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Leveling & healing guide updates for 4.0.3a

I have my 4.0.3a guides released and ready for when the servers come up this afternoon/evening. The leveling guide was completely revamped (again!). The new Leveling Guide table of contents now lists 9 pages: Three pages for Feral Cat leveling: Talent page, Ability/rotation page, and Gearing/glyph page. Three pages for Balance/moonkin leveling: Talent page, Ability/rotation […]

Troll & worgen form color charts

So, part of getting ready for Cataclysm’s arrival is getting ready for all the new druids who will be leveling up over the next few months. I have some updates planned for my leveling guide that I’ll be unveiling whenever 4.0.3a hits the servers. I also added a new set of pages to my site […]

Goodbye Stormwind Park (contains spoilers)

So, if you’ve been living under a really big rock and trying to hide from all Cataclysm related info, you probably aren’t reading my blog in the first place, but if you are – there are mild spoilers in this post about events that will take place in the 4.0.3a patch, when the world is […]