Druid class changes in Legion from class Q&A

Today was “class info release day” at Blizzcon. I will need to spend more time over the next few days writing about the Blizzcon announcement, but here are some major highlights from the class-specific Q&A that happened in the DMF area (that wasn’t available on the livestream):

All specs

  • Baseline, you will get fewer abilities for specs outside of your main specialization. So, balance won’t have a bunch of mostly useless bear, cat, and resto healing abilities. Instead, balance will pick a talent where you choose to have a secondary specialization in resto, feral, OR guardian. That secondary spec would be slightly weaker than the first. This allows Guardian druids to shift into moonkin form or cat form (depending on the talent choice they made) and do useful amounts of damage when their tanking partner taunts the boss off them. This same choice applies to cat and resto, as well.


  • Eclipse is gone. Playing the UI by watching the bar go back and forth just wasn’t a good playstyle. Never really worked well.
  • Balance has a focus on DOTs. Also gains and spends resources in a new way than Eclipse. This means balance gets a different mastery. Will keep existing DOT spells (moonfire, sunfire, starfall).
  • Balance will get Innervate as a specialization exclusive ability. Can cast innervate on other people: increase mana regen of your healer (or arcane mage!). No one else gets the ability to give mana to other players. This replaces Stampeding Roar which wasn’t thematically appropriate for balance.
  • The planned class blog will go live some time between Sunday and Tuesday, where you can learn a lot more details about these changes and more! I will work really hard beta testing balance along with the other balance theorycrafters. Once the info is live, I will work at collecting feedback and organizing it.


  • They will reduce the rejuv spam feel of the spec, but overall the spec is in decent shape in terms of the overall toolset.
  • Resto will get a single-target “mark of the wild style” buff they can put on another player to boost them. No specific details on this. (this is in place of stampeding roar, which is guardian/feral exclusive. Turns out trees can’t actually roar.)
  • Changes to the talent system will impact how you specialize your heals for a fight. The talent changes will impact rotational play.


  • Bears no longer dodge as their core tanking mechanic. It didn’t make sense that bear was all about dodge. That was really a mechanical thing that came from using Agility as the primary stat due to how gear worked. Magical dancing circus bears that dodged attacks is thematically inappropriate and won’t be around in Legion.
  • Bears will focus on armor and health instead – big beefy bears can take a hit and keep on going.
  • Vengence is gone. They will make the abilities and core mechanics of tanking classes work better without vengeance.
  • Tanking-related things in general will undergo some changes that are better discussed elsewhere by people who understand tank mechanics better than I do.


  • They didn’t announce much in the way of specific changes on the Q&A. There will be tweaks that fix some core problems, but no major overhaul like guardian and balance. They mentioned a couple little things like not casting rejuv in cat form. Details coming soonish.
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6 comments on “Druid class changes in Legion from class Q&A
  1. Syrco says:

    Thanks for posting this and for tweeting the Q&A today 😀

  2. stupidhero says:

    Thanks for the summary (and a priori also for you upcoming work in the beta)

    As for the “specific” changes we know of:
    Balance was something I hoped for, glad to see them think similar. Only thing I fear about is, that we end up to similar to other classes, who also get a builder/spent kind of mechanic.

    It’s nice they’re once again trying for less Reju spam, but as in the past, I fully expect the (likely to exist) rejuvenation talent to be the obvious choice (as the toolkit still would lacks adequate means to fill the gaps in between rejuvenation).

    For the hybridity talents, this can be done well, or cannot. Really depends on how good an offspec toolkit they will provide (similar to HotW). Also, the baseline offspec prune sounds as if they’re getting rid of offspec forms.

  3. Tehuantl says:

    I like the updates, especially to moonkin graphics. What about including the Glyph of the Chameleon for moonkin, not just bear/cat form? Its not total control, but it does give some flavor.

    Thanks for your continued efforts on the behalf of Druids!


  4. Navimie says:

    Thanks for this post Lissanna 🙂

  5. Bruin says:

    Thanks! I appreciate your efforts, and wanted to say thank you for that. You are making a difference and I want to acknowledge that.

  6. Bruin says:

    Thanks! I appreciate your efforts, and wanted to say thank you for that. You are making a difference and I want to acknowledge that.

    I look forward to more info!


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