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Moonkin hatchlings and a surprise!

So, the moonkin hatchlings are now available at the Blizzard store. I have a little mini-me now, it’s super cute. I’m claiming victory with having a Restokin pet, since it plants flowers, in addition to it’s dancing & trying to fly: The best part of the moonkin hatchling in-game pet is that they’re giving half […]

Stormwind invaded by….

Mammoths! (what did you think I was going to say? lol). (click on previous/next above the pictures to see the other pictures in the series, or click on the picture to see full size). So, while waiting for the elemental invasions to happen in Stormwind today on the Elune server, people got a little bored. […]

Don’t let the cultists distract you…

Don’t let the cultists distract you from your true enemies… My guild took a short break from raiding earlier this week to take our raid group on a tour of the Horde cities to take in the views before Cataclysm hits and the world changes. We actually managed to do this on Monday, so we […]

put on a happy face

So, I had a big deadline this week for submitting a grant for the funding I need to collect data for my dissertation (I just submitted the application, yay!).  Most of my blogging time for the week went into the post for the mastery (because now I have to catch up on things like grading […]