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I’m level 90, now what?

So, the questing experience was pretty nice, except for the last few bars trying to hit 90 this weekend. However, once I hit 90, I was totally overwhelmed with all the things I needed to do! So, today, as I went on my journey of discovery, anguish, and frustration… I took notes! Now, I’m sharing […]

How to use Symbiosis in Mists

Symbiosis is a new spell we get at level 87. When you cast it on another player, you gain one of their spells, and they gain one of yours. This duplicates the spell, so that both players keep their existing tools. The person you cast it on will need to drag the new symbiosis spell […]

Riding the tides of change: Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria is now just 10 days away! At this point, I thought I would reflect on what I am looking forward to in Mists of Pandaria, what outstanding problems I still have with the expansion, and some information about my plans for Mists and how it effects this blog. What I’m looking forward […]

Resources for making a MOP-ready computer

This weekend, several of my guildies (including myself) decided to stop procrastinating and finally get our computers ready for Mists! With a new expansion comes new demands on our computer systems. Since our guild finally reached 8/8 hard-mode in our 25-man raids, we have even more reason to need computers that don’t cap out at […]