Improvements for guild perk system in Warlords

The guild leveling system was originally meant to be a reward for guilds. People who worked together got rewards. For the first ~6 months, this guild leveling system was awesome. After a year, or two, things went terribly wrong.

The level 25 elephant in the room.

However, in recent years, the guild leveling system, as well as the cash flow perk, has been discouraging people from making new guilds. This has been particularly problematic as it has directly contributed to the decline in the number of people willing to start new raiding guilds, and thus the decline of the raiding population that helped keep the social element of the game intact. Even for social guilds, people only trusted level 25 guilds to have their best interests in mind.

Instead, many people starting guilds have been doing it for the purpose of predatory behavior. That is, someone would start a guild and then spam invites to any new player who made a character on the server. Once people were in the guild, they would be abused for leveling purposes, and then kicked from the guild as soon as the guild hit level 25. Then, that guild could be sold to the highest bidder. Since people couldn’t start new raiding guilds unless they bought a level 25 guild, that created a market for people who abused new players for the purpose of leveling and selling guilds.

The cash flow perk was also problematic in that it earned money for the guild leader along the way, which then was not shared with the rest of the members in a predatory leveling guild. In most real guilds, this cash flow perk did not come anywhere near covering the costs associated with raiding and the repair feature. So, the cash flow perk was able to be abused by predatory guilds (e.g., to a single person who wasn’t giving anything back to the guild members), but wasn’t providing any substantial bonus to real guilds who were using the money (e.g., guild leadership that used the money to supply the guild with needed resources).

Since most new guilds were assumed to be predatory (even when someone actually had good intentions), most good players would not join a guild that was below level 25. This meant that as a new guild officer, you couldn’t recruit quality players, and you burned out of leadership before you even got started. Since all good guilds were level 25, the way to know that the guild was good was to refuse to join any guild that wasn’t at max level. Thus, the cycle of needing to buy level 25 guilds to show legitimacy has been a huge problem that Blizzard has largely ignored. That is, until today.

Social groups will always die and fade if given enough time. So, guilds were always going to fold after their leaders got tired. The leaders were always going to get tired. The problem with guild leveling is that it created a barrier for entry for new guilds and new leaders. That slowed down the creation of new guilds to a much slower speed than guilds were folding, and led to a cascade of other related problems that make guild leadership unappealing to new players. Prior to Cataclysm, there were always new guilds to replace the ones that went away, but that ended with the guild leveling barrier of entry.

The solution to the guild problem.

Blizzard has announced that they are removing the guild leveling system from the game. Every guild in the game will be treated as though they are level 25. If you are in a guild, you get all the benefits of being in the guild without having to level the guild.

They are also removing the problematic cash flow perk. Instead of guilds making money from the cash flow perk, they are putting epic BOEs back into raiding dungeons for guilds to be able to sell. This was the primary way my guild funded all of our repairs and materials prior to Siege of Orgrimmar removing epic BOEs.

Guilds will still have fun bonuses in Warlords.

With the worry about the changes, there are several important things to keep in mind:

  • There will still be the basic perks that came from being in a guild. Things that people really liked, they will still mostly get (though there will be fewer individual perks in the perk list – combining things reduces confusion and “bloat”). For level 25 guilds, nothing important really changes with what they announced.
  • There will still be guild achievements. With all the talk of removing the leveling system, achievements are still something really important that were of benefit to real guilds (and weren’t all that helpful to predatory guilds). Achievements have been updated for guilds continuously every expansion, and are the main ways that all the level 25 guilds differentiate themselves anyway.
  • Purchasing guild bank tabs is still going to require resources, thus there will still be plenty of opportunities to feel like your new guild is progressing in working together to accomplish goals.
  • Without the cash flow perk, it will be easier to get shared guild resources in ways that require working together and doing normal guild behavior (e.g., actually running instances or raids as a team).  Additionally, getting people to donate shared resources will be easier without people thinking the cash flow perk is actually doing something  (when in reality, it never was).
  • People who want to start new raiding or social guilds no longer have to give money to people selling pre-leveled guilds. Instead, we go back to the days when people who wanted to start a new guild had the resources available for them to do so. Thus, people can start new raid teams without being at such a huge disadvantage. The guild perks are now bonuses, rather than a system that punishes new players.
  • If people do only the dungeon and scenario guild challenges, your guild can get around 5,500 gold per week. This number increases if you do any of the other perks, with several thousand more gold available from the more difficult challenges (e.g., battlegrounds, challenge modes, and raids). Seeing as how my guild only got 600 from the cash flow perk (excluding guild challenges), convincing our guild members to complete the challenges is a better source of income than the cash flow perk ever was. You have to subtract your guild challenge total from the perk UI because the game adds those values together.

