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Resto MOP update

Following up on my post from this weekend, I wanted to highlight two blue posts that popped up on the Beta Class Theorycrafting thread: Q: Is Bloom intended to be used in AoE healing rotations? How will it affect Harmony? It isn’t intended to be used rotationally, and may be too good at the moment. […]

MoP pet battle: Moonkin training

Hi everyone, I’m in the middle of crunch time for my dissertation (I’m less than a month from my defense date now!), so I haven’t weighed in on this blog about recent moonkin  issues, including the blue posts about insect swarm and Astral Communion “fast forward” for managing Eclipse. I’d recommend reading Graylo’s recent posts […]

MoP: Happy druid news

Okay, after weeks (months?) of things being pretty depressing around here, we finally got some good news! We’re not yet happy with the druid level 90 row. We still like the theme of it playing into the druid’s hybrid nature and we want to reassure you (which I think most of you already know) that […]