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What happens when I take a day off

So, I attend most of my guild’s raids, both our 10-man and our 25-man raids. I hate taking nights off of raids, and I even raided on my birthday just to be able to not miss a raid.

However, one of my friends recently graduated with her PhD from grad school, and was moving with her husband out of town. Due to the craziness that is packing & moving, the Sunday “lunch” we were supposed to have turned into dinner, and started late enough that I had to miss a raid last night. However, I made sure that the group could continue without me, and filled the spot, and then I came home to see my guild celebrating, because while I was gone…

my guild killed the Lich King on 10-man (normal) for the first time! Congrats Conspiracy, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it for the kill! I had someone send me a screenshot, so I could still document their boss kill.

Congrats guys!

If that’s what happens when I take a day off, maybe I need to take a day off our 25-man some time so we can get that boss kill, too… Right? Oh, maybe that’s not really how it works.

The bummer is that I can’t make it to next week’s 10-man run, either, since I’m out of town next weekend. However, by the time I come back, I’m sure they’ll have downed many heroic bosses & such. I guess I can get my kill when I’m able to run 10’s again later this month. By then, they’ll be LK slaying experts, lol.

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Internet dragon picnic

We take a break from our regularly scheduled Beta testing today to report on more raid progress for Conspiracy on Elune. We have slain an internet dragon and had a celebration with fireworks and a picnic. Yes, that’s right, we were slow to the party, but we finally have Sindragosa down on 25-man ICC. Everyone finally came back from their 4th of July holiday vacations and we were able to get down to business.

Take that Sindragosa! Tonight, we get to get our first face-time on Lich King 25-man. It should be fun!

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We killed a purple dragon

Because this game is about killing dragons, not about who you are in real life. Shades of Gray had a great post about what world of warcraft is all about: Killing dragons on the internet.

So, today’s post is about how my guild, Conspiracy on a server called Elune, killed a dragon in-game last night. This dragon’s name was Halion, in a fantasy setting called Ruby Sanctum, with really pretty trees and scenery. We knocked the dents out of our gear when it was broken by the dragon’s talons, combined our strengths, worked together, listened, cooperated, and cheered when the mighty dragon finally fell to the ground!

25 people who (mostly) didn’t know each other’s real life names come together and work with each other as friends a couple nights every week, demonstrating how you don’t have to know someone’s real name to be part of a social community with them. It’s only people’s character names that matter, and plenty of friendships have been formed in this fantasy game, which has always been an escape from the hard, cold reality of our real personal lives. We just want to fight dragons together and have the choice of how much of our real life we have to reveal to our fantasy game friends. I enjoy being part of my in-game guild. I enjoy having choice over what information I reveal to them, and some of them are my real life family, but all of them I consider my friends. I like killing dragons with Conspiracy on Elune, and that is why I play this game.

I don’t have facebook because I don’t want to be part of a social networking community. Instead, I have a blog about fighting dragons in a fantasy roleplaying game, where I post under my character’s name that I have gone by ever since the game first came out many years ago. I just want to be Lissanna who fights dragons with my friends in Conspiracy who I care about very much. That is all.

Also, Conspiracy is always looking for more new friends! I may even be able to get in 1 more druid…

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Progress report: BQ 25 down!

So, Conspiracy killed Blood Queen in 25-man ICC. That leaves us at 10/12 in ICC for our 25-man (with Sindragosa as our next big bad boss to fight), and 11/12 in ICC for our 10-man progression.  Hey Lich King, we’re coming for you!

One of our 10-man groups has been getting in some good progress on the Lich King, but the defiles keep eating us. I think our best attempts so far got us to around the 40% transition phase. One of these days, we’ll get it!

In terms of my blogging plans for the upcoming weeks: at this point, with SC2 coming out at the end of July, part of me thinks that Beta for Cataclysm may not start until after SC2 comes out (since they have to patch 3.5 for WoW before SC2 comes out). However, I’m still starting to think about preparing my Beta info release, so that I won’t be caught totally unprepared if they totally surprise me by releasing it sooner. Until then, I’ll keep writing about the info that Blizzard is publicly releasing as best I can. I’m still being somewhat restrained about Cata posting until Beta starts for a lot of reasons. I expect the number of actually druid-related posts coming out of Restokin to explode the first week or two of the Beta testing season, when we can really dig into all the mechanics of things that haven’t yet been released publicly in any real detail yet. I’m sure there will be a lot of really fun things to discuss as it gets closer to Cata’s release and details get more finalized. I can’t wait!

In addition, as the recruitment officer for Conspiracy, I’m spending a lot of my time trying to find people to keep our roster full over the summer vacation months. Right now, we’re looking for more strong DPS players – especially mages & elemental or enhancement shaman.

Okay, now I need to get back to grading papers…

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