Raiding in the New Year!

Welcome to 2014! The last year has been a great year for my guild. We have been progressing in raids faster than any other tier, and our 25-man raid has reached 8/14 HM. I’m also having a lot of fun as a frost mage, and I really love the guild family. I enjoy spending my time in Azeroth with my guild, Undying Resolution.

As we move into the new year, we should hopefully see the beta for WOD start up “soon”. In preparing for the wait for mythic raiding, however, we are still working on making further heroic progress in Siege.

As the guild recruitment officer, it is my job to keep our raids happy and full of awesome people. Right now, our guild is looking to fill healing and ranged DPS spots for SoO and future WOD raiding. We have openings for:

  • Healers of any class, but we are especially interested in a holy priest or restoration druid.
  • Ranged DPS, especially moonkin, shadow priests, or elemental shaman.
  • It would be especially awesome if we could find a hybrid healer/DPS who may be able to swap seamlessly between roles in the transition between running 25-man normal-modes and the 20-man mythic raids.

We are raiding 25-mans on Wed/Thurs/Sun from 8 to 11 PM, Eastern time, on the Elune-US(Alliance) server. It is pretty rare for us to have healing spots open, so if you have been looking for a new heroic-mode guild that raids on a fairly relaxed (3 day) schedule, please talk to us soon! Our guild is almost always looking for ranged DPS, though we don’t have any melee or tank openings at the current time. You can see more about our guild and apply on our forums at:

As always, if you have questions about my guild, or about anything else, you can contact me on twitter @restokin

Happy new year! Can’t out deeps that boomkin! Ember Isolte’s “Moonkin” parody song is slightly outdated, but I swear she sings “crit chicken,” not “carrot chicken”!!!

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