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15 Minutes of Fame and some druid news

Hi everyone! I have a few things to cover today. First, I was featured on WOW Insider’s 15 minutes of fame blog series. You should read the article about my experiences with WOW, my real life research, and more! There are a couple of other things for druids I’d like to cover, as well, since […]

Baby moonkin/restokin art

Hi everyone, Ginny (the artist who drew my blog’s banner art) recently drew a new baby moonkin/Restokin picture. Take a look! I really like the detail on the feathers. What do you guys think?

The positive side of video games

Hi everyone! I’m taking a break from my normal style of posting to do one really important thing. I wanted to introduce myself. For all of my graduate school and into starting my new career, I have hidden behind the pseudonym Lissanna. For several years, I overall have talked very little on this blog about […]