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Heroic 5’s teach raid movement mechanics

So, with Cataclysm now upon us, many people have been running heroics and raid dungeons. One of the things that has become obvious is that we have returned to the days of “GOOTROF” (“Get out of the Rain of Fire”). The punishment for not moving in a lot of fights is not just a drain […]

If resto druids get to see our armor…

Can they at least make the armor not buggy? Okay, so today I just have a short update on a couple of things. At this point, my druid has been able to start running heroics. I’ve mostly run stuff as DPS, but I’ve solo-healed a couple of heroic bosses. I haven’t been able to run […]

Healing Dungeons at level 85

So, the forums are full of healer tears over having to re-learn how to heal in Cataclysm. To make things worse, we went from being superheroes (in our high-end raid gear from WotLK) to being total scrubs in blues & greens. So, lets take a look at what is going wrong for many of my […]

gearing up for 85 raids

So, for raiding at level 85, you really should be wearing at least an average of ilevel 346 gear, which is the Heroic 5-man gear.You can get gear from the same item level (or better) from additional sources: crafting professions (including Archeology!), bought with Justice Points from vendors in Stormwind or Org, and reputation rewards […]