Springing forward: The long wait

Now that it is officially spring, the hope is that the long days of snow will soon be over. Much like waiting for winter to end and the blossoms to spring forth outside in the real world, most of us are waiting for WOD beta to blossom and give us new content. While we wait for this new Warcraft content, I still have some things to keep me busy. I don’t, however, have a lot of things worth writing about related to WOW until Blizzard gives us new topics to write about. So, here is an update on me:

What I do in WOW

In world of warcraft, I am an officer in a 25-man raiding guild. As the recruitment officer, this the time before new expansions is a challenge for me. As the officer of a raiding guild, I have plenty of things to keep me busy. I get to plan social events, search the internet for new friends to play with, and also diligently search for new expansion information, too! I’m also working on gearing up the warlock I boosted to 90, though I haven’t had much time to play it (I still don’t know how to do much on the warlock yet!). I’ve also been playing a little on my druid to get ready for the next expansion.

I am also still raiding 3 days a week. My guild is currently 10/14 heroic in Siege of Orgrimmar 25-mans. Our members also run flex raids, challenge modes, old-world achievement runs, and other activities to pass the time while we wait for new content.

Join our 25-man team!

Our guild is currently recruiting for current Siege raids. Join our team as we prepare for the next expansion! We have openings for a tank (our favorite bear friend is retiring after tanking with us from early Cataclysm, so this is the first time since early Cataclysm that we’ve been accepting applications from tanks). We always have open spots for ranged DPS (we would really love a moonkin, shadow priest, or elemental shaman – but any ranged DPS can apply!  If you are looking for a home and have availability during our raid times, now is the time to secure a raid spot for Warlords! We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday from 8 to 11 Eastern.

We are currently going strong and looking to do whatever we can to have fun and enjoy the rest of the Pandaria expansion until WOD is released in the Fall. Recruitment is something I have been doing for so many years that I know it’s something I really enjoy doing. I like talking to so many different people. I love the enjoyment of finding people who want to join our team, and the enthusiasm that new people bring to the guild.

What I do In Diablo 3

With the release of Diablo 3’s new expansion, I’m currently working on finishing off the last few levels on my way to 70. We have a clan in D3 comprised of people from our WOW guild, along with family and friends of our members. I’m having a lot of fun playing my Wizzard. I also got a barbarian up to level 60 during the increased experience bonus days leading up to the launch of the Diablo 3 expansion.

Other games?

I have been playing around some with other games. I’m looking forward to Hearthstone being released on the ipad so I don’t have to sit at my desk to play the game (where Diablo ends up being more tempting!). I have also played around some with the beta for Wildstar, and it seems like a pretty neat game. I’ve also been poking around League of Legends a tiny bit (I just played part of the tutorial today), so I can see the basic mechanics.

Outside of gaming

Work has been keeping me really busy! For as much as I want to be playing games, I’m really only getting to spend a small number of hours plugged into the games. We have been making really good progress with designing the autism social skills game. I’m doing data collection with adolescents on our other research projects, looking at how adolescents (with autism or with typical development) get good at recognizing faces. So, most of my time I spend working! I do, however, really love the science that I’m working on and I am very passionate about my job.

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