Just a little boost… to 90

The recent Warlords of Draenor “scouting report” gave us an update on how the level 90 boosts would work. To recap:

  • If you order your digital version through Blizzard, you get your free 90 boost right away.
  • If you buy a boxed copy, then, you would get the level 90 boost when you added the code to your account.
  • You may be able to buy additional level 90 boosts from Blizzard later on.

In general, I support the idea of level 90 boosts. A bit of background: I have been playing since early Vanilla, I’m currently a recruitment officer in my guild (we’re still looking for ranged DPS!), and I re-rolled a mage last expansion because I got bored with my druid. I came up with several important observations relevant to why the level 90 boosts aren’t that big of a problem for me:

  • Most current players will boost up alts to try out, without having to invest in re-leveling through content they may already be bored with. Right now, my alts tend to die off somewhere in Burning Crusade content because I just really don’t enjoy leveling through all that old content anymore. It doesn’t impact anyone else if I pick up a new alt just to try it out, without having to level 90 levels to figure out I didn’t really like it.
  • People will still choose to level new characters when their time is worth more than their money. Most people won’t pay for a second free level 90 boost because it won’t really be necessary to have tons of level 90s next expansion (you still have to get them to 100!).
  • Attracting new or returning players to the game is beneficial for everyone. WOW could use a subscription boost, but people coming back to face a giant wall of content they don’t want to do will make it harder to keep our current guilds full and healthy.
  • Leveling 1 to 89 tells you almost nothing about how to play your class at max-level. Very few people level up to 90 and then consider their time playing the game over. This is usually when people feel like they start playing the real game. When you are recruiting, you’ll be able to see how much relevant experience a player has, anyway – so you’ll want to see sufficient progress after they ding 90 to prove they know what they are doing.
  • Giving people free 90s before the expansion comes allows people to have something to focus on while we’re all bored waiting for new content. Getting to play around with a new class can be fun and keep people active in the short-term.

The change, however, makes me think that the time of needing my druid leveling guide (that was started back in 2006) may soon be over. If most people are boosting characters to 90, they may not need guides that focus on the early playing experiences, and end-game guides may end up being sufficient to teach people the basics they need to know.

In conclusion, getting people caught up faster to everyone else is beneficial to the health of a nearly 10 year old game. So, the benefits of level 90 boosts outweigh any potential negatives. I am looking forward to having a level 90 warlock I can play around with. Maybe I’ll even like it better than my mage. What class are you going to boost to 90?

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3 comments on “Just a little boost… to 90
  1. Zy says:

    I have 9 lvl 90s and 3 more toons at 85 that will probably never get leveled because I’m so burned out on the process. I’ve used archaeology, questing, LFD, gathering, PvP and pet battles so I’ve done darn near everything. Blizz has made a lot of improvements when it comes to playing with your friends on other servers but it is still not quite the same (especially if they are in different time zones). I’m going to use my free boost on a toon that I rolled to play with friends but have lost the motivation to grind. I’m going to try to convince my husband to come back to WoW by pointing out he can started over on a new server if he wants.

    WoW is practically two games at this point: leveling and the endgame. The endgame gets the vast majority of Blizz’s time and attention so leveling has practically become a barrier to get to it. Blizz realizes this and that’s why they are providing a workaround.

  2. Eric says:

    I mostly do pvp healing but my 90 druid, monk and priest were getting a bit stale, so I recently leveled up a Paladin to 90. I had started him in vanilla and he sat at 40 all these years. I had him almost to 90 when Blizz announced the boost…doh!

    I have to admit though, I did enjoy leveling him and my monk (at the start of MoP), just to see the old content again.

    I think that the 90 boost is a great idea. Leveling from 90 to 100 will certainly teach you how to play your class all over again, and as you mentioned, gearing up at max level is the true test.


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