Raiding Interface: Vanilla versus MOP

So, I have been super busy lately with work and keeping up with our new 3 day a week raid schedule.

So, for today, I thought I’d put up a retro post showing what my raiding UI looked like in Molten core back in 2005 (I blacked out the text box because apparently I was taking a picture of us saying inappropriate things, lol). As you can see, my raid frames and party frames took up most of my screen. Also, back then, I had so few spells that I still have my basic attack spell (e.g., hitting things with my staff as a resto druid) as a button on my action bars.


Now, in my current raiding, my monitor size is much larger (along with having a second monitor I added). There is a lot more open space on my screen, as well, so that my focus is on watching stuff on the floor around me, rather than watching health bars. I also have a considerably number of addons now that I didn’t have before.

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3 comments on “Raiding Interface: Vanilla versus MOP
  1. Fnordoz says:

    I remember back in vanilla when Omen of Clarity was a buff cast directly on your weapon, I used to hit stuff with my staff when healing to get free spells. Auto Attack was kind of a healing spell.

    I recognize CT Raid Assist from the vanilla screen shot, what mod are you using for raid frames in the other screen shot?

    • Lissanna says:

      Yup, that’s why auto-attack is on my bars. 🙂
      I’m using X-perl raid frames, since I’ve been raiding on my mage.

  2. Svartalf says:

    Only two ranks of healing touch on your bars in Molten Core ? I remember always having at least 3 back then: HT 4, HT 7, and HT-max (and for awhile, the almost instant cast HT rank 1 🙂 ) I also went for the smart healing macro, which looked at the targets health and picked the right rank of Healing Touch. We didn’t have many useful spells back then, but what we had were flexible.


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