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Congrats Garnaph!

So, Garnaph,  one of my blog writers, has been MIA for a while. I wanted to let everyone know one of the reasons he hasn’t been around much lately. His wife had a baby last weekend! Their family is doing well and I hear that Garnaph is already back to playing video games. I’m pretty sure that Garnaph will teach little baby Zoe how to farm gold for him in no time. Congrats!

Garnaph's little girl Zoe!

In somewhat related, but also unrelated, news… my sister ALSO had a baby over the weekend (a day or so after Garnaph). So, I’m also an aunt now. My niece is named Cadence.

Lissanna's niece Cadence

Congrats everyone!

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Happy 3rd Blogiversary Restokin!

Hi everyone! Three years ago (March 7th 2009), I started this little druid blog (that turned into a big druid blog over the years!).

I wanted to give a big thanks to my guest writers this year for helping to fill in over the Summer months when I was AFK. I also wanted to thank Garnaph and Shakk, my more permanent writers, for helping to lighten my posting workload. Having a lot of community support helps keep blogs like this from disappearing under piles of real life work and stress. This year, we survived my server meltdown and having to reconstruct the blog from 6 month old back-ups (thanks to those of you who helped get it back up and running!). Also, thanks to my readers & writers for all your support this year! 🙂

I’m looking forward to the MoP beta testing season “soon” (hopefully in the next few months). I can’t wait to sinking my teeth into a new expansion, since testing is quite possibly my favorite part of the game. There is only so much we can do with a talent calculator, since getting to play with the actual talents is much better.

Also, totally unrelated, I wanted to say congrats to Ponerya of Fel Concentration (one of the warlocks in my guild Undying Resolution on Elune-US) for becoming the newest Wow Insider warlock columnist!

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Restokin’s Second Blogiversary!

So, on March 7th, 2009, this humble druid started a blog with hopes of bringing druid guides, news, and discussion to the community.

Two years later, I’m still going strong (though I’ve cut back my number of blog posts, since “every day” wasn’t going to be sustainable long-term, lol). In the last year, my blog reader numbers have grown substantially (especially with the release of Cataclysm!). It has been a busy year for me, and for the WoW community as a whole.

I couldn’t do it without you guys (my readers)!

Thank you everyone! Here’s looking forward to the adventures we’ll have in the druid community over the next year!

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New Year’s Resolutions – Moonkin style

So, if your in-game character had a New Year’s resolution, what would it be?

If my moonkin had a New Year’s Resolution, it would be to go on a diet, since moonkin form is rather rotund. Unfortunately, no amount of exercising seems to take off those excess pounds.

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