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Repost: Blizzcon druid changes – day 1 recap

Greetings from Blizzcon 2011! I’m not putting pictures or any formatting in this post since my internet is broken at the hotel and it took me an hour and a half just to be able to post this. NOTE: have done some editing of the post over-time as I’ve had more time to sit down & […]

Blizzcon 2010: Class panel Q&A

At Blizzcon on Saturday, they had a Q&A with their class/systems designers. It’s pretty interesting. For the Q&A sessions today, I’m going to stick with druid questions to highlight what happened today in the Q&A’s. GC talked some about their full-time systems design team, highlighting that he’s not the only developer that has an impact […]

Blizzcon 2010: WOW Raid & Dungeon panel

So, the highlights of Blizzcon so far (for me) has been the announcement of the Moonkin Hatchling pet as a charity pet we’ll be able to buy in November. Contains spoilers for Cataclysm & 4.1 The Class & Dungeons Panel highlights (Itallics are my commentary on the panel): 5-man Dungeons “Classic Heroics (Deadmines & shadowfang […]

Blizzcon post 8 – Second class panel & Wrap-up

I’m planning to have this be my last Blizzcon post (I do have a raid that starts at 8pm EST tonight…). The first part of the class panel should be a recap of what they said yesterday, so only the Q&A part would have interesting things going on. WoW Class Panel 2 Presentation pretty much […]