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Repost: How symbiosis (MoP level 87 ability) likely works

Since it’s always my job to take what Blizzard writes and translate it into things that you guys can understand, I’m writing a quick post to talk about Symbiosis (the new MoP level 87 ability). The new ability says: Creates a symbiotic link which grants the druid one ability belonging to the target’s class, varying […]

Repost: Why you should be excited about Pandaria

Most of my posts here are really critical because that aspect of theorycrafting and “backseat driving” is something I enjoy. However, people who have known me for a long time will realize that I have a lot of trust and respect for the game’s developers. For as much as we all criticize, there are a […]

Repost: Post-Blizzcon wrapup: OMG healing shrooms!

Hey everyone, I wanted to post a recap last night, but I was too exhausted to form coherent sentences by the time I got back to my hotel last night. This post, instead, is delayed in time but much more coherent & complete than what last night’s 1 sentence post would have read: “OMG healing […]