The healing mushroom change is good…

The Wild Mushrom healing spell change is good … and you should feel good!

Why did wild mushrooms need a change?

The original intent when asking for healing shrooms was that restorations couldn’t keep up with the burst healing of other classes. However, healing mushroom’s initial implementation left a lot to be desired. The current Wild mushroom spell allows you to plant up to 3 healing shrooms on the ground. While the original intent was to allow for spreading them out, most of the time you just clump them up in one place. Many people have found the current mushroom design to feel awkward. It takes a lot of setup time, and even when they are buffed to do a substantial portion of healing, they still don’t feel right in the current 5.3 version. While we now have a high risk/high reward spell, it just ends up being really frustrating when an encounter doesn’t give you that high reward in return.


Original Healing Shroom problems from my 2012 post:

  • Targeting circle was originally too small: Previously solved by making the targeting reticule bigger. CHECK
  • Shrooms needed to interact better with our other healing spells: Previously solved by changing shrooms detonate to activate harmony. Also, the overall interactions with other spells were increased by allowing rejuvenation overhealing to increase the amount of healing done by shrooms. CHECK
  • Small 6 yard radius was too small: Previously solved by increased radius to 10 yards. CHECK
  • We needed some sort of HOT component on application when dropping the shrooms: Addressed in the upcoming patch (see below). CHECK
  • Three shrooms felt like too many: Addressed in upcoming patch (see below). CHECK
  • Have to target the ground: Many people didn’t like using the reticule to place shrooms on the ground. Addressed in upcoming patch (see below). CHECK

The big 5.4 changes solve the biggest quality of life problems.

Currently in the PTR patch files for the next patch, wild mushroom will now just be one shroom that you place on the ground. No more having to place three shrooms! While the moonkin version may still drop 3 (I haven’t been able to test it directly on the PTR), the resto version of healing shrooms only drops one.

Grow a magical mushroom with 5 health at the target ally’s location. After 6 sec, the mushroom will become invisible. The mushroom grows larger as it accumulates healing power from 100% of overhealing done by your Rejuvenation, up to a maximum of 200% of your health in bonus healing. Recasting Wild Mushroom will move the Mushroom without losing this accumulated healing. Wild Mushroom: Bloom can consume your Mushroom to heal nearby allies. Only 1 mushroom can be placed at a time. Can be cast in Tree of Life Form, Moonkin Form. Druid – Restoration Spec. 40 yd range. Instant.

The THREE underlined sentences are really the important changes. Most of the other changes are just adjustments to balance the amount of healing it does. However, there are two other important change in the above text:

  • If you move your shroom, it doesn’t reset your rejuv overheal stacks. So, if everyone moves, you can replant the shroom with all the overhealing it absorbed and bloom it right away! No longer do you have to be psychic and know in advance exactly where your raid will end up in times of heavy damage!
  • UPDATE: As many people pointed out the text now says “at the target ally’s location”. So, apparently your friends will be growing shrooms out of their backs. It appears to still sit on the ground and require a detonate, but it looks like you will target an ally to drop the shroom at their feet. No more reticule. If you have no one targeted, it drops at your feet. Mouse over macros are still behaving poorly on the PTR, but we may be able to work out some sort of macro to use for people by the time it goes live.

Also, they are allowing you to have the option to glyph for healing Shrooms such that your efflorescence is tied to your shrooms instead of swiftmend:

The Efflorescence effect is now caused by your Wild Mushroom instead of by Swiftmend, and lasts as long as the Wild Mushroom is active.  Additionally, increases  the healing done by Swiftmend by 20%.

This would allow Swiftmend to be a single-target direct heal only, and your Shrooms would carry the HOT component of efflorescence if you choose the glyph. This was something that members of the community recommended early on when druids were unhappy with shrooms mechanics, so it’s neat to see it get implemented. In true Blizzard form, the changes we ask for a year previously seem to magically make their way into the game.

So, in conclusion, if these changes go live, this will solve most of the quality of life problems related to healing shrooms. With all the other great changes they are making for resto druids, this last tier almost makes me wish I didn’t reroll mage. At least my guild’s resident resto druid, Juvenate, will be having fun!

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12 comments on “The healing mushroom change is good…
  1. Dayani says:

    The new mushroom sits on the ground, but it is no longer placed by a reticule; you now place it by targeting someone and casting it. I’m not sure that I like this change – it seems like the worst of both worlds – but at the moment on the PTR it is surely buggy (not working with mouseover macros) and perhaps once it is fixed I will like it a little better.

