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Warcraft Opening Ceremonies Recap (spoilers)!

More info available on Blizzard’s Website. Blizzcon 2013 Opening Ceremony Announcement Recap New World of Warcraft expansion is the Warlords of Draenor. “when you think about all that history, all that context, a really interesting question comes to mind… What if those dark days could come again? What if a pantheon of the most viscious […]

How 9 years of World of Warcraft has made my life better

This week, I had a hard time coming up with a blog post. In-game, most things are going well right now. My guild just recently killed Garrosh on Normal and started heroics. There isn’t a lot of WOW news going on while we wait forBlizzcon to roll around. So, as someone who spends most of […]

Guild Leadership Corner: Where have all the guild funds gone?

This post was co-written by Lissanna, Ranico, and Mindalen of Undying Resolution (US-Elune), as part of the blog’s guild leadership series. Our guild has a problem. We’re slowly going broke this tier because Blizzard’s changes in 5.4 have removed our guild’s primary source of guild income. Our 25-man raiding guild used to be self-sufficient:  We’re […]

Reflections on the Hearthstone Beta Patch

With little going on in WOW after the last major WOW patch, I wanted to take more time to talk about Hearthstone. This week, Blizzard did a full wipe/reset of the game, that included a major patch release to beta. Below, I’ll focus on some of the major change areas that impacted my game play […]