Moonkin and resto druid 85 pre-raid gear

So, my guild officers asked everyone to look into what their pre-raid gear options are. So, I spent several hours one day looking at all the instance drops, reputation items, and badge rewards. I thought that I would post it here on  my blog for other people to benefit from, rather than only posting it on my guild forums. Since moonkin & resto share caster leather gear, I’m including both in this gear list.

Before you step into raids, you want to be decked out in as much ilevel 346 gear (or higher!) as possible. So, my gear list below is only going to include ilevel blue 346 gear. However, normal-mode dungeons will drop lower item level pieces that are basically the same stat combination, just lower ilevel.

Other gear guides available: If you want a BIS pre-raid gear list for moonkin, then see the guide at Sunfyre’s Nest. Sunfyre’s nest has the gear set would put you near the hit cap for raids. Keep in mind that reforging is a good way to add or subtract spirit/hit rating as necessary. Treebound has a more extensive resto gear list, including some lower item-level things I excluded from here. Auracen on the Plus Heal forums has another resto gear list, including epic items & crafted. I have a list of reputation reward items for caster druids here.

Remember that your gear should be all leather, with NO CLOTH!!!

Stat priorities for Resto healers: Int > Spirit > Haste > Crit = Mastery

  • For resto, crit probably comes ahead of mastery in raid/AOE healing. Mastery comes ahead of crit in tank healing. So, I’m calling it roughly a tie.
  • You don’t want hit rating on gear – that’s for DPS casters.

Stat priorities for Moonkin casters: Int > Spirit/hit = haste > crit >= mastery

  • Your talents make spirit give you hit rating. So, spirit & hit are basically the same stat for moonkin. Starting out in blues, you are going to need a lot of your gear to have spirit or hit on it (either naturally or through reforging) to reach the hit cap (17%  hit for the first tier of raiding).
  • Remember that you can use reforging to your advantage to raise or lower your hit rating. This means that you can take a piece of gear without spirit/hit and add spirit/hit to the item to help you reach the hit cap.  Hamlet has more info about how reforging impacts stat priorities.

Blue Caster Leather (ilevel 346) Includes gear from instances, reputation, & vendors (listed in no particular order). I have some of the available epic items in italics See the Plus Heal gear guide for additional craftable caster druid items & various caster epics.









Blue-quality Accessories (ilevel 346) Some accessories are moonkin or resto-specific and are not shared across specs. Resto doesn’t use any hit rating accessories, and some trinkets are DPS or healing specific. Includes gear from instances, reputation, & vendors. See the Plus Heal gear guide for additional craftable caster druid Blue & Epic items.



Relic (replaces Idols):

Rings (there are lots of caster rings, so I excluded all rings that had neither haste or spirit):

Trinket (Spec-specific ones labeled. Items described as “Primary Stat”/”Equip Proc or Use effect stat”):

Blue Weapons (2-H or 1-H/off-hand) ilevel 346: Since you have a lot of weapon choices, I’m only including weapons that have spirit or haste on them. Items with Hit rating marked as moonkin-only. The decision of staff vs. 1-hand/off-hand combo actually comes out about the same in terms of total spell power (2034 versus 2027) and int (302 versus 298) However, 1-hand + OH comes out ahead with more Int/spell power due to the 100 int off-hand enchant not included in the above calculations.

Staff (2-Hand): All have 302 int & 1732 SP (for a total of 2034 SP)

1-Hand Weapons: Have 130 int, 1729 SP (1859 SP + 168 from off-hand = 2027 SP total)

Off-hand items (168 int):

4 comments on “Moonkin and resto druid 85 pre-raid gear
  1. whrath says:

    awsome list ^.^ i linked it to my guildies:D haha <3

  2. Xorkrik says:

    Waist: Thatch Eave Vines points to the wrong item. Correct link

  3. Bloomindraal says:

    “Halls of Orientation” is that like a university dungeon with lecturer bosses telling you go here for this go there for that all on your first day. Be sure to have your interupt’s ready for “Go to Hall B1 for your parking permit” It will crit you for a 5 hours wait in line !

    … or …

    You’ve got a selective spell checker changing Halls of Origination to Orientaton 🙂

    Great guide, though it would be nice to know what normal get to strive for to get ready for heorics

    • Lissanna says:

      spell checker gets me all the time…. It keeps wanting Azeroth words to be English. My longer guides get typed out in Microsoft Word and then copied here. sometimes, the problem is that I wasn’t paying attention, and sometimes the problem is that Word auto-corrects things that it thinks is wrong. It’s equally likely that I just typed it wrong in the hurry to get things finished…

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