Happy 5.3 patch day!

The new 5.3 patch is going live today. This has fairly big changes for resto druids, especially those in 25-man raiding.

Druid 5.3 changes

I have a post up describing the major 5.3 changes for resto & balance druids. These changes should be implemented today.

This means that I have also updated my resto druid healing guide:

I also made some minor edits to the blog’s leveling guide, but nothing substantial.

Mage 5.3 changes

  • Mages had a buff to Living Bomb that now theoretically makes it better for single target boss fights than Nether Tempest. Nether Tempest is still better for multi-target cleaving boss fights (e.g., Horridon).
  • Mages also had buffs to our AOE spells, though I’m not sure how these changes impact our overall AOE rotations yet, especially if you are going to be running around with Living Bomb for most of the raid and not consistently switching back to nether tempest for trash packs. I may need to spend some time in LFR tonight to figure out what buttons I should be mashing. 🙂

Other changes

  • You can upgrade gear again with valor points, so don’t forget to hit the upgrade vendor and cash in any saved VP.
  • Grab some friends and hit up Heroic Scenarios to help with your VP farming fun.
  • And of course, make sure you read one of the patch day summaries at MMO-champion, or WOWhead, or WOWinsider.
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One comment on “Happy 5.3 patch day!
  1. Jabari says:

    Is the Resto Treant Swiftmend intended to be so small?

    Haven’t healed on my druid in forever (just moonkin), but was putting my UI and such back together last night to help a friend who’s interested in healing with hers. Took Treants (they look interesting, and I always kinda liked it even before).

    My Druid has about 22k spellpower.

    The Treants cast Healing Touch 7 times, each cast being about 11-12k healing or so. This seems good to me.
    However, the Swiftmend that was cast when the Treant is summoned did about 4k healing, and the “circle” was about 800 a tick. This seems … pretty pointless.

    I still think a mana-less 80k smart heal every 20 seconds is pretty good, but the on-cast effect is just junk (and possibly even dangerous if people think it’s a “real” healing circle and drop dps to move into it). Considering just macroing the treant cast into Swiftmend and/or Wild Growth just to get the key off my bar if I can’t use it as a direct heal.


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