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Distractions: A case of the mondays

So, I’ve been distracted from WoW lately, and thus also distracted from blogging.

One of my distractions from the game was school work done while my Undergrads (in my course & my research assistants) were all off partying it up for Spring Break. I’ve been working on organizing things for beginning to design & write my dissertation proposal. I front-loaded blog posts at the beginning of break, and then had to really push and get work done the last couple days.

My second distraction has been more fun. I got back into Lord of the Rings Online. I’ve had an account for a while, and I’ve played on and off for the last year or so. None of my characters are above level 40, but I do have a handful of alts. Mostly, I just can’t settle on the right class for me (and WOW spoiled me too much). I started a human Guardian class (melee & tank) over the last week, and got up to 26 with it. Some of the mechanics are a little confusing, but it’s fun being able to see how a new character’s skills all work, and I’m constantly learning about the game mechanics, little things that I take for granted about my WoW-related knowledge. Since I play so little, I constantly find new things that I didn’t remember before. They have also been working to improve the low level experience in LOTRO, and I recently found out that my newest character could solo a lot of the really annoying group quests related to the main storyline quests. I’ve written before about housing in LOTRO and how much I like the little hobbit house that I’ve dectorated. I only recently took down my house’s Winter/Christmas decorations.

WoW is still my main game, but I don’t have anything WOW-related to write about today. So, here’s a picture of Annobur, my 26 Champion on the Meneldor server.

I also updated my computer over the weekend from Windows Vista to Window’s 7. Everything seems to be working okay with the new operating system. I didn’t have any problems last night when I was raiding. I had backed up my WOW folders (addons & WTF) before doing the OS switch, so it was pretty easy to get WOW back up and set up right after the fresh reinstall.

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