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Repost: Feral 4.2 Gear

via Restokin by Garnaph on 7/6/11


As with the caster gear list I posted earlier this week, here’s the list of all relevant feral gear (for both bear and kitty).

I’m not going to comment too much other than some first impressions. I’m posting this mostly as a resource and less as my own point of view as to what’s BiS. I’ve noted which pieces have haste, as bears regard it as their worst stat, and as of 4.2 it’s a much better stat for kitty than it used to be.

Note that this does not include any Heroic items. Instance drops, tier pieces, and the vendor relics have HC versions, which are pretty much upgrades on the existing stats.

Also note that the daily reward items are a lower ilvl than the raid drops (365 vs 378), and as such will likely be replaced very quickly. That said, they’re certainly an upgrade over any 359 you came into 4.2 with, so they’re worth mentioning.

For details as to how the new firelands dailies work, read here.

Rep items are obviously from the Avengers of Hyjal faction.















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The ever-growing world of Heirloom Leveling

I wrote a post back in early WotLK about heirlooms for leveling. However, I keep getting more questions about them, and my list was seriously out of date. So, today’s post will talk about the benefit (and drawbacks!) of leveling with heirloom items, and include a more up to date list of feral (cat/bear) and caster (resto/moonkin) heirlooms available to druids.

Benefits of Heirlooms:

Now, the benefit of most heirlooms is that they increase your experience (XP) rate while leveling. If your goal is to level as quickly as possible, then these items definitely do the trick. When you combine heirloom items with the guild perk XP bonuses (and rested XP!), you get increased rates of leveling. Faster leveling means getting your alt to the end-game faster.

You also get increased stat values compared to what most of the greens & blues drop from quests and instances. For melee classes, getting heirloom weapons can really make you feel much more powerful because they have a large impact on your damage at the earliest levels!

Drawbacks of Heirlooms:

The only drawback of using heirloom items is that you may level too fast. By that, I mean that you basically blow through the new Cataclysm content so fast that you miss all the interesting storyline arcs. You may do the first handful of quests in a zone, and then suddenly the quests are all green/gray and it’s time to move to the next zone. Also, you aren’t being challenged if you always out-level and out-gear the mobs you are killing. So, for people who enjoy the process of doing the lower level quests (or for people who like completing all the quests in a zone before moving to the next one), skipping on the heirlooms could be worthwhile to them.

Heirloom Shopping List

Feral (Cat/Bear) PvE heirlooms:

Caster (moonkin/resto) PvE heirlooms:

Other Heirloom Options:

There are also PvP heirlooms you can get from PvP vendors that have resilience on them. So, if you want to PvP level, or don’t mind trading some stats for resilence, these are great options for people who focus primarily on PvP. Cynwise has some PvP heirloom advice here.

Caster druid leveling can also use the cloth ones: Dreadmist Mantle, and Dreadmist Robe. However, I still prefer using leather over cloth if you have the ability to get the leather ones.

Wowpedia has some more advanced info on heirlooms available here.

Also, if you want help with how to enchant your newly acquired heirloom items, you should check out Psynister’s guide.

Happy leveling!

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Lissawen’s leveling by lolmanglespam

So, for research needed to keep my leveling guide updated, I’ve been leveling a new druid, who I named Lissawen. She’s a worgen on the same server as my main druid. However, this worgen druid is feral – mostly because I love the Worgen feral forms and I had feral heirlooms that I bought before Cataclysm hit.

This druid is also an herbalist/miner, and I’ve found that I get a ton of experience just from leveling those professions.

One observation I had from leveling from 1 to 29 was that: Multiple heirlooms + guild perks + rested XP = super fast leveling speeds

So, most of the way from 12 to 28 I just spammed a lot of mangle. I tried out other “rotations”, but since I was usually 3 or so levels above everything I was fighting (because I leveled faster than I progressed through quests), most things were dieing in 2 or 3 hits anyway. When I actually fight equal level mobs, I find that opening from stealth & using Ravage ends up being more effective. So, the rotation section of my leveling guide doesn’t seem very useful at the earliest levels.

However, at higher levels  (maybe around the time you hit Outlands), I’m pretty sure doing more than mangle spam is useful. A more complete rotation is probably also more helpful if you don’t have heirlooms.

As I level up my new druid, I’ll be posting more about my adventures in feral cat leveling!

I really do enjoy the new questing zones! I’m having so much fun!

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saving yawning’s feral cat guide

So, there was apparently some excitement on the WoW forums today. Yawning decided to call it quits. However, his goodbye post managed to get him banned, and along with that came the deleting of all his posts and all the content from his feral DPS guide stickied on the forums.

While I know I don’t have a lot of feral readers, I wanted to put a link to a version of his cat DPS guide for people to find until we can either get a new feral cat guide writer on the forums or something happens to fix the situation.

You can now find Yawning’s Feral DPS guide at this google docs link here. Someone else put the guide there, but I wanted to link to it so we can make sure that it’s available for people.

Good bye Yawning, best of luck with whatever adventures are in store for you now that Blizzard has freed up all your time by banning you from the forums. If you ever come back to WoW and want to express yourself, you are welcome to contact me and I’ll post here (or elsewhere) for you.

To the blizzard forum mod squad: You guys really need to find a way to moderate without deleting important stickied information sources.

UPDATE: Maybelle from Stormrage has taken up the responsibility of maintaining the cat druid forum guide

Update 2: You can find Yawning’s goodbye post here.

Update 3: In a twist of fate, it looks like Tangedyn may be taking over the cat guide instead. Glad to see so many people supporting the kitties!

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