  2. Perrin says:

    I haven’t healed in a long time, but does the current spell say “at the target ally’s location.”?

    To me that line suggests that the mushroom drops underneath a player, instead of targetting the ground.

  3. Sydny says:

    What I don’t understand is why request the change from ground targeting to a player targetable Mushroom? I can’t see an advantage to that at all. The ground placement is so easy to do and it gives the druid complete control where they are placed. No player dependency.

    If raiders are spread out 8yds from each other…you could place a mushroom in the middle of them and hit all of them. Please help me understand why even ask for such a change.

    A mouse over does work on ptr, BUT you must not have anyone targeted. So it is now a two fold process to place it on a moused-over player. Unclick your current target (for me it is always a tank), then mouseover the player you want to place the mushroom. This is so silly to have to do when ground targeting is so easy.

    Am I missing the advantage of the player target for mushroom placement?? I hope blizzard does not change it from being a ground placement. I am going to write in every forum I can asking them not to. Or please help me understand why you asked for it.

    Thank you for contributing to the Resto Druid community. I believe because of you and the rest of the bloggers that Blizzard finally listened and these overdue changes to our class is finally being addressed. Thank You 🙂

    • Lissanna says:

      Honestly, having one shroom that we targeted on the ground would have been fine (and what I expected to have). You should be able to make a macro that drops your target, then does the mushroom mouse-over macro part, and targets last target again.

  4. syd says:

    Think of Maegera. There is no one in the stack point until it is time to stack. Now I will need to run over, target myself to drop the shroom before a rampage, then run back out? It makes no sense. I place mushrooms before pulls in a lot of fights. This will be impossible now. Very sad that this has been implemented and hope that they will see that it is very silly to take it over live.

    But I still don’t understand what you were thinking was an advantage for player targetable shrooms, because I cannot see any. But thank you for your response, I hope to shake it up a little and prevent this awful mechanism from ever going live.

    • Lissanna says:

      It wasn’t originally my request. it was a request made from many, many people. If you don’t actually like it, then I would suggest posting in the PTR forums about it and provide feedback about what you don’t like.

      I think the extent of changes may have been too dramatic to all implement at once in a content patch that wasn’t an expansion.

      • Kriellya says:

        It’s always been a request of mine that they be player targeted, but not to the exclusion of ground targeting, especially if they weren’t going to grow out of players backs. (something that is understandably not going to happen if it is laying down a permanent efflo field. Hello free mobile healing circle!)

        However, since it holds charge, it essentially costs one GCD to replant at full power on a raid stack. So, you plant it wherever (ideally somewhere it would be useful in an emergency, or that it would get good usage from efflo) then when the raid stacks you replant it at the stack point (for no mana, remember) and can immediately detonate it at full power. And then replant it for continuous efflo and possibly detonate it *again* before the stack is over.

        So, not the end of the world. But I personally would prefer that it still be ground targetable. Mostly cause I don’t want to dig up another button in vuhdo and my current setup works very well for placing shrooms on the ground.

  5. syd says:

    I failed to take into account that Efflo may be attached to the mushroom. Perhaps placing the shroom off to a stack point until ready to use will not be advantageous as it was. I may have to rethink this, but I still want the ground placement back please.

  6. Bells says:

    Do you have any idea what the radius of effect is going to be of the shroom bloom? The way I use them right now is to set them up so they’re just barely touching each other, creating a triangular zone in the middle that should get hit. I’m curious if they’ll be extending the range of the shroom bloom at all outside of adding the efflorescence to it.

  7. Kodaline says:

    I am unsure what to think of the mushroom changes forthcoming. I really like the current mushrooms as is. In 5.0, they were weak, and then got to “better” in 5.2, and “arguably OP” in 5.3. Yes, they are difficult and time consuming to place, but you have the option of raid wide coverage or a concentrated blast of stacked fungus healing. I do find them to take too long to place, but, if there were no CD on placing them, I think it would solve all the problems and not limit the flexibility they now have.

    As for the glyph, it’s a tradeoff, as I suppose glyphs should be. It’s nice to have efflo pulse the whole darn fight, and I guess, if you’ve got the spare GCD, you could simply haul the mushroom around after your itinerant raiders, but I like the current big insta heal on someone with a local aoe ring for a bit that is the current swiftmend; it is probably my favorite resto spell.


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