Now with more fire!


Old screenshot from the Fireland raiding days. 🙂

So, druids should all be familiar with the infamous Fire Kitty staff from Firelands.

We recently had confirmation that the effect from the fire kitty staff is now available without the staff. You can get seeds (5 at a time, each seed lasting 1 hour) from Firelands. Since the Burning Seeds are bind on account, you won’t be able to pick them up from the auction house. Instead, you have to actually go to the Firelands instance to get them.

So, now you can get the temporary fire kitty buff without having to keep an outdated staff equipped (I for one know how embarrassing it can be to get caught in the wrong outfit half way through a raid). We all know how much druids enjoy being on fire. Or at least, that’s what we try to tell Juvenate.  More details available on WoWhead.

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3 comments on “Now with more fire!
  1. Aestalas says:

    Buy from a vendor? I haven’t seen that info yet. Everything I have read on the seed is farming Firelands.

  2. Lissanna says:

    Yeah, that was a typo when I was rushing to post. sorry! fixed!


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