooms heal for more without addressing any of the real issues (clunkiness and general unfuness). Until the 3gcd stationary problems are fixed then mushrooms will continue to suck. If they keep it up with the mushroom obsession we’re going to wind up just as badly off as shamans with the issues they are facing.

    Enough with the mushroom hate. Owld made some good points. I don’t think druids are broken, rather the massive amounts of passive healing, smart healing and absorbs are the problem. That seems to be where the game is going (which is fine if that’s that’s the direction that is intended) but as Owld says druids are getting left behind. I love my druid. I love the playstyle. I love hots and most of our original spells (Rejuv, Swiftmend, Lifebloom). I wish we didn’t have to change but unfortunatly at this point I think our kit needs to evolve to keep up with the changing game. Fight mechanics have changed to accomidate the smart heals, passive heals and absorbs so unless we change we’re going to continue to fall further and further behind.


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