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Repost: What’s wrong with melee moonkin (part 1)

Note before I move onto my post: Falling Leaves & Wings has a great post about this issue that is a little more succinct (and resto-oriented) than my version is going to be. The new 5.0 talent focus on bringing role-shifting and form-shifting back to druids would be great if it worked in the first place. However, […]

Repost: What’s wrong with Melee moonkin (part 2)

This is the second in my series of posts on the 5.0 hybrid talents in relation to moonkin druids. If you still aren’t convinced, you can read Tyler (Murmur’s) post on the 5.0 moonkin shapeshifting problem here. So, I keep talking about how some of the new talent direction is problematic for moonkin. A lot of […]

Repost: Druid class feedback (Moonkin-Edition)

Druid class feedback (Moonkin-Edition) via Restokin by Lissanna on 9/12/11   So, on the forums, Blizzard asked for some class-related feedback, for each of the 10 classes. I plan on posting this stuff on the forums, but the blog always allows for better formatting and a chance for my many readers to see what is going on in […]