New expansion: Druid class halls & form reskins

The new World of Warcraft expansion (Warcraft: Legion) brings with it a flurry of new features. A few of the changes are particularly interesting to the druid class. The new expansion overall looks amazing – with tons of different lore progression on a bunch of different story threads. This story is for all the WOW lore fans who want to see the main story’s progression back at home in Azeroth.

Artifact weapons – Clarification for kitties

First, the new Artifact Weapon system will allow for customizing legendary weapons, with awesome new skins and lore. However, feral and guardian druids can’t see their weapons. So, instead, your cat and bear skins will change based on the weapon customization.

Updated cat druid models

Note that they did not say ANYTHING about restoration or moonkin druids. I’m seeking clarification on what is happening with moonkin/resto (mostly by spamming everyone on twitter). For cat and bear druids, we know that the choices you make about your artifact weapon change your skins. However, moonkin and resto druids can already see their weapons – so we need more specific clarification on whether moonkin keep their 1.0 models while cats get to be fangs of the first nightsaber.

The other thing they didn’t talk about was whether or not you could have more than one artifact weapon. We don’t yet know how artifact weapons interact with Dual Specs. If you run two different specs and actually use them – are you locked to only one spec due to the weapon system, or can you progress more than one weapon? Overall, the idea of artifact weapons sound neat, but we’ll have to see how the practical implications work.

UPDATE: The press kit came with pictures of what we believe to be the Fang’s weapon graphic you would see outside of your feral form:


Druid Class Halls – Druids are for fun times with friends

In the announcement, they talked about a class-specific hall where members of your class will come together. This builds off the concept of garrisons, but are seemingly more social hubs for activity. This means for druids that we will be able to host frequent dance parties. I expect to organize druid parties periodically for hanging out in our druid class halls. This has a chance to be a really fun feature, if done correctly. If anything, however, the druid hall will be the best hall. Druids are for fun times with friends!

Emerald Dream raid and druid lore

Not to be outdone by features, this expansion will have a significant amount of druid lore (including the site where Malfurion first learned about druidism). This includes a long awaited raid where we will venture into the Emerald Dream. Thus, for people who thought Warlords of Draenor fell short in terms of lore, there will be tons of lore for everyone to look forward to!


Talents specific for PVP

They are making a change to the PVP system that will include talents designed only for PVP. This will change how your druid plays in PVP compared to PVE. This expanded PVP system includes a lot of different features that will be relevant to everyone. However, a different set of talents for PVP may ultimately give more flexibility in balancing the class.

I will definitely be here blogging all of the new expansion news, views, and changes – particularly those relevant to druids. At this point, given the heavy class-focus, I may even consider going back to my druid  for my primary character. I look forward to what the future brings!

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10 comments on “New expansion: Druid class halls & form reskins
  1. Zy says:

    I am intrigued but skeptical. WoD broke my trust in Blizz and while it looks like there’s lots of good potential in Legion I’m going to wait and see how Beta goes (especially Blizz’s response to feedback) before I make up my mind.

    I will say I do like the focus on classes (and lack of orcs). The new shift in PvP has me concerned because I read you will gradually unlock more PvP abilities the more you PvP. That sounds like it will leave people who only occasionally PvP at a disadvantage and make it harder for folks to get into it. Or change toons.

  2. Bella says:

    As excited as I was throughout the stream, in honesty I was just waiting for some mention of boomkins – sadly there wasn’t any 🙁

    The feral artefact looks badass, I just hope that the reason they didn’t show the boomie/resto artefact was because they only wanted to show the best ones on stream and the boomie one actually looks dull and uninteresting.

    • Lissanna says:

      Realistically, they didn’t talk about every single specialization. They focused on a small selection. For example, I don’t think they at all mentioned priests. So, they may have stuck to what they knew was already done. They aren’t going to preview half finished concept art for some specs along side polished products for others.

  3. hannah says:

    do you know if the special cat and bear forms will be influenced by race?

    one of these looks clearly like a night elf cat, but i’m worried that they will be homogenized due to lack of wanting to make ~10 skins per race [if going off of the fact that other artifacts have base + 4 skins]

  4. WScrfhcgn says:

    Reskin? really? you went there? so it’s the same druid “Model” with a new “Skin/texture” on it? because I heard them say “RE-Model” that means a whole new model.

    You need to learn something about computer graphics before writing another topic like this again.

  5. Abal says:

    I dont give a think about the artifacts been visible or not, I just want forms to be made HD like the new character models.

  6. Ann says:

    Actually they did say that you would be able to have an artifact weapon for off spec but you would have to do the quest for it and level it up just the same as your main spec weapon.

  7. Vancleo says:

    With the artifact weapons for Feral Druid, I am wondering if the Claws of Shirvallah will still be in effect for the PvP side of things. For example, claws allow the ability for spells usually casted in “human” form to be casted in kitty. So, with the Fangs of the First Nightsaber, will kitties still be able to cast those spells? Also, how would the kitty look if someone did take claws? Surely we won’t be cats running around throwing cyclones and healing touches. Basically my question is if those who took claws, will we be kitties? Or still that weird humanoid cat thing?

    • Lissanna says:

      There is no claws of shirvallah shapeshift form in Legion. They removed the shapeshifting component. There will still likely be some ways for feral druids to get off-role things they can do. Right now, feral also doesn’t have access to Cyclone. Things are really changing a lot for everyone! I’ll be talking a lot more about the actual mechanics of how things will work across beta. It’s still pretty early for a lot of the class development.


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