The profession paradox

With garrisons set to be the crowning achievement of the Warlords of Draenor expansion, and professions being intricately tied to the success of the garrison feature, I thought we would know more about professions by now. How little we know about professions in WOD worries me, especially because of how much we know will change. Fansites such as Wowhead have been collecting information on the basics of professions, but I have still been struggling to figure out how all the pieces fit together. The biggest problem I’m having at this point is that the work order process in the garrison seems to not be taking into consideration the history of how people have chosen their professions. Professions that used to work together now instead compete for resources and garrison space, leading me to question whether I chose my primary professions poorly.

A tale of Tailoring and Enchanting

When I started my mage, I already had a jewelcrafter/miner (my druid), and an alchemist/herbalist (my shaman). So, I thought the obvious pairing for my mage would be tailoring and enchanting. Tailoring was incredibly helpful in generating resources for leveling up enchanting at the end of Cataclysm. Enchanting has been helpful in being able to disenchant gear that drops from my guild’s raids. However, other than helping me level enchanting, tailoring has done very little for me or my guild, other than providing me with cheaper bag upgrades and raid bonus enhancements. So, I have to make the tough choice of whether to keep tailoring for the next expansion.

Everything I’ve found out about the garrisons and work orders suggests that taking tailoring just to support enchanting is a bad idea for Warlords of Draenor. Here is why:

  • By having two primary professions, I need two small plots to support leveling the professions in WOD. However, I don’t get access to a second small plot until several levels into the leveling process. So, I have to choose one of two professions to start before the other. In addition, I only get three small plots total. So, it’s actually a disadvantage to have two crafting professions in WOD with all the changes.
  • Tailoring appears to require two garrison plots to be useful as a primary profession. Tailoring now relies on skins that come from animals only, and thus both the tailoring small plot and the barn medium plot appear to be required to be able to get enough animal skins to level tailoring. The trading post would also be helpful, too, for turning garrison resources into more fur. In addition, tailoring and leatherworking don’t appear to actually share materials, so skinning doesn’t seem to be a profession that is supposed to support tailoring (but I can’t even really tell that for sure from the guides).
  • The work orders for enchanting don’t interact with tailoring at all. Farming skins from animals to make items to disenchant is likely to actually use more resources and time than other methods of farming items to disenchant. Taking a gathering profession instead of tailoring would free up two garrison plots, speed up my profession leveling times, and confer other possible benefits along the way.
  • Update: I just went back to the enchanting hut, and now instead of taking ore, it’s taking dust from enchanting to complete the work orders. So, even with the method I’d been using for the last month or so leveling up my character, it’s still not finalized to the point where you can plan on what feeds into what. That’s what I get for hitting ‘post’ without checking in on the garrison plot for a few days.

Do I even need to have either tailoring or enchanting as a primary profession?

So, I’m left with questions over what I need tailoring for (very little to support my raiding if anyone else in my guild can make items from the tailoring raid patterns), whether the time to level tailoring is worth it (probably not, unless they replaced all humanoids in the world with beasts that drop skins), and what the point of all this even is.

With enchanting, if I made an enchanting hut in my garrison, I could still disenchant everything that I got from raids, without needing enchanting as a profession at all. So, the bigger question then becomes – what is the point of having crafting professions as our primary professions? Would it make sense for everyone just to pick up gathering professions (mining/herbing/skinning), and just feed resources into profession huts without having any primary crafting professions at all?

You no longer get raid bonuses from your primary professions, and all the crafting professions have their primary benefits given to you via the garrison huts whether you have that profession or not, so I can’t figure out what the point of having any primary crafting professions is at all right now. At the very least, I’m pretty sure having two primary crafting professions is to my own detriment. At this point, I’m trying to decide if I should get mining (to directly feed my enchanting), or if I should pick up herbalism instead to more quickly feed resources into an alchemy hut. Maybe dropping both enchanting and tailoring would be the smartest choice of all. With the new profession ‘catch up’ bonuses, the beginning of WOD seems like the perfect time to change all our profession choices. That is, until another expansion comes along and changes the entire system again, and we have to start all over.