This is a change that should have positive impacts on the game. The guild level shackles were going to cause a huge problem when people needed to make new guilds in Warlords of Draenor. Now, those shackles have been removed – making way for an era of new guilds. While it may take a long time for the fear of predatory guilds to fade. It is normal for old guild leadership to burn out, but it’s not normal for potential new leaders to be scared away from trying. In time, trying to be a new guild leader may be seen as a positive thing in the community, instead of a negative. As old guild leaders burn out, lets hope that new people can now be encouraged to try to take up the mantle of leadership. It’s still a lot of work to be a leader, but without Bizzard tying our hands behind our backs, it’s now a function of the leader’s effort and skills at leading to make new guilds a success. Go forth and make friends.

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4 comments on “Improvements for guild perk system in Warlords
  1. Rades says:

    I think this is a good step in the right direction, but they need to provide guilds with more options to generate revenue. For many guilds, BoEs will not be a valid source of income due to not clearing as much content as more progressive guilds and/or because their raiders will NEED those BoEs. And will they drop in WoD Normal runs? I would like to assume so since BoEs currently drop in Flex, but if not that’s a severe financial blow for guilds that only run Flex/WoD-Normal content. Also, moving BoEs require a financial officer (or equivalent) which not all guilds have.

    Cash Flow may not have earned your guild much gold but I was quite shocked when I looked back and saw how much it generated for mine. A friend said that even now during the end-of-expac lull and when a large amount of players have left or stopped playing, Cash Flow was still getting their guild 2k a week. I had always thought Cash Flow had never contributed much to my guild, but after hearing this I looked back to “prime” Mists months (during Heart of Fear) and I was very surprised to see 1700g coming in from the perk.

    So while I agree that eliminating Cash Flow will probably solve the invite spam that does plague new players/alts, I feel they haven’t yet adequately solved the financial hole it leaves.

    • Rades says:

      An additional thought – maybe if there was more incentive to do guild dungeons/scenarios, those rewards would be sufficient. They were nice early in Mists when people were running them anyway, but since ToT there’s really been no reason to do them EXCEPT for guild gold (especially in Siege when Valor became next to useless), which makes it a chore and not a pleasant side benefit to running group content.

      • Lissanna says:

        The bank listing for the cash flow includes the up to around 8,000 gold from the Guild Challenges. You have to subtract the guild challenge gold from the total displayed to see your actual value. We got 5,000 from guild challenges and 600 from the cash flow perk. The UI display is exaggerating the benefit from the perk by showing a total of 5600 when in reality it only gave 600. Check what your guild challenge perks gave you. If they leave guild challenge income, you won’t actually lose any meaningful money if you do challenges (5,500 with just dungeons and scenarios).

  2. Navimie says:

    I think this is a great change, and I think that the sense of valuing the group play (like guild achievements, rewards for being in a guild etc) is a really positive way of doing it. Some guilds make it compulsory to do those dungeon challenges (not mine, but others I know) so that could be something guilds strapped for cash could do. I for one am looking forward to the change and hope the non believers will realise that it’s a good move for them as well.


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