Guild Leadership Corner: rewarding raiders for success

My guild (Undying Resolution on Elune) has several guild parties a year. At the guild parties, we hand out awards: guild rank promotions, raid attendance award bonuses, and awards for recognizing people who contributed to our team. This works well with our 25-man, where this helps our raiders to feel recognized for all the work they do.

The awards we hand out to our raid members have four categories. The first three involve nominations from the full guild, as well as full guild voting on those nominated. The fourth award is one given by the officers. You can read the award descriptions on our website.  Our four award categories are:

  • Most improved raider
  • MVP: best overall raid performance
  • Most helpful member (can be given to either a raider or a social non-raiding member)
  • General Excellence Award (awarded from the officers to any raider or social non-raiding member).

During our guild party, we try to have themes. Around the holidays, everyone dresses up in their Winter’s Veil outfits and we decorate with things like snowmen, and other holiday things. For our summer party, we have summer outfits (well, except for the moonkin…).


We try to find places to hold our parties that offer help to that themed feeling. So, for our summer party, we found the closest thing to a beach party spot that we could find, and invited people to bring beach clothes and toys. However, phasing can cause some problems with where to choose a party. So, if you choose to do a guild party, be careful not to choose it somewhere people can be left out (as we found out the hard way when 3 people couldn’t see us at our summer party spot!). With up to 30 people, finding a party venue around Azeroth can be really difficult!

However, a chance to relax and have some fun with our guild members can help make the long summer (or winter) months more enjoyable!


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One comment on “Guild Leadership Corner: rewarding raiders for success
  1. Jojo says:

    I think in-game guild parties and awards is a really cool idea 🙂


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