Moonkin form updated in Legion

Update from Blizzcon, preview image of updated Moonkin form.

Updated Moonkin Form

Updated Moonkin Form



At a Q&A today, there was some conflicting information about moonkin form. So, we got some clarification from Lore:

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 8.28.07 PM

“Sounds like there’s been a misunderstanding somewhere here. Our current plan is that Moonkin Form will indeed receive a high-res model update in Legion.”

This update suggests that moonkin will have a model update in Legion. However, the Q&A suggested that these updates wouldn’t be “major”. So, the model will likely look similar, but no longer look like it was made back in 2004. In addition, we probably shouldn’t expect the moonkin model to change with the artifact weapon (as you can see your weapon in moonkin form, and this may be more likely to reflect the original quote).

So, we’ll have to keep an eye out in Beta. This is the most specific news we’ve heard about moonkin yet.



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5 comments on “Moonkin form updated in Legion
  1. Adrian Couch says:

    I think it’s time for a totally new form. I vote for a son or daughter of Cenarius as the model. They could really go to town with the model too, tattoos etc but it would be awesome. Tweet if you agree!

  2. Ann says:

    I just hope they leave my flight form alone. I like my storm crow. I refuse to upgrade to epic lvl 70 flight because I don’t want to loose my beautiful bird form.

  3. Syrco says:

    I’m so happy now! 😀


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