Even having played in the beta, they haven’t had enough of the garrison and profession systems implemented for me to know what professions would be the best use of my time – whether staying the course on tailoring and enchanting would be a waste of time and money or not. As many raiders chose their professions based on the raid-related benefits (and having all of those benefits changing), this is really the time to be making decisions about what our professions should be. I just wish we had enough information for me to be able to make a better decision. That, then, becomes the problem. With it being easier to just start all over again on your professions, what profession choice is the right one? What benefits do we even get from all this extra profession leveling work?

Confusions, not conclusions

The new profession system in the garrisons are so confusing that I haven’t been able to level up any profession at all to test any of it out. The only thing I’ve ever done is turn raw materials into other types of raw materials via the work order system. I haven’t yet crafted anything at all. This late in the game, I really wish I could write about my plan for my professions, instead of writing about my uncertainty over how to even plan at all. With professions being central to everything we’re supposed to care about this expansion, I really wish we knew enough to be able to care about professions.

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4 comments on “The profession paradox
  1. Mumrit says:

    As far as I’ve been able to tell, the only reason to spec into a primary profession is to make upgraded versions of the crafted armor. With the primary profession, it seems that you can go above (in terms of iLevel) what you’d be able to create from a work order. In addition you can also make an item that lets you reroll the secondary stats on a crafted item to something more desirable for your specialization.

    Of course, this is just my understanding from reading about the professions months ago. I may very well be misunderstanding something or it may have been changed since then. I agree with your over all assessment though – I wish there was a way to differentiate the crafting professions enough that they felt ‘worth it’ while not feeling mandatory.

  2. Newsom says:

    So here’s how it works: every single profession now has some sort of daily cooldown. Having the profession yourself gives you one cooldown, having the profession building gives you another one. If you have tailoring with the tailoring building, you’ll be able to craft stuff at twice the speed compared to somone who only has the building or only the profession.

    The buildings also cannot craft the highest tier armor for example – you need to actually have tailoring to do that. You can make the 640 and 655 gear with the tailoring building, but you can’t make the 665 stuff without actually having tailoring.

    The barn is “required” for all three armor crafting professions, since all the recipes require Savage Blood which is only obtainable through the barn (it is BoE though).

  3. Newsom says:

    But literally EVERYTHING requires some sort of reagent that you can only craft through a daily cooldown. Even flasks require Alchemical Catalysts (10 of them for 5 greater flasks!) Buildings are basically there to give you more cooldowns and/or basic access to some profession you don’t have.

  4. Berry says:

    (I am assuming for the sake of assuming that you will level to 100 quickly, and then level your garrison.)

    How Garrisons and professions interact:

    Herb plot (everyone gets one)
    Mine (everyone gets one)
    *Barn (medium plot)

    If you are an herber you get extra herbs from the garden, and a miner gets extra from the mine. I haven’t tested the Barn with a non skinner, so I can’t tell you if there are extras there or not. As a skinner in the world, it is very very easy to get leather, but the furs seem to drop off animals rarely. The Barn will give you about 50 furs a whack.

    *Barn- the barn daily will give you either furs, leather, or meat, depending on the type of animal you trap for the work order.

    If you have the profession, the plot will give you an extra daily cd, and access to the highest level profession recipes.

    If you don’t have the profession, the plot will give you a single daily cd, and access to the basic 640 gear and below.

    So for tailoring/enchanting, you need the Barn, the chanter’s study, and a tailoring emporium. The Barn, the garden, and the mine will feed you materials for the daily cds, and the tailoring emporium will let you make the upgrade pieces for your 3 pieces of 640 gear (if you choose to wear the cloth pieces rather than weapons/offhands/trinkets).

    The truth is, there is no “best” profession for raiding. Everything is BoE, the only limit is 3 pieces of 640 gear. As of the current build, upgraded pieces don’t count. In the second tier, I think it will be to your advantage to have an armor making profession on your main, but only time will tell.

    As a raid leader, I would like to see one person with enchanting in raid to make things simple. Beyond that, you are better off with the crafting profession on your main that best supports your first tier of raiding. For example, as a scribe I will get both my profession cd and a small building cd. I can make a 655 weapon in time to start raid on Dec 2. (equiv to highmaul normal ilvls) I can potentially do the same by throwing cash at the AH, but I’ll do that for my LW BoE gear upgrades instead.


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