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Goodbye Idols, and good riddance!

I interrupt this dead time in Lissanna postings while she is traveling with news from MMO-Champion concerning the latest Beta Build (this post is written by Post written by Lavata/Malchome).

As the title indicates Idols are now removed from the game, they have been merged with Relics, Totems and Librams of the Death Knight, Shaman and Paladin classes under a general heading of Relics.   They now have normal itemization and fill the role of stat stick like Wands for the caster classes and ranged weapons for melee or the normal weapons slots for hunters.

I have to say this convergence is long over due.  I remember running the first boss of Shadow Labs over 70-80 times for Lissanna trying to get a stupid Idol that never did drop…..  I hate random loot sometimes, well most of the time but that is what my blog is for and not a topic for here.

Please return to your normal weekend blog reading activities.  Had this been a true emergency I would have used more inflammatory language and most likely bold text and colors.

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Tanking Differences: Warrior versus Druid

NOTE: Lavata of Elune is my guest writer for today. He has like one of every class, and decided to write about his experiences tanking on both a warrior and a druid.

As monty python would say, “and now for something completely different”

I don’t know how many druids out there that tank, have also tanked with a different class either recently or in the past.  However I just recently leveled my warrior to 80 and have switched to him mostly as my main tanking character.   Now this is not because I don’t like tanking on a druid, so there is not reason to yell see another feral is switching because we are getting our tanking nerfed in 3.1.  Honestly if I was going to do that my first 80 would have been the warrior and not my druid.

The idea for this post came while tanking normal HoLing last night.  One of the main differences in how it feels to tank on a Warrior versus a Druid, at least for me, is that on the Druid I always have something to do and that I can do.  Where on the warrior it feels like I am just waiting for cooldowns.   In all honesty I like how the druid feels when tanking a little more than the warrior.  The one exception is I love spell reflection, I laugh everytime I get to use it.  I think I do that because I hate that ability so much on my Mage.

The other main difference that I like about tanking with a Druid over a Warrior is I don’t have to sit there constantly weighing the situation as to which ability to press next.

I will demonstrate what I mean for both AE tanking and Single Target.

Warrior: (Rage), Charge[+rage], Thunderclap, (step back), Shockwave, Cleave, Cleave until Cool Downs on Thunderclap and or Shockwave.[Throw Shield Block and Shield Slam when available]
Druid: (Rage), Charge[-rage], Swipe, Swipe, (If Rage – Queue Maul), Mangle on Focus, Swipe, Lacerate, Swipe…..

Single Target
Warrior: (Rage), Charge[+rage], Shield Slam, Shield Block, Revenge or Devastate*5, then rest of time rotating Shield Slam and Revenges.  “I know that I should be throwing Heroic Strikes or some other Rage dump”
Druid: (Rage), Charge[-rage], Mangle, Lacerate, Queue Maul, Lacerate*4.  The rest of the fight is just keep the Queue of Maul going, Hit mangle and Lacerate to keep active on target at all times.  Maybe throw a FFF just because you can.

Now I know that these rotations can be optimized further, I was only using them as an example.

Since Swipe and Lacerate are instant cast with no cool down abilities the Druid tank feels like a more active play style when tanking, because Swipe and Lacerate are only a GCD away.   Where on the Warrior you are constantly juggling your cool downs in relation to what is going on and going to be going on in any given encounter.  Because of this Druids in my opinion will always be the ultimate OT and have what is needed to be a good MT.

So the question in my mind after all of this is the following.  Do Druids have too few buttons to use when tanking or is it that Warriors have too many or do both have enough since they have what they seem to need?

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