Warcraft Whats Next Panel Recap (spoilers!)

The Warlords of Draenor website has three new character model previews: Gnome, Dwarf, & Orc.

Wowhead has talent calculators up with the level 100 talents for all classes!

The What’s Next Panel Recap:

  • Garrosh is put on trial. He escapes before the verdict. He has a new friend with a “unique ability to bend time”
  • Garrosh goes back. He hates the Horde now, and hates the alliance, too. He goes back to “a place and time when the world makes sense to him”
  • Wants to take the horde back to a more ideal time. He wants to stop the one moment that defined the history of azeroth: He wants to stop the moment when the orcs drink the blood. Wants to build an “iron horde” with all the chieftains of old, with some of the present technology. Wants to build a different, but uncorrupted, horde. Wants to lead the iron horde thru the dark portal to “align” it to our time.
  • Most of the expansion takes place in Old Draenor. Feels like outland, but is a contiguous continent.
  • Garrosh facilitates the storytelling, but is NOT the Big Bad Boss.
  • Grommash unites the orc clans.

7 new zones in Draenor:


  • Map has reminiscent aspects of Outlands (similar scale).
  • This will still feel completely different – rebuilt from scratch.

BYk-GezCYAATptM.jpg large

New character model update:

  • Want the same feel as the old character models, but higher visual fidelity. Better facial detail – The faces will smile and emote. Updated animations with the visual model changes.
  • Art panel will show more detail on the race updates.

New Feature Updates!

  • You get to build your own base on Draenor. “This is the world of warcraft version of housing”.
  • Collect followers. You get offline progression by sending your followers off do do things.
  • You can customize and make decisions about: what zone you put your base in, what buildings you want in what spots.
  • Limited access to professions you don’t have. “You can build a mine in your base. Extra mining nodes… Send NPC with mining skill to do your dirty work for you”
  • Each of the buildings will offer different bonuses. You can choose what is important to you. Three tiers of progression in building your garrison.
  • You can move the garrison to a new place.
  • Monuments & trophies – tied to things like achievements or kills. Mount trophies in your town hall in your garrison!!!
  • Specializations for your buildings feel like having a talent tree – bonuses will vary.

Other game systems updates:

  • “Just play for us for the next 4 or 5 weeks and then you can play with us” – Greg
  • The boost to level 90 is because “WOW is better with friends”. You can boost one of your characters to level 90. This can include brand-new characters. Cleans up your bags, quest log, and action bar. Doesn’t take anything away, but want to make the experience “seamless”.
  • Inventory Updates: Collections. Account-wide. Adding Heirlooms, Toys, & possibly tabards. These will be cross-realm,
  • Quest items no longer stored in bags.
  • Craft directly from banks. Larger stacks for crafting items.
  • Adventure guide gives you “at a glance information to progress from your character”. Path to gear upgrades customized for your character individually (can tell if you play a lot of PVP, PVE, what professions you have). Tells you what raid content you are ready for.
  • Level 100 talents. Going to split talent tooltips by spec.

Dungeons & Raids:

  • 7 new dungeons, including revamped heroic UBRS.
  • Normal, heroic, & challenge dungeons – even normal of the max level dungeons.
  • Start with 2 new raids (highmaul & blackrock foundry) with 16 bosses.
  • Raid Philosophy: “Flex is awesome”!
  • Normal-mode raids will have flexible 10 to 25 size
  • Heroic raid flexible 10 to 25 size
  • Mythic (new difficulty) as a fixed size 20-man raid.

Pvp updates:

  • I missed this section, due to freaking out over the raiding changes. Sorry!

Interview updates:

  • They are still planning to do the stat squish.
  • Other changes to stats coming, like removing hit/expertise, and adding movement speed and cleave as stats on gear.
  • They haven’t started working on moonkin model updates, but it’s “on the list”.

Stat squish example from @djtyrant


I will be on an airplane during tomorrow’s Blizzcon day, so I won’t be able to post immediate recaps of panels tomorrow.

Druid level 100 talents from @HamletEJ:


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  1. dustin says:

    This game is just Outstanding! Is awesome to play in solo mode, but if you get company it just rocks like hell. The best RPG ever.


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