Druid Travel Form Survey – CLOSED

Update: Thank you everyone who took the time to complete the survey. After 615 responses, I have now de-activated the survey and closed it to future responses. Screenshots of the questions are provided below for archiving purposes and being able to interpret the survey results. You can view the results and interpretation from the first 466 responses here.




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8 comments on “Druid Travel Form Survey – CLOSED
  1. jen says:

    Id prefer if there was a button for travel, swim, flight and then some kind of ‘do it for me’ button.

  2. Dharyth says:

    I hate not having the optional buttons to choose what form I want to be in. If I want to be in stag or cheetah in the water I should have the power to do so. Not be forced into the Aquatic form

  3. kh says:

    I like the merged form functionality but I don’t like the loss of ground travel form on command. Also cheetah form!

  4. Gilgalen says:

    The only real issue we had before was swim form breaking if you jumped above the water line. The whole mess of stag vs cheetah vs glyph confusion really is bizarre thinking. I know we all have different ideas about the details of what makes druids ‘fun’, but it really seem this xpac more than ever that the designers working on the class don’t actually play druids (if they even play at all).

  5. MNKyDeth says:

    I cannot stand the Deer, ELk or whatever that thing is supposed to be, form for travel form. I must have cheetah so I glyph it otherwise I wouldn’t use travel form in the first place. If I wanted an all in one button I would have created a macro for it.

    Travel form is running on the ground. Flight form is for air. This all-terrain form just isn’t pleasant as I can hotkey each form + mounts + all the buttons I had before the condense happened.

  6. Veyska says:

    Two easy ways of fixing things that I can think of that would still let Blizz keep their precious auto-shifting stuff… 1) Split ground form out (and not via a glyph that locks you out of glyphs of cheetah/travel *and* forces you to be mountable), or 2) Give us a way, even if it’s via a macro conditional, to manually trigger ground form.

    And regardless, not being able to combine cheetah and travel (glyph) is dumb. If the concern is for having druids able to go mount speeds without mount-size graphics (which we don’t have in flight form either) then just make it a *bigger* cheetah (either with a scaled up cheetah or the saber/mount version of the skin). Undoubtedly someone would complain but you’re never going to make everyone happy. 😛 Shoot, for that matter there’s precedence (admittedly in the comics, though not the Med’an silliness one) for *cheetah* form acting as a mount. Rename Glyph of the Stag to something more generic and let it be used with cheetah, why the heck not? (The exclusion between travel and stag makes at least *some* sense though so not too fussed about it.)

    • Gilgalen says:

      I don’t see why cheetah moving at mount speed, but not being mount sized is that much of an issue since gnome rogue/engineers can burst zoom pretty good in pvp.

      So really, now I want two travel forms. Cheetah and stag, cheetah has no cast time, stag has a cast time because it can carry someone. Both move at mount speed. More buttons, but no confusing glyphs.

      That would never happen, but it’s nice to dream isn’t it?

      • Veyska says:

        The speed boost would be disabled in BGs anyhow, so yeah… *I* don’t see a problem with cheetah being able to go mount speeds at its standard size, but on the off chance that *Blizz* does I was just pointing out a possible compromise. 😛

        And really, if you just pull ground form out into its own button and let cheetah go turbo, there isn’t really that much confusion. You could be a stag or a cheetah, and you can either run turbo speeds or carry a passenger (or neither).

        *shrug* We shall see if Blizz decides to do anything or not. With any luck someone will bug them about it at BlizzCon… <-<


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