Waiting for Hearthstone

Hearthstone is  a Warcraft themed collectable card game, that looks like it should be a lot of fun. While Blizzard announced that the hearthstone beta was going to start in “summer”, it is looking much more likely that we’re looking at an end of Summer start to the beta. Since there hasn’t been a whole lot of new stuff going into the WOW beta, I thought I’d reflect some on Hearthstone.


First, I really like the design of the druid class in the game. A druid has been featured in several of the game play videos thus far, and powerful damage combined with powerful healing makes for a great potential deck. One of the nice things is that they kept a lot of the spell names similar. So, starfire does what you would expect it to (single target direct damage). Healing Touch does what you would expect (heals you). Soul of the Forest summons trees, and so forth.

The newest update about the game from Blizzard has several interesting points that I wanted to highlight:

  • While we didn’t expect the PC/Mac version of the game to play well with the ipad version, they have now had a cross-platform game successfully in Blizzard. This leaves open the possibility of having one account that would work on both devices, and being able to play against your computer friends while sitting on your couch with an ipad. While not totally confirmed, this would be a best-case scenario.
  • Hearthstone will eventually have an open beta, allowing anyone to be in beta once they have opened it up. However, they are starting with a smaller closed beta (based on sending invites to small batches of accounts) and working to invite more people over time. Keep in mind, however, that early beta is likely to have a lot of bugs they will need to work out before they increase the number of people playing.
  • While the game is “free to play”, you can buy card packs. There is a special reward card for purchasing card packs with real money in beta. That card carries over into Live, along with unopened card packs equal to the value of real money you spent in beta. However, you can play the game perfectly fine without ever paying real money at all.

Beta is likely a few weeks away (as the post said not days away, but also not months away – that makes “weeks” away the best guess). I will likely post a lot more about Hearthstone once I can play in beta and give my opinions on actually playing the game. I am really excited and looking forward to seeing how the game develops!

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