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Lord of the Rings Online – Going Free to play

So, my other MMO is Lord of the Rings Online. I have 3 characters, all of which are way below the level cap (under level 40 out of 65 max). I dabble in it some, and keep it active mostly because I enjoy their housing system so much (and it’s nice to play in a […]

Like a rat in the maze: LOTRO spring festival

I would post about WOW today, but I’ve spent most of the last week stuck in a maze in LOTRO-land. This is the time of the spring festival in LotRO. It’s actually a literal maze: You wind your way through the maze and do various activities, such as looking for lost people, posting confusing signs, […]

Upgrading houses in LOTRO

So, I finally got enough gold in LotRO to upgrade my house size from a standard to a deluxe. My original house was a cute (but really tiny) place in the hobbit area. So, I packed up most of my stuff (the rest of it was sent to Escrow, so it was pretty easy to […]

What’s a “main”? Specialists vs. Generalists

So, since I’ve been splitting my time between LOTRO and WOW, I’ve noticed that I have very different play-styles between the two games. In WoW, I’m a specialist: I have my main, a druid, and I spend MOST of my time & resources on that one character. I did manage to get a shaman up